Activity: Ursula Von Strud's Random Contest

You are currently wondering where you are. As you look around you, the dimly lit room starts to come into focus. A strudel in a lab coat has their back turned to you and is mumbling to themselves. They are standing in front of a table full of flasks and cylinders. You stand up from the chair you were sitting in and walk over to the strudel. Suddenly, you hear a LOUD explosion and a cloud of smoke envelopes you and the other strudel. You cough and hack as you hear curses and shouting. The smoke clears away and the scientist is now facing you.



"Uhuhu.. my friend, you are awake!" she smiles and walks you back over to the table in front of her. "As you can see...these ingredients just aren't working. And so, I need your help.... uhuhuhu." Her smile grows wider as she looks at you expectantly. What have you gotten yourself into?


Ursula von Strüd needs ingredients! She is determined to find the most efficient ingredient for her mutation potions! This month she has convinced herself that FAST FOOD PACKAