Activity: Behr's Beauty Contest

Somewhere in the middle of Cafe Central's woods, there lies a cottage home to Midveil's number one pet lover, Behr! This tiny little bear kigu has a habit of taking in any and all abandoned pets she can find, and she's always around if you need an emergency petsitter! Goomdragons, beanies, and bears, oh my! This little kigu is always looking for an opportunity to meet new companions, and thus began the Beauty Contest! Bring a snapshot of your sweet little critters to Behr, and may the cutest win! 


Behr's beauty contest has begun! Because Behr is a special friend to all those simple pets out there, she wanted to create something fun for all of them to do! Some midveilers don't view pets, outside of farming companions, to be of much use. Behr wants to show all those unwanted pets equal love and excitement and has opened up a beauty contest for them to participate in! Each month, there will be a theme. Draw one of your midveiler's pets (or more than one!) fitting the theme of the month! Submissions are accepted for the first three weeks of the month. During the last week, voting for a winner will occur on the Strudel Cafe Website! 


 Check the steps below to see this month's prompt!

 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 24th of the month at 11:59PM EST!

Voting Begins the 25th of the month! Vote here!


All Entrants Receive:

Ribbon Treat
and 4,000 crumbs

Top 3 Voted Winners Receive:


Ribbon Treat (with Sprinkles!)
and 1 Pet Potion (Toy)!
Potion changes seasonally

• You can enter once a month!

• All activities must be completed by the member submitting the activity

• You may only use glamour pets to enter, this means no farming pets or mounts.

• All entries must be submitted during the 1st-24th of the month through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• Literature entries are not accepted for this activity, sorry!

• Tracing, plagiarizing, etc, is strictly against the rules.

• Your art entries must be cleanly lined and coloured, though grayscale is acceptable! All entries must include a background consisting of depth and at least three items.(excluding the pet itself!) The general site minimum of 500x500px is required for your images!

• You can feature your very own Midveiler or use any of our NPCs in your art if you'd like, though only a pet is required for this activity!

Activity Steps

Step 1: Puppy Love

Midveilers aren’t the only ones feeling the love! Depict your Midveiler’s pets in a loving cuddle!


Each step will need to be uploaded individually, so no composite images of multiple steps! For activities that accept literature be sure to keep a backup in Google Docs,, or similar (rather than only in this window in case something goes wrong with your submission!)

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