Activity: King's Cure Lottery

You've travelled many miles, a satchel of crumbs swaying at your side... You've battled off swarms of wazdoodles and plagues of beelzebugs, and you'd do it all again, for today is the day you finally meet the King! A glowing cavern stretches out before you, and you rush inside, eager to present the King of Goomdragons with the most generous of offerings and... and... Oh... It appears a certain group of someones has fed King Moni a little more than he can swallow. The King has come down with a terrible case of indigestion. Concerned goomdrops gather around him, weeping for their king as he tosses and turns, groaning out in pain. He won't be scarfing down your hard-earned crumbs any time soon! Well, shoot! What are you gonna do with all these crumbs if the King won't eat them? Put them into savings? Invest them in real estate? What a load of nonsense! The King must be cured! 


The King needs your help and everyone's favorite scientist, Ursula, has just the thing to get him on his money-gobbling feet again! But she needs a special ingredient to generate the cure... What is the special ingredient, you ask?

Why, it's kindness to others of course! What's better to cure an ailment caused by greed than an act of pure charity?! To receive a dosage of medicine, all you have to do is draw a gift for a fellow member of the Midveil community!

Once you have collected some medicine, you must feed Moni the medicine to be entered into the lottery. Five winners will be drawn from the lotto pool every month. Two lucky members get some extra special loot, but all five of them get to take home a stamp! 

The winners will be drawn on the 1st of every month!



Grand Prize:

3 Sugar Cookies
and Lucky Cat

Second Place:

Lucky Cat 

All five winners will receive:

"Jackpot!" Stamp


• Gift art must be submitted through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• Gift art must have visible effort put into it. If it's pixel art, we ask that you do a full body piece.

• Art trades, commissions, and Midveiler of the Month do not count towards The King's Cure. It must be a gift!

• You can receive up to five medicines a month, but the gifts must be for different recipients. 

• The medicine will be added to your bank inventory after your gift art is submitted via the website and approved!

• After each month, the lottery is reset! Gift art will only count if it is made IN the current month! 

How to Submit Medicine

To enter the lottery, you must go to King Moni's lair (you must be logged in) and manually give him a dose of medicine. You will see a prompt saying that Moni appears to be looking ill. Clicking this prompt will allow you to apply the medicine, thus entering your name into the lottery pool!

• The prompt will only appear if you have at least one medicine in your inventory!

• You may only receive five medicines a month, but you can choose how many times you'd like to enter! If you'd like to stockpile your medicines and enter all of them one month in order to stack your odds, you're free to do so! 

• Keep in mind that medicines are non-transferrable! 

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