Activity: DTE/DTA


Most months, Strudel Cafe hosts a DTA or DTE for a chance to earn a new Midveiler! Follow the rules of entry below for a chance at the current DTA/DTE!

DTE (Draw to Enter) entries are entered into a spreadsheet and a winner is rolled in our public Discord.

DTA (Draw to Adopt) entries are judged by the admins and a winner is chosen based on creativity & effort!

This month's DTE Design:


All Entrants Will Recieve:

Rainbow Paw Treat

At the end of the month, one winner will be chosen to receive the featured design.

  • Up to two entries per person! Please make sure it is lined & colored or painted!
  • We do not accept physical pieces (sculpture, embroidery, etc) for this activity to avoid shipping issues, etc.
  • For DTA months we judge on effort, creativity, and how the character is portrayed!
    We do not judge purely on skill, but rather, who seems to capture the design's essence the best!
  • For DTE months you must still apply effort to your entries. Entries lacking visible effort may be denied!

  • After winning, check in with the other artists to see if you can use the other entries in your!
  • You may not make any edits to the design until after you win!
  • Activity is due at 11:59PM on the day prior to monthly rollover! (Rollover is the first Saturday of each month!)

Activity Steps

Step 1: DTE Entry

Create a drawing or painting of this month's DTE design. Submit your entry on this page!


Each step will need to be uploaded individually, so no composite images of multiple steps! For activities that accept literature be sure to keep a backup in Google Docs,, or similar (rather than only in this window in case something goes wrong with your submission!)

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