Activity: Lottie's Luck

It's early morning, and you've already got a hankering for something sugary from The Enchanted Bakery down the street. You're not even sure if they're open yet, but the oh-so-tempting thought of colorful cupcakes and fruit tarts is getting in the way of your common sense. As you finally arrive at the bakery's storefront, you hear a shriek from inside and barge your way in without a second thought! Poor Lottie is trembling in the doorway of the kitchen, holding onto a very burnt cherry pie. Tears are starting to bubble up in her eyes, and she looks like she could burst any second. Behind the thick cloud of smoke in the kitchen, you spot various piles of soot, which you can only assume are the ghosts of pastries that could have been. The bitter smell of scorched sugar lingering in the air confirms your assumption. However, amongst the wreckage, you spot an intricate pink cake, topped with delicate buttercream roses.



"I-I got so caught up in this wedding cake that I forgot to set the timer for the ovens! Everything is ruined," she squeaks pitifully. "Oh goodness... what am I gonna do?! The shop is due to open in an hour!" She wipes a tear from her eye, and looks at you expectantly from behind her paw. "Hey sugar... you can follow a recipe... can't you?"


Lottie needs your help! Amazing smells are wafting from every home in cafe central. The small of cinnamon and nutmeg is flooding the streets. To keep up with the demand, Lottie needs your help baking some delicious PIES! The pie can be any flavor or type of pie that suites your own tastes! 

Stuck on inspiration? No worries, you have all the recipes you need below!

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Once you complete this activity you will receive the following:

"Baking Champ!" Stamp


8,000 crumbs


• You can enter once per month!

• All entries must be submitted through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• If you aren't 18+, make sure to get your parent's permission and assistance for this activity! 

• Please don't cheat and post pictures from Google, or store-bought desserts! We reserve the right to question photos.

• A minimum of three photos are required! One ingredients, at least one progress shot (more are welcome), and one finished picture.

• You must include a piece of paper with your username on it in the frame with your ingredients and final product photos! This is not required during the progress photo step.

You may do this activity with a housemate/roomate/friend BUT your images must be DIFFERENT pictures and the end results must be DIFFERENT. For example, if you are making cake pops, you may use the same cake batter, but the decorating must be different and done separately! One person makes pink butterfly cakepops, versus another person makes cake pops that look like flowers.

• If your recipe doesn't turn out, don't worry! You'll still get your paycheck. All you have to do is try! 

• You must complete the main activity before submitting your paycheck bonus.

Paycheck Bonus

Bonus Prompt: What kind of pie would your midveiler bake? Which is their favorite? Draw then baking or eating their favorite seasonal pie!

You will be rewarded 2000 crumbs for a full colour or greyscale drawing, and:

+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 500 crumbs for a full scene with complex background
+ 250 crumbs for a simple background with a few components
+ 100 crumbs for shading

Or you may write using the same prompt for a base amount of 2000 crumbs, and:

+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 250 crumbs for hitting 800 words
+ 600 crumbs for 1000 words

Submit your Paycheck Bonus

To submit your activity, upload a URL or link using the "submit" button below. Make sure you specify which activity you are submitting to!

Please allow 2-3 days for all activities to be approved!

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