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The Terms of Service apply to everyone in ownership of a Midveil species, within the community or otherwise. By purchasing a Midveiler, you agree to these terms. The Terms of Service are subject to change, and will be edited as the need arises. Claiming ignorance to the terms of service is not an acceptable form of defense. Users found willfully or unknowingly breaking these terms will be held to the same standards, and may be refused service in future transactions.

If you are looking for something in specific, please use CTRL+F to search a keyword (cooldown, customs, etc!)

Payment and Processing

MYOs, Customs, and Design Services

Regarding Customs

Terms of Ownership

Due to the nature of the species, we ask that you do not create designs without explicit permission from loppyrae. Those found willfully ignoring the closed aspect of strudels/thimblets/glubglubs will not be accepted into the group, and may be banned from further participation in the group. Designing entails more than just art, and willfully creating a character without the rights to do so can result in banning from the group. Some examples of creating a character include but are not limited to, drawing a design and sharing publicly, creating literature and background for a character and sharing publicly, creating Toyhouse and other website profiles for a character, etc.


Regarding Items and Crumbs

Regarding Trading Midveilers

Regarding Re-Selling Midveilers

Punishment and Grounds for Banning

Violating the Terms of Service, whether willfully or unknowingly, will result in an official warning or strike depending on the situation. 

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