M0192: Nemateleotris helfrichi


She's just a very shy lil glub!! Uses her fins to hide her face when she gets embarrassed, tends to hide behind her girlfriend when meeting new people. When she's alone, she's very carefree and kinda floaty - she likes to collect shiny things she finds in coral reefs. She has freckles all the way down her back! She's got freckles kind of all over the place.


Owner: Ellteo

Obtained: Gift

Origin: Gift From Polly

Designer: Ellteo

Artist: Ellteo

Currently Tradeable!

For Trade?: Not Currently Listed

Gift Art?: Feel free to draw this Midveiler!

Magic Status: None


Theme: Nemateleotris helfrichi, Common

Variant: Normal

Fin Growth: Crown and Tail, Common rarity

Texture: Blubber, common rarity

Pupils: Standard, common rarity

Mouth: Beaked, common rarity

Alternate Form



No bound pets


No stabled mounts

Trade History

From UserTo UserMethodDate
maple-toast Ellteo Gift 2019-03-30 02:14:05

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