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Welcome to Midveil, an art-based online roleplaying game! The Strudel Cafe is in an interactive hub where you can play games, participate in art prompts, join in on crafting challenges, and take part in monthly events!

Our website is currently in beta, and we're adding new activities all the time! If you're interested in joining our community, check out the Getting Started Guide for more information!

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Latest News

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Shifting Gears in 2022

Hello, everyone. This is not so much a site update as it is an update on the status of Strudel Cafe’s development.  We, the de...
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January Rollover

Happy New Year's, everyone! Let's all have a wonderful 2022! As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last m...
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Midveiler of the Month

Draw the featured Midveilers for a crumb reward and a chance to win next month's Midveiler of the Month. Click here to learn more!

Current Events

EVENT: Midwinter Advent

The Midwinter Advent shop is open! You can spend your peppermint tokens on any prizes you missed during the Advent.


January: N/A

No DTE/DTA this month!

Monthly Prompt

Mysterious Cave

Your Midveiler has discovered a mysterious new cave just outside of Cafe Central... what will they find inside?

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Explore The Cafe

New User Tutorial

Learn more about Midveil, our website, and earn some neat prizes!

The Cookie Jar

Here you can check your crumb balance, and collect a daily interest.


View your item collections here. Can you collect them all?


Chat with other users, play forum games, or get help.


Want to collect all the vanity pets? Start a wishlist!

The Workshop

Got a lot of items lying around? Why not use them to craft something new!

Flea Market

Looking for some twigs? Trade with other users at the Flea Market!

User Shops

Buy and sell directly to other users with your own shop!

User Galleries

Show off your hoard of kittypillars with your own gallery!

Coming Soon

See what's new and upcoming for the Strudel-Cafe site!

Coffee Shop

Support our team, and get an exclusive in-game item for yourself!


Interact with the community in our Discord channel!