StrudelCafe: Terms of Service

The Terms of Service apply to everyone in ownership of a Midveil species, within the community or otherwise. By purchasing a Midveiler, you agree to these terms. The Terms of Service are subject to change, and will be edited as the need arises. Claiming ignorance to the terms of service is not an acceptable form of defense. Users found willfully or unknowingly breaking these terms will be held to the same standards, and may be refused service in future transactions.

If you are looking for something in specific, please use CTRL+F to search a keyword (cooldown, customs, etc!)

Payment and Processing

  • Full payment is required 48 hours after the sale has ended.
  • Payments are processed via You may also request an invoice to pay with credit card.
  • I do not accept points or group currency on adopts unless otherwise specified.
  • Payment plans are not available unless otherwise specified.
  • Refunds are not available after payment has been processed. You are free to re-sell as long as community guidelines are followed.
  • Accounts under 2 weeks will not be allowed to purchase unless other proof of identity is given.
  • The seller reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at their own discretion.

MYOs, Customs, and Design Services

  • MYO slots can be purchased from loppyrae's main profile with USD or Crumbs.
  • After designing your MYO, you must submit it through the on-site masterlist for approval.
    • This means that until it has been officially approved, you cannot upload your design publicly. Please host your design privately ( or otherwise) for approval purposes.
  • All prices, whether MYO slots, customs, etc, are subject to change at any time to reflect demand.
  • MYO slots cannot be resold (for USD or crumbs), only traded or gifted.

Regarding Customs

  • Customs can be purchased directly from loppyrae when openings occur.
    • You can choose any sort of filling for your strudel regardless of whether it has been previously used. However, replications of another design (whether by another user or a copyrighted design) will be turned down.
    • Do not harass or attempt to bribe for a custom unless they are open or offered to you.
  • Custom Midveilers can be designed by other provided:
    • They are accepting design commissions, and
    • Proof of a MYO slot is provided prior to the proposal

Terms of Ownership

Due to the nature of the species, we ask that you do not create designs without explicit permission from loppyrae. Those found willfully ignoring the closed aspect of strudels/thimblets/glubglubs/arborlings/jollybeans will not be accepted into the group, and may be banned from further participation in the group. Designing entails more than just art, and willfully creating a character without the rights to do so can result in banning from the group. Some examples of creating a character include but are not limited to, drawing a design and sharing publicly, creating literature and background for a character and sharing publicly, creating Toyhouse and other website profiles for a character, etc.


  • Adoptables are conducted over Deviantart via Loppy Rae's account or an approved guest designer. Full ownership is transferred when full payment has been received. If payment is not received, the design will be re-sold.
  • Ownership includes partial rights to the design, participation in the group, and full liberty to the character's details and backstory. Minor edits may be made to the design, so long as it is still recognizable as the original.
    • For more major design edits, like re-coloring and trait upgrades, we ask that you purchase items from the official group store using our in-game currency. Redesigns can be submitted to the masterlist for approval.
    • No matter how many edits are made to the design, it MUST be recognizable as the original, and must resemble its filling. Changing the filling is prohibited.
    • Using the design for commercial use or monetary gain is prohibited.
    • You are not permitted to make edits to Loppy's artwork at any time.
  • After full ownership is transferred, the design will be uploaded to our visual masterlist on the website.
  • Co-ownership is not recognized by the group, and extremely discouraged.

Regarding Items and Crumbs

  • Items, pets, and crumbs can be traded for midveil goods, or midveil-specific art only.
  • Crumbs cannot be traded for real-life currency or any other currencies (DA points, etc)
  • Items and pets can be traded for Midveil characters only.
    • You may purchase a Midveil character with crumbs if it has been originally purchased with crumbs, or has been officially appraised for crumb commissions.
    • MYO slots cannot be traded for crumbs.

Regarding Trading Midveilers

  • The masterlist is the only suitable proof of purchase. We ask that you do not conduct trades until the entry is fully updated with your name and means of purchase.
    • When conducting trades, please link your Midveiler's official masterlist entry as proof of ownership.
    • A trade request must be submitted through our website to be valid.
    • Repeatedly failing to update the masterlist may result in an official warning to your account.
  • two-week cool down is applied to all designs from the time ownership is fully transferred. If you are unsure of the cool-down, please refer to the masterlist entry for trading information. Please don't seek trading partners before the cool down is up. Offering midveilers still on cool down can result in a warning or strike against the TOS.
  • Midveilers cannot be traded for monetary commitments or "vouchers" such as adoptable vouchers, commission vouchers, gift cards, physical goods, etc. We do not allow trading for physical goods in general, whether purchased or pre-owned.
    • Midveilers can still be traded for physical pieces of art (traditional work, plushies, etc), as long as the art is being created for the purpose of the trade!
  • Three-way trades for other designs are acceptable. A three-way trade counts as:
    • User A is trading a Midveiler that User B wants. User B does not have anything User A wants, so they offer it to User C in exchange for trading with User A. User C trades their Midveiler to User A, User A trades their Midveiler to User B, and User B trades with User C.
    • User A wants a Midveil adopt User B is selling. User A asks User C to buy it for them as a trade in exchange for a Midveiler. User C purchases the adopt from User B, which is traded to User A, and User C is traded the Midveiler from User A.
    • Remember: Three-way trades involving purchasing a Midveil adopt erases the monetary value of that Midveiler as it is a trade. At no time can money be exchanged between two members with trade-only Strudels.
  • You may not transfer ownership of a strudel to anyone blacklisted or banned within the community or the design will be nullified.
  • Do not harass other members to trade their designs. If you are being hassled or pressured, alert an admin.

Regarding Re-Selling Midveilers

  • You may resell your strudel for equal to or lesser than what you purchased it for. If you received the strudel through a non-monetary exchange, you are not permitted to re-sell it. You can only sell the design for what you paid.
    • An additional fee may be added onto the design for additional art (commissions) within reason. To add value from commissioned artwork, please get an appraisal from the StrudelCupboard via the Trading Post.
  • For three-way trades involving purchasing an adopt for someone else, please refer to "Regarding Trading Midveilers".
  • These measures are meant to prevent scalping. If you see a user unlawfully selling a design, please alert an admin.

Punishment and Grounds for Banning

Violating the Terms of Service, whether willfully or unknowingly, will result in an official warning or strike depending on the situation. 

  • This could mean anything from warnings for light or first time offenses, to strikes and temporary bans for more serious situations.
  • All offenses are discussed between Loppy and the admin team as they come to our attention.
  • Bans may consist of the following: 
    • A temporary ban of two weeks. During this period, you will not be allowed to purchase, trade, or receive designs.
    • A permanent ban and blacklisting. You will be kicked from the group and barred from further participation in the group and website.
  • After banning, the designs in your ownership will be voided from participation in the group. That means that they will not be considered Midveilers and will be treated as one-off designs going forward.You cannot reinstate a voided Midveiler for any reason. You may choose to trade or sell them away so long as you still follow the group's trading and selling terms.
  • At no point will your design ever be repossessed by the group.
  • Harassing, gossiping or namedropping any banned members will result in an official warning on your account.
  • Creation of multiple website accounts is strictly prohibited. Attempts to cheat and/or exploit bugs may result in a permanent ban.
  • If you feel you have been unfairly banned, you are free to bring up your case with an admin, though you are not promised the ban will be repealed.
  • If purchasing from Loppy Rae, please also refer to her Personal TOS.

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