StrudelCafe: Using the Site

Now that you've grasped the basics of StrudelCafe, here's a breakdown of how to use our site!

What can I do with my account?

With your account you can:

  • Submit activities, and ARPG art
  • Keep track of your stamps and key items
  • Keep track of your Midveilers, and trade them
  • Purchase items and pets, and trade with other users
  • Play site games and earn crumbs
  • Interact with the community

Website Submissions

We handle all of our submissions through the site. This makes it easier for us to keep track of all entries, and for you to get your rewards much sooner! All submission pages are located under the “Activities” tab. Remember, you must submit your activities through the site to receive rewards!

My submission was accepted, what now? You're all set! With the website queues, as soon as your submission is accepted you will receive your prizes immediately.

You can check the queue at anytime by going to the corresponding submission page and clicking the queue list at the bottom.

My submission was rejected, what now? If your submission is rejected, you will receive a notification with the reason why. Please correct any issues with your submission and resubmit!


Submitting an Activity: For all monthly activities (including Midveiler of the Month, Monthly Prompt, and any DTE/DTAs), click “Submit Activity”. Then, use the dropdown to choose the corresponding activity you are submitting for.

Next you can put in a URL for an image or a link depending on how many items you are submitting. Please only use ONE url.

Extra Options: When selecting an activity, you may be prompted to include additional info. Some activities require multiple submissions (Homeroom with Sugar, King’s Cure, and Midveiler of the Month). For these, you need to indicate how many you are submitting, especially if you have more than one drawing on the same image!

Art Bonus: For activities with an art/writing bonus, please submit them through the “Art Bonus” submission page.

ARPG Memories

Submitting an ARPG Memory: Click “Submit ARPG”. You will be prompted to choose which ARPG Memory you are submitting for. For memories with multiple prize options, you will be prompted to choose a reward. Make sure you choose the option that corresponds with your memory! (For example, if you draw your Barn Raising prompt with a Mini Moo, choose a Mini Moo as your prize).

Flash Prompts

Flash prompts will be announced on Discord, DeviantART, and displayed on the front page of the website during the duration of the prompt!

Submitting a Flash Prompt: Navigate to the flash prompt page. You can click the link on the front page (when active) or find it under the “Activities” tab. Under the description for the flash prompt, enter a URL for your drawing and hit Submit!

If the flash prompt is expired, you will no longer be able to submit your entry.


For MYO pet designs and customizable pets, you can submit their design straight to the site!

Submitting a Non-ARPG Pet Design: Navigate to “Submit Pet Design”. You will be prompted with a dropdown menu that will ask what type of pet design you are submitting. Non-ARPG pets will give you a secondary dropdown menu which will ask you what type of pet or MYO slot it is.

Submitting an ARPG Pet Design: Navigate to "My Menagerie" and click on the ARPG pet you wish to update. You will be redirected to their information page and from there you can click "Submit Design" to submit your pet design for approval.

Inventory & Site Logs

My Inventory

This is where you can see all of your items, pets, and currency. There is a menu that lets you switch between each type of inventory. From here you also have access to logs for every transaction you make through the site.

Your currency is also listed beside the site clock once you log in for convenience!


To Conduct User-To-User Transfers: Click "Account" and then "Transfer" to transfer crumbs, barnacles, items, or pets to another user! There are buttons at the top to navigate the type of transfer you wish to make, and then just fill out the form before hitting "Submit". Remember to use the other persons Midveil bank username when conducting a transfer!

Manual Banking

Some banking operations are recorded in a two step process that involve tallying currency and then sending the tallies to the banker. Please allow 2-3 days for us to process these!

When should I contact a mod? If you are missing currency/items for longer than 5 days, then contact the banker (Allibunn) directly. Please refer to the logs in your inventory as well, as this may answer your question.

Site Logs

Logs keep track of all the transactions you make across the site! This encompasses everything from trading, to receiving rewards!

I don't know if I received ____! Before contacting a mod, check your Logs to see if the item/reward/crumbs were added to (or removed from) your account!

Where Can I find my Logs? Under "Account" you can find the link "View My Logs". The top of the page has links for each type of Log. You can also navigate to your logs from the Inventory page.

Game Logs

Game logs work the same way, but are found on the corresponding page for each game!

Green Acres: The top of the page has a link for Logs. Click the link to be taken to a page with tabs for each section of your farm (farm, barn, coop, orchard). Under each tab you will have different logs for each farm action (planting, harvesting, items, etc). Note: If you recieve/remove any kind of farming item during a quest, they will be listed here!

