StrudelCafe: Magic School Guide

Well, it looks like you're ready to start at Midveil Academy! Let us help you get started with this handy guide!

What is Midveil Academy?

The Midveil Academy is a magic school where the most prestigious scholars from all around the globe gather to nurture the next generation of magic users! All students enter the academy as Fledgelings, and are placed in General Studies! During this class, Midveilers are taught to hone their abilities and discover which path of magic they'd like to pursue! There are five schools of magic: Taming, Hearth, Enchantment, Apothecary, and Elementals.

What are the requirements to participate?

Firstly you need to own a Midveiler since magic levels are tied to individual midveilers and not your account.

That Midveiler also needs to have their Origins memories completed before you can participate in Magic School prompts.

What are the schools of Magic?

Hearth: If you have a passion for cooking, baking, or other kitchen-related crafts, then you might be interested in the magic academy of Hearth. Masters of Hearth magic have a variety of skills about them, so don't think this is just Advanced Grilled Cheese classes!

Apothecary: The magic academy of Apothecary will give you the skills to both forage for ingredients and create potions and salves. Being in this class requires extreme concentration or a wild sense of adventure, since potions can do a myriad of things!

Taming: A magic academy for both animal lovers and those who like animals a lot but may not be ready to admit that they love them. Taming magic is versatile in the fact that you can use it on both wild and domestic animals alike!

Enchantment: This magic academy is for those who want to breathe life into the mundane. Enrolling into this academy will give you the ability to imbue magic into a variety of different objects!

Elementalist: Conjuring different elements at their whim, Elementalists easily have one of the most impressive looking magic skills. If you enroll in the magic academy of Elementals, you will be able to hone the elements around you!

Can my Midveiler only join one school of magic? Nope! You're free to level your Midveiler in one, two, or all of the schools!

How many levels of magic are there? How do I level up?

Each school of magic has 5 levels. You can level your Midveilers by completing Midveil Academy prompts and earning mana.

Currently the first level available is "fledgeling". Fledgeling is not apart of any school, so you need to complete that level to level up in the school of your choice. You can complete the first level through the Fledgeling Class prompt.

What if I trade my Midveiler? All mana and magic school progress is reset when your Midveiler is traded.

What is Mana? How do I use it?

Mana is magical energy that indicates your Midveiler's experience level as well as a currency for magic-related things!

Earning Mana: You earn mana by doing magic prompts. Mana is given directly to the midveiler that completes the magic prompt.

Using Mana: Mana is used to purchase the next wand that corresponds to the magic you want (and ultimately your next level), as well as crafting ingredients and exclusive magical pets.

Remember: All mana is reset when your Midveiler is traded.

Wait! I have more questions!

More information will be added as we release more aspects of the Midveil Academy, so make sure to keep an eye out on group updates!