StrudelCafe: Games, Quests, and Activities

We have many games and activities for you to play! You can build your own farm, forage for special pets and ingredients, and even play a game of chance with King Moni! Here's a handy guide for each of them.

Green Acres

Green Acres is our multi-expansion farming game! Users can grow crops and raise animals to produce byproducts to sell or use for quests. Check out our Green Acres Guide for the full guide!

Behr's Cottage

Behr's Cottage is a hub for all pet- and mount-related games. Here you can raise your goomdrops, beanies and even feed Frooties with a chance to take them home!

Goom Nursery

Take care of your little goom friend and watch them grow into a juvenile! Place a goomdrop into the nursery and feed it or play with it daily to raise it's affection level. Each item will raise affection a different amount, so pay attention to what works best! At 100 affection, your goomdrop will evolve into a juvenile goomdrop and be added to your inventory! Remember: If you remove a goom before it's been evolved, it's affection will reset to zero.

You can unlock this game by completing the ARPG Memory Rockabye Goomdrop!

Beanie Buffet

Your Beanie is ravenous! Put them in the Beanie Buffet and feed them until their munchies are thoroughly satisfied! After a certain amount of feeds, your beanie will grow up into a glorious chunky steed! Each Beanie has a generic form that will be added to your stables upon leveling up. (Standard Beanies are not customizable currently, but will be in the future) Be careful, you might even unlock a customizable subspecies ...

You can unlock this game by completing the ARPG Memory Beanie Buffet!

Stray Frooties

A herd of stray Frooties need a home! This game is a group effort to feed the Frooties until they are ready to go home.

You can unlock this game by completing the ARPG Memory Bushel of Frooties!

How to Feed A Frootie: Click on the Frootie you wish to feed. Then select the item you wish to feed them at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to confirm your seleciton. You can only feed one Frootie within the 4-hour feeding period.

How do I get the Frootie? Since this is a group effort, each user is contributing to the same "happiness bar". Whichever user fills the last of the "happiness bar" gets to take that Frootie home. The values are hidden, so it's a game of chance!

Pet Swap

Behr has decided to make the pet swap quest a permanent feature within her lovely cottage! You may exchange one of any tradeable pet per day to Behr, and in return receive the pet the person before you dropped off! You can only swap a pet once per day.

Mini Games

King Moni

You can feed King Moni crumbs for a chance to win a prize! What are the prizes? Feed him and find out! The more crumbs you feed him at one time, the more rarer the prize will be. This is game of luck, and Moni may not always feel generous enough to give you a prize.

Foraging Games

Foraging games allow you to "forage" for items & pets once per day in different areas of the site! Each day, you can click the button to find a randomly generated item, pet, or treat. After that, you have the option to pay 1000 crumbs for another chance if you don't want to wait until the next day. I hear there are some secret quests that will unlock 2 free actions per day ...

Fishing Hole

Get your fishing pole ready for a chance to fish up some handy items or special rewards! All users have access to the fishing hole upon signing up.

Diving Pool

Hunt for treasure with Polly! Every week, your Mimix can dive into the pool to hunt for treasure. You can find anything from items, pets, to map pieces that unlock a whole new adventure!

You can unlock this game by completing the ARPG Memory The Weekly Dive!

Fairy Ring

Grab your mount and ride through the forest to the Fairy Ring to forage for magical ingredients! A mount that is linked to a Midveiler OR a Wilderling is required to access the Fairy Ring.

You can unlock the Fairy Ring after 100 Fishing actions!


Fly through the clouds to collect special items! A flying mount linked to your Midveiler OR a Jollybean is required to access Cloudchasing.

You can unlock the Fairy Ring after 100 Foraging actions!


Hoarding your items but sure what to do with them? Why not craft them into something new! The Workshop is a progressive crafting system that levels your skills as you craft! This system is still in the early stages, so more options will be added at a later date.

You can unlock this game by completing the ARPG Memory Cooking Bench.

How do I get more crafting slots? Currently there is only one slot available. Crafting slots will eventually be unlockable with the Magic School ARPG!

Using the Workshop

To View Your Recipe Book: Visit your Workshop and click on the room you'd like to view the Recipe Book for.

To Craft a Recipe: You can navigate the Recipe Book by clicking on the level of your desired crafting recipe. Once on the appropriate page, you may locate the recipe you wish to craft and clicking the accompanying "Craft Recipe" button. You must have all items available in your inventory to use them in your recipe, and you may only craft as many recipes as you have crafting slots at one time.

Each recipe lists the Outcome (with its art to the left), the Exp Given upon crafting completion, the Time to Craft, and the Required Level followed by all of the Ingredients. If a quest requires a higher level than you currently have, the level number will be in red and the "Craft Recipe" button will be disabled.

If a recipe has a "Select Ingredient" dropdown you will need to choose your desired ingredient from that dropdown.

If a recipe ingredient image is greyed out it means you do not have the item in your inventory! For "Select Ingredient" dropdown items, clicking on an item will put the image in the slot and will turn grey if you do not have the item in your inventory.

To Collect a Crafted Item: Upon choosing "Craft Recipe" you will be redirected to your Workshop with your crafting slots at the bottom. As your item crafts, the progress bar and remaining time are reflected. (To update this data, simply refresh the page!) Once your item has finished crafted, you will be able to click "Collect Crafted Item" to place the item in your inventory and free up your crafting slot.

To Level Your Workshop Skills: To level a skill, you just need to craft! Each recipe gives a certain amount of experience listed on the recipe card. Your leveling progress can be found on the accompanying Recipe Book. Once you reach max level, you will no longer have a progress bar and crafting completions will not garner additional experience points until more recipes are released and the maximum level is raised.


Quests are a great way to pick up some extra income or even turn your site items into something a little more useful!

To Pick Up a Quest: Visit the Quest Hub page. You'll have three quests active that you can choose from. The quests will be active until you have completed it or refreshed it. Each slot can only be completed or refreshed once per day.

To Complete a Quest: Click on "Accept Quest" to make it your active quest, and take you to the quest page. Enter the exact quantities of items being requested by the NPC (no more, no less!) and click the 'Turn in Items' button to turn them over for your prize!

Note: If you would like to return to the quest board without completing the quest, you can click on the "Return" button to go back to the main board!

To Refresh A Quest: If you want to change one of the active quests, click the red refresh button. It will generate a new quest for you!

Need Help Completing A Quest? Stuck on a quest because you're missing some items? Head down to the Flea Market and see if anyone can help you out. You can also check out The General Store to see if Jack has anything in stock!

Hint: There may even be some secret quests out there, if you can find them ...

Game Logs

Game logs track everything you receive (or lose) in the game. The last 20 actions you took in a game will be listed at the bottom of the game page. You can also check which items you receive or use in certain games by checking your Inventory logs. Transactions from quests will also be displayed here under the inventory and crumb tabs, depending on what prize you receive.

Green Acres: The top of the page has a link for Logs. Click the link to be taken to a page with tabs for each section of your farm (farm, barn, coop, orchard). Under each tab you will have different logs for each farm action (planting, harvesting, items, etc). Note: If you recieve/remove any kind of farming item during a quest, they will be listed here!

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