Activity: Monthly Prompt

The monthly prompt is a drawing or writing exercise to help with world building or character development with your Midveiler, as well as an entry-level activity for new members! Each month the prompt will change, so make sure to get your entries in by the end of the month.


This month's prompt is "What is in your bag! Trick or Treat Edition"

The classic "What's In Your Bag" meme, but with a Halloween twist! Draw your Midveiler in their Halloween costume of choice, then include their trick-or-treat bag. Are they using a classic plastic pumpkin? Something more unique to their costume? What candies did they receive? Which candies will they keep, and which will be tossed in the trash? 

For this prompt, please make sure that your piece includes:

- Fullbody of your Midveiler dressed up in costume.
- A drawing of their candy collecting apparatus (bag, pail, etc...)
- Three candies they enjoy. Three candies they dislike. An interpretation of this small blurb featuring your very own midveiler! Or all of them! 

Sadly, writing is not available for this month! 


2,000 crumbs

+ bonus crumbs based on the grading scale below!



• You can enter twice a month!

• If you do not own a Midveiler, feel free to use an NPC!

• All entries must be submitted through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• Tracing, plagiarizing, etc, is strictly against the rules.

• Your art entries must be cleanly lined and coloured, though grayscale is acceptable! All entries must include a background consisting of depth and at least three items.

Grading Scale

 Drawing Rubric for illustrations, comics, etc:
+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 250 crumbs for a simple background with a few components
+ 500 crumbs for a full scene with complex background
+ 100 crumbs for shading
Writing Rubric for short stories:
+ 500 crumbs for adding a friend's Midveiler (does not stack)
+ 250 crumbs for hitting 800 words
+ 600 crumbs for 1000 words

To submit your activity, upload a URL or link using the "submit" button below. Make sure you specify which activity you are submitting to!

Please allow 2-3 days for all activities to be approved!

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