Activity: Kindness Counts


Getting started is easy! We've compiled a list of prompts for you to give a shot! Even the smallest things count in our fight for the environment. From reusing food scraps, to planting trees, to getting out in the field to volunteer, there's so much you can do to make a positive influence on our world! 

Have an idea for prompts we can add to our list? We are always looking for ways to expand our activities. Feel free to send in user suggestions and you may see your suggested activity amongst our prompt lists!

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Rewards for this activity are tiered! For every approved submission, you will receive ONE Kindness seed! The more prompts you complete, the more prizes you can earn! How many can YOU complete?


Examples of prizes you can win include:

"Kindness Sprouts" Stamp, Litterbug Pet, "Freddi Sunshine" Doll, Arborling Seed, Wilderling Egg 


• All activities must be completed by the member submitting the activity

• You can complete each prompt once per month! Some prompts may be non-repeatable! Check the description to find out which is which!

• If you are submitting photos that ask for a "peace sign" to be made as proof, you do not have to have your face/body in the photos! You can photograph just your hand, or black yourself out in the photo!

• All entries must be submitted through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• If you aren't 18+, make sure to get your parent's permission and assistance for this activity! Please remember to ALWAYS practice safety before beginning a prompt! 

• Please don't cheat and post pictures from Google! Make sure you provide photographic evidence! If names or selfies are visible, you are free to scribble out your name and face! 

• Each prompt will list what we'd like you to submit, so read carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions if you're unsure of a prompt! We'd rather you ask than have to redo!

• For prompts that require crafting, we expect you to research these prompts before completing them! Pinterest is a great resource for finding recipes and craft ideas!

• You may do this activity with a housemate/roomate/friend BUT you both must do your part and submit separate photos! For example, if you're going to pick up litter, please show that both of you have bags! 

• You must complete the main activity before submitting your paycheck bonus.

Paycheck Bonus

You must complete at least 1 prompt for the month prior to completing this bonus!
Bonus Prompt:
 Draw your Midveiler planting their first kindness seed! These bright little flowers are sure to bring a smile to any farm! 

You will be rewarded 2000 crumbs for a full colour or greyscale drawing, and:

+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 500 crumbs for a full scene with complex background
+ 250 crumbs for a simple background with a few components
+ 100 crumbs for shading

Or you may write using the same prompt for a base amount of 2000 crumbs, and:

+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 250 crumbs for hitting 800 words
+ 600 crumbs for 1000 words

Submit your Paycheck Bonus

To submit your activity, upload a URL or link using the "submit" button below. Make sure you specify which activity you are submitting to!

Please allow 2-3 days for all activities to be approved!

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