King Moni: At the bottom of the page, there is a "Feed Logs" table that you can click to see your last 20 feeds.

Fishing Hole: At the bottom of the page, there is a "Fishing Logs" table that you can click to see your last 20 casts.

Diving Pool: At the bottom of the page, there is a "Diving Logs" table that you can click to see your last 20 dives.

Goom Nursery: At the bottom of the page, there is a "Goom Care Logs" table that you can click to see your last 20 actions.

Quest Hub: Transactions for the quests will be displayed in your Item or Crumb logs (under Inventory) depending on what prizes you receive!

Cupboard & Cookie Jar

My Cupboard

The cupboard works like a safety deposit box. You can store all your valuable items in here to separate them from your inventory. It has a separate page for items, pets, and site items for your convenience.

To Add Items: Click the "Add To Cupboard" button. You'll be navigated to a page that sorts all your Inventory items by type. You can click and expand each listing to view the items. Each item will have a quantity input underneath them. Input the number of each item you wish to store and click "Add Selected Items" at the bottom of the page.

To Remove Items: Click the "Remove From Cupboard" button. You'll be navigated to a page that sorts all your Cupboard items by type. You can click and expand each listing to view the items. Each item will have a quantity input underneath them. Input the number of each item you wish to remove and click "Remove Selected Items" at the bottom of the page.

My Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar is acts like a savings account where you can store your crumbs and/or barnacles! It also lists your current Cookie Jar balance and interest that is accrued annually and daily.

Managing Currency: To add/remove crumbs or barnacles to your Cookie Jar, simply click on the appropriate management tab on the Cookie Jar page and it will give you the option to deposit or withdraw the amount you input! Remember, you can only do one action at a time!

Collecting Interest: Once you have added crumbs to your bank, you'll start earning interest on your crumbs! Interest can be collected once a day. If you deposit/withdraw currency from your bank before collecting your interest, you'll have to wait until the next day to collect interest.

Stables & Menagerie

My Stables

The Stables is a visual masterlist for all your Midveiler's mounts!

Add A Mount: Click on the mount in the "Available Mounts" box. If you do not have any mounts available, you do not own any mounts. If you placed any mounts in the Cupboard, they will need to be moved to your Inventory first to be added to the Stables. If you do own a mount and it's not showing up, please message our admin Jen/jenbear!

Editing A Mount: Click on a mount in the stables to be taken to it's info page. From here you can edit it's information or link a midveiler / soulbind them to a midveiler.

What's the difference between Linking and Soulbinding? Linking a midveiler is required to access certain areas of the site (Fairy Ring). The linked Midveiler can be changed at any point. Soulbinding a mount is permanent, and the mount will go with the Midveiler if it's traded.

Removing A Mount: You can also remove mounts anytime by clicking the "Remove Mount" button to move them back to the regular inventory. This action will reset the information you've put in (name, linked midveiler, description).

Souldbinding A Mount: On the mount's page, click "Soulbind Pet" button and choose which Midveiler you'd like to soulbind them to. Click "confirm" to save your selection. Remember, soulbinding is permanent!

My Menagerie

The Menagerie is where you can keep your most prized pets!

Add a Pet: When you visit the Menagerie page, all pets in your Inventory will be displayed in the "Available Pets" section. Simply click on the pet you want to add.

Edit Pet Info: Clicking on a pet will take you to it's Info page. From here you can edit it's information, or soulbind it to a Midveiler!

Souldbinding A Pet: On the pet's page, click "Soulbind Pet" button and choose which Midveiler you'd like to soulbind them to. Click "confirm" to save your selection. Remember, soulbinding is permanent! Barn/Coop pets that have been soulbound cannot be used in Green Acres.

Soulbound Symbol: If a pet has the soulbound symbol on your Midveiler's masterlist image, it means the pet will go with them in the event it is traded away.

Is there a limit to soulbound pets? Nope! However, soulbinding is permanent so choose wisely.

Removing A Pet: You can also remove mounts anytime by clicking the "Remove Pet" button to move them back to the regular inventory. This action will reset the information you've put in (name and description).

User Profiles

Your user profile acts as public-facing profile that displays your StrudelCafe information such as midveilers, achievements, and special items!

Active Midveiler: This is where you can display a Midveiler you own from the on-site masterlist.

Changing Active Midveiler:To choose an active midveiler, you can click on "My Midveilers" on the masterlist navigation, or go to your Profile and click "All Midveilers". From there it will list all your midveilers with an option underneath each to "Make Active". You can only have one active Midveiler at a time.

Key Items: This section displays key items used for various activities around the site.

Interaction: When viewing someone's profile, you get four options for interacting with that user; Fertilize their farm, direct message them, view their active trade lots, and view their scrapbook.

Stats, Collections, and Stampbook: These track your experience and progress of site activities and ARPG memories.

Edit Profile

Navigate to "Account" and click "Edit Profile". From there you have a few options for your profile.

  • Active Skin: This is the CSS skin that displays on your profile. Every user starts with "Default" but you are able to get custom skins through games of chance and special events.
  • Pronouns: You can write in your desired pronouns which will be displayed beside your username on your profile.
  • Birthday: Putting in your birthday will allow you to receive a special Birthday stamp on your birthday! Your birthday is not displayed publicly. Note: Your birthdate cannot be changed once it's been submitted.
  • Show Pets: This is where you choose which pet collections you'd like to display on your page. You can uncheck all the boxes if you don't wish to display any pets on your profile.
  • Avatar: You can upload an avatar that will be displayed beside your name on the site.
  • Profile Text: Here you can write a short blurb about yourself, or add links to things like commissions, etc.
  • Forum Signature: This is where you can add your signature for the forums!

To Save Changes: Simply press the "Update Profile" button at the bottom when you are finished!


Userpages are a feature that allows you to create a fully customized web page! You can use userpages to create a profile for your midveilers, advertise commissions prices, etc.

Manage Userpages: To manage your userpage, click the "Manage Userpages" link under "Account". From here you get a list of your current userpages. Every user starts with one userpage.

Create Free Page: When you click this button it will generate a userpage for you. From here you can "view" or "edit" your new userpage.

View Page: This will take you to your userpage. This is how the page displays to anyone who visits it.

Edit Page: Click this to edit how your userpage looks! There is a section for Page Name, Content, and CSS. You can use the Content box for HTML, and add CSS to spice up how your page looks!

How Do I Get More Userpages? You'll be able to purchase more userpages with crumbs (coming soon).


Collections are curated lists of items that can be found on site or earned through events! The collections page can be found under "Account" > "My Collections". Once you open a collection, all items will be grayed out until you have added them to the collection. You can click on the item name to see it's listing in the Catalogue.

Add to Collection: To add an item to your collection, simply click on it in your inventory. A pop-up will appear and you will have the option to "Add to Collection". Once you have added an item to your collection, it cannot be removed.

What is the benefit of collecting? If you're a completionist, you can collect one of each item available on-site. Some collection items (like the NPC dolls) will give you effects! For example, the Sugar Doll will increase Random Events by 5%! You can view each effect in the Catalogue. These boosts can stack, so get collecting!


Scrapbooks are your gallery for displaying your ARPG memories!

To View Your Library: Navigate to "Account" on the menu and choose "My Scrapbook" to get started!

To Add a Book: On your "My Scrapbook" page, click the "Add New Book" button and input your Midveiler name and Masterlist URL

To View a Book's Pages: Click the number under the "Pages" column on the line with your book.

To Add a Page:When viewing your page list, click the "Add New Page" button and input the appropriate images and/or text. You may only use a picture OR text for each numbered item on a page.

To Edit Pages/Books: To edit any page or book, simply click on the pencil on the line with the page/book.

To Delete Pages/Books:To delete any page or book, simply click on the trash can on the line with the page/book.


To navigate to the messaging system, click the envelope icon beside your notifications. This page will display all your active conversations.

Sending Messages: To send a new message, simply click "New Message". You will get a pop-up that will ask for the user you are sending to, a subject title, and the body of your message. Once you've filled all of them out, click "Send Message". To cancel, simply click "Close."

When you receive a new message, it will appear as a notification using the letter icon.

Reading & Responding to Messages: Clicking on a conversation will take you to the conversation page. From here you can reply using the text box at the bottom to write a response, or click on the link next to Quick Reply to open the expanded reply panel. Messages that have been read by the other user will be marked as "read" beside them. You can also mark a conversation as "unread" using the "Mark as Unread" button at the top of the conversation.

To return to the main messaging page, simply click the back arrow beside the conversation title.

Archiving Conversations: From the main messaging page, select a conversation using the checkbox beside the name, and press "Archive Selected Threads" at the bottom. You can select multiple conversations or use "Check/Uncheck All" to select them all.

Friends List

You can keep track of your friends but clicking the star icon on the navigation menu!

To Add Friends: Go to "Manage Friends" and type the username of the person you'd like to add into the "Add Friend" field, and then click the "Add to Friends List" button. Friends are organized alphabetically.

This is a one-sided system and the user you add will not be notified that they are added to your list. They must add you themselves if they'd like to have you on their friends list.

To Remove Friends: Go to "Manage Friends" and click the "Remove" button next to the user you wish to remove. They will not be notified of this change.

Friend Interactions

Once you've added a user to your friend's list, you will have interaction options next to their name in the Friend's List. You can click the "Leaf" to fertilize their farm. It will take you to the fertilizing page, so make sure you click the "fertilize" button to confirm the action! You can also send a direct message to your friend by clicking the "envelope" icon. Lastly, you can click the "trade" icon to be taken to your friends current trade lots on the Flea Market.

Shops & Special Items

All shops are located under the "Explore" tab.

To Purchase an Item: You can click on an item to purchase one (1) of that item, with a 10 second cooldown between purchases.

When do shops restock? Most shops restock automatically every 8-12 hours. (subject to change)

Note: On site shop purchases are LIVE. They use your current crumb balance and subtract them immediately. This also means the item gets added to your inventory immediately!

Special Items

Holey Apple: Take a chance and spend 15,000 crumbs for a shot at an exclusive pet, trait, or stamp! You can even re-roll your prize (for 1,000 crumbs) up to two times, or discard your prize and receive 5,000 crumbs back! Holey Apple traits are account bound, which means they cannot be traded but can be used on any Strudel or Thimblet you own! (This can be found in the Enchanted Bakery)

Mint Awfulcone: The Awfulcone can be a truly awful experience, but it may be worth the risk for those looking to turn their Strudel into a Trickster! For the Awfulcone, you will need to provide the Masterlist URL of your Strudel, and then spend 10,000 crumbs to roll the dice! If you don't like your prize, you can also spend 1,000 crumbs to cure it immediately. If you don't cure it then, if you decide to later you'll need to purchase a Spooky Scary Serum instead! (This can be found in the Enchanted Bakery)

Stick N Poke: New Thimblet chance game that functions the same as they Awfulcone. There are a variety of exciting, cursed traits and two pets to acquire as well! It costs 10,000 crumbs for a roll, and you can cure it immediately for 1,000 crumbs if you aren't fond of the result you get. If you're extra lucky, perhaps you'll even roll a ghost token ... (This can be found in Makeshift's Bazaar)

Note: The Holey Apple, Mint Awfulcone, and Stick N Poke can be used on MYO slots!

Flea Market

Item trading can be done through the Flea Market, located under the "Explore" tab. While you can still use the Transfer function for item trades, the Flea Market offers a much more secure way to trade!

To List an item for Trade: Visit the Flea Market and click the green "Create New" button. From there you can write a short description of what you are seeking, and include an item (or items) you wish to put up for trade. You can list up to ten (10) unique items in one trade listing. Don't forget to hit the "Create Trade" button when you are done! Your items will be removed from your inventory while they are up for trade.

To Cancel a Trade Listing: If you'd like to remove your trade listing, you can go to "View My Trades" and click "Cancel Lot" on the listing you wish to cancel. This will return the items to your inventory.

To View Offers on Your Trades: You will receive a notification when an offer is placed on your trade lot. You can click the Lot name in the notification to be taken directly to the lot to view the current offers. You can also use the "View My Trades" to see how many offers you have on all of your current trades. When you click the "View Offers" button under a trade, it will give you the full details of each offer. From here you can also accept or decline an offer on your lot.

To Find a Trade: You can view all active trades on the main Flea Market page, or by clicking "View All Trades". The most recent trades will show up first, and you can browse through each page using the pagination at the bottom. You can also use the search bar to find a listing with a specific item.

To Offer on a Trade: Click on the "Make Offer" button under the trade you wish to offer on. You can offer crumbs, items, or a mix of both. After you confirm your offer, the trade owner will receive a notification about your offer. It will be listed as pending until the owner has accepted or declined your offer. You can view all offers you have made by clicking "View My Offers".

When browsing trades, any lots you have offered on will have a "Pending Offer" button underneath them, which you can use to view your offer as well.

Note: On site trades are LIVE. Once a trade is accepted, any crumbs and items you have offered will be removed immediately and you will receive any items you have offered on.

Users Shops, Galleries and Wishlists

User Shops

User Shops are a great way to sell your items for some extra crumbs!

Opening Your Shop: Before you start selling, you need to open your shop! Navigate to Explore > Usershops to be taken to the main search page. From here, clicking on any of the links to your own shop will prompt you to open your shop. Once you click "Open My Shop", an unnamed shop will be created.

Editing Your Shop: On the Edit page, you can change the name of your shop, add one of your Midveiler's as a shopkeeper, and write a short description for visitors to read when they go to your shop. Saving any changes to your shop will bring you to your shop front.

Stocking Items: The Stock Items page will list all your resellable items. From here you can input the amount of each item you would like to stock, and then click the button at the bottom of the page to stock them in your shop.

You can list up to 10 unique items in your shop, and each item can be stacked! There is no current limit for stack size, but expansions for stocking unique items will be purchasable in the future.

Pricing Your Items: After stocking your items, you will be taken to the Edit Shop page. You can now price your items at the bottom of the page. Please use the crumb value (i.e. 5000 not 1SC) when pricing your items!

When listing an item for sale, the price you set is per item, not per stack. Users can only purchase one item from the stack at a time, so keep this in mind when listing items in your shop.

Shop Notifications: When an item is purchased from your shop, you will receive a notification. If you would like to turn off shop notifications you can go to Edit Profile and set "Receive Notifications on Usershop Purchases?" to "No".

Searching & Purchasing An Item: To find an item in usershops, simply click on "Search Shops" and input the name of the item you are looking for. All available stock will be listed from cheapest, to most expensive. You can click on the Item Name to navigate to the shop you wish to purchase from.

User Galleries

Galleries can be used to show off your favourite items/pets/etc!

Creating a Gallery: User Galleries can be found under the "Explore" tab. Click "Edit My Gallery", where you'll be prompted to open your gallery. Once you open your gallery you will be redirected to the gallery page.

Editing My Gallery: The "Edit My Gallery" page will give you the option to give it a name, a description and choose one of your Midveilers as a mascot! At the bottom of the page you can purchase a gallery upgrade if you wish to increase the amount of items you can store in your gallery.

Adding Items to Gallery: Click "Stock Items" to be taken to the stock page. Your items will be sorted by type under tabs which can be expanded when you click on them. You can input the desired amount of each item you want to stock and then click "Stock Items" at the bottom of the page to put them in your gallery.

Searching Galleries: You can search other user's galleries by clicking "Search Galleries" and typing in the name of an item in the search bar.

How many galleries can I have? Currently you can only have one gallery.

User Wishlists

Wishlists are a great way to list what items or pets you want!

Creating a Wishlist: User Wishlists can be found under the "Explore" tab. Click the "Manage Wishlists" button, and you will have the option to "Create New". After you click this button, you will get the option to name your wishlist and add a description if you wish.

Adding Wishlist Items: You can add an item by browsing the Catalogue and clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button at the bottom of the item listing.

Managing Wishlists: Your wishlists will be listed at the bottom of the "Manage Wishlists" page. Click the wishlist you wish to edit, and you will have the option to edit the information, reorder/delete items, and delete the wishlist.

Searching Wishlists: The main page of User Wishlists allows you to search other user's wishlists for specific items or pets!

How many wishlists can I have? Currently you can make up to three (3) wishlists!

Masterlist, Trades, & MYOs

The on-site masterlist is a convenient way to keep track of and trade your Midveilers. To access the masterlist, navigate to "Explore" and click "Masterlist". Each species has it's own masterlist and you can navigate to them using the navigation buttons. Note: Strudels will be added to the site at a later date.

To Use the Masterlist: You can find the Masterlist under the "Explore" tab. From there you can select the species you'd like to view. Once you navigate to the masterlist, there is a search bar at the top which lets you search by Trait, Owner, or Designer! You can also use the pagination at the bottom of each masterlist page to go through the entire list.

My Midveilers: This page displays all the Midveilers you currently own (on the site masterlist). You can also choose an "active" midveiler from this page.

Editing A Midveiler: When viewing your Midveiler's masterlist entry, click on the "Edit Info" button. You'll get a window where you can give it unique info.

  • Name: You can give your Midveiler a unique name that will be displayed on their entry.
  • External Profile: Here you can add a link to your Midveiler's Toyhouse profile (or any other character info page).
  • Description: You can write a little blurb about your Midveiler's personality/backstory/etc!

"Hearting" Midveilers: You can "heart" masterlist entries for all your favorite designs! All you need to do is click the "heart" on the Midveiler's entry. To remove a heart, just click on it once more! On the masterlist index, you can click the Heart to see a collection of all your favorite Midveilers! No one can see this list except you, and alternatively, you cannot see who hearted your Midveiler, only the number of hearts!

Can't Find Your Midveiler? If your Midveiler is not listed on the masterlist, you can fill out a form on our Can't Find Your Strudel journal and we'll get it added as soon as possible!

Can I revert a Midveiler to it's catalogued design? Yes, when receiving a Midveiler you have 72 hours after the trade is approved to revert the design. All you have to do is DM the mod in charge of that species!

Trading Midveilers

After the 2 week cooldown period is up, the "Trade your Midveiler" option will appear on the masterlist entry.

Click the "Trade Midveiler" button to be taken to the trade page. You will then be able to input the user you wish to trade to, and the method of trade. If you are reselling, you need to include the amount you resold it for and a proof of appraisal if you are selling for more than what is listed on the masterlist.

Once you are done, click "Submit for Approval". The trade will be sent in for admin approval. If your trade is declined for any reason, you will receive a notice about it.

MYO and Redesign Approvals

Navigate to the Masterlist and click on "My Midveilers".

  • If you are submitting a MYO design, click on the MYO slot you wish to use.
  • If you are redesigning a Midveiler, click on the Midveiler you wish to redesign.

At the bottom of the Masterlist entry, you will have an option for "Submit Redesign". Click this to be taken to the submission page.

From here, you'll be able to submit and image of your design, and fill in all the necessary information.

  • For Traits: Click on the image that fits the trait you are using. It will turn a dark blue to indicate it has been selected.
  • For Mutation/Upgrade Items (if applicable): Under the item(s) you wish to use, input the amount of that item you wish to use.
  • If you are redesigning, you'll have an extra option if you are removing special traits (if applicable).
  • Updating Masterlist Image: If you are updating the masterlist image without making redesign changes, you'll need to apply a Fizzy Pop Punch on the redesign page!

Once all the information has been filled in, hit "Submit For Approval" at the bottom of the page! Your design will go into the queue to be reviewed by the masterlist mods.

My submission was accepted, what now? You're all set! The listing will be updated to reflect your new design, and any items you have used will be removed from your inventory.

My submission was rejected, what now? If your submission is rejected, you will receive a notification with the reason why. Please correct any issues with your submission and resubmit!

Random Events

Sometimes an event will be randomly triggered when you are using the site, these are called Random Events! Things that can trigger random events include: playing games, fishing, diving, doing quests, etc. There are a few random events available now, but stay tuned for more in the future!


The forums are a great place for community building and offers many features such as a trading post, and user-run forum games!

Making A New Topic: Navigate to the appropriate subforum for your topic. Click the "New Post" button at the top right of the page. You'll be prompted to enter a subject and body for your post. Click the submit button when finished.

Adding a Comment: Navigate to the bottom of the page on any thread and type your response into the box. Hit "Submit" to post your comment.

To edit a topic or comment, you can click on the Edit button (pencil) at the top of your post.

Deleting A Post/Locking a Thread: You cannot delete or lock your own posts. However, if you need something removed from the forums, you can flag the post for deletion using the little flag icon at the top of your post, which will alert a moderator to come review the post.

Forum Avatar & Signature: You can change your forum avatar and signature by going to Account > Edit Profile. You can use the rich text editor at the bottom to create your forum signature.

Forum Pings: You can ping a user by typing the "@" symbol before their username. Likewise, you can receive pings from other users. If you would like to turn off pings, you can go to Account > Edit Profile and select "No" on the dropdown for forum notifications.


The catalogue lists all the current items, pets, and stamps that are available on the site. You can sort the list by item type at the top of the page, or use the search bar to find something specific!

Clicking on an item will bring up a detailed description of what it does, where you can get it, how much it costs, etc.

Suggestion Box

We welcome your suggestions! We have an anonymous suggestion box (found under the "Help" menu) that only requires a message. If you'd like a response, you can provide an email (even a throwaway one!) so we can get back to you. Please keep in mind that while we love to hear feedback we can't institute every suggestion we get, but we do take them all to heart!

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