StrudelCafe: General Rules

Strudels are a closed species, created by loppyrae! They are tiny faery folk with a big appetites for adventure (and of course, anything edible!) These little creatures live in a parallel dimension to our world, and are said to bless the kitchens of their hosts if only they are provided something sweet in exchange. They take up residence in the unused sections of homes, including underneath floorboards, in dark corners of the attic, etc.

Can I join if I don't own a strudel yet? Absolutely! Everyone is free regardless of if they own a design or not. If you wish to participate in games, events, etc, you can use any of our NPCs, including our semi-customizable mascot, Sugar Cube! Sugar's bangs, ears, chest marking, and hood can be customized to your likings! She can be used to participate in any activity to collect crumbs (our group's currency). If she doesn't suit your taste, feel free to borrow a friend's or use any of our other existing NPCs! Some activities don't even require a strudel to participate at all, such as our kitchen challenges and scavenger hunts!

Can I design my own strudel? Strudels are a closed species! This means that you unfortunately cannot make your own without a MYO slot. To purchase a MYO slot, keep and eye on loppyrae's journals for MYO openings. If you don't have access to PayPal or simply can't afford to spend money on a design, you can use our group currency to purchase MYO slots during opening! These slots will be restocked as needed. You can earn crumbs by participating in events, activities, and even taking commissions from other users!

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