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Welcome to Midveil, an art-based online roleplaying game! The Strudel Cafe is in an interactive hub where you can play games, participate in art prompts, join in on crafting challenges, and take part in monthly events!

Our website is currently in beta, and we're adding new activities all the time! If you're interested in joining our community, check out the StrudelCafe Group for more information on how to start an account!

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JULY Newsletter!

Hello everyone! With the recent news update and Eclipse coming ever closer on the horizon, we will now be posting our newsletters ...
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Quests, Seeds, and News! Oh My!

Quests have gotten a much-needed overhaul! The major piece of the overhaul is on the DB/back-end side but the end result is that t...
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Current Events

JULY DTA: Cowboy Kid

Draw this month's adopt, "Cowboy Kid" for a chance to win them! Winner will be chosen based on effort, creativity, and how the character is portrayed.

ADVENT: Midveil Picnic Basket

SUMMER IS HERE! And summer means picnics on a hot day, spent with friends and family! This advent has some super cute designs, meant to showcase some unique and more savory fillings!


All participants in this month's Lottie's Luck will be put in a raffle for the Midveiler of the Month for next month!

Midveiler of the Month

Draw the featured Midveilers for a crumb reward. Click to learn more!

Monthly Prompt

This month's theme is Summer Festival! Strudel Cafe's annual summer festival is drawing close! Midveilers everywhere are gathering to enjoy each other's company on these cool summer nights. There are so many things to do! Sitting beneath the stars, awaiting fireworks displays, cracking open a cold watermelon, playing carnival games, etc. What is your Midveiler planning to do at this year's festival?

Click to learn more!

Explore The Cafe

New User Tutorial

Learn more about Midveil, our website, and earn some neat prizes!

The Flea Market

Looking for some twigs? Trade with other users at the Flea Market!

Farmer's Market

Visit the Farmer's Market for all your farming and animal husbandry needs!


Plant and grow crops to earn crumbs! You may even harvest something special.

The Cookie Jar

Here you can check your crumb balance, items, and pets.

The Coop

Help Dahlia care for clucklings and other birds.

Goom Nursery

Feed and play with your baby goomdrop daily to help it grow!

The Fishing Hole

Help Bobber catch the cryptid he's been hunting, or at least a few Mudworms!

Coming Soon!

Check out the upcoming features coming to Strudel-Cafe.com!

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