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Welcome to Midveil, an art-based online roleplaying game! The Strudel Cafe is in an interactive hub where you can play games, participate in art prompts, join in on crafting challenges, and take part in monthly events!

Our website is currently in beta, and we're adding new activities all the time! If you're interested in joining our community, check out the StrudelCafe Group for more information on how to start an account!

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Latest News

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Midwinter Advent

Winter is almost here, and this year, we're going ALL OUT!  This year's Midwinter celebration will be...... a full 31-day advent...
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Gacha Crumb Raffle

Are you ready for some seconds? There's a stuffed and plush semi-custom up for raffle on the website right now! Each ticket costs...
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Midveiler of the Month

Draw the featured Midveilers for a crumb reward. Click here to learn more!

Featured Activity: Kindness Counts!

All users who complete a submission for this month's featured activity will be put in a raffle for next month's Midveiler of the Month. (Max one entry per person!)

Current Events

ARPG: Winter Advent

Unlock The Giving Tree daily by completing the Winter Advent ARPG memory! The Giving Tree opens December 1st.

DAILY: The Giving Tree

Visit the Giving Tree every day in December to claim a special gift! (Unlocked with the Winter Advent ARPG)



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Monthly Prompt

This month's prompt is "Home for the Holidays!" 

The holiday season is approaching fast, and that means family visits! Draw one of your Midveilers visiting with their family after a long hard year! Do they all gather around for board games and cider? Do they cozy up by the fireplace and talk over a cup of hot cocoa? Do they have a huge feast for the occasion? Show us the dynamics of one of your little Midveil families! This family can be the typical "Mom/Dad/Child" dynamic... or it could even be a closeknit group of friends. Remember, sometimes the bonds we choose are stronger than the ones we're born into. 

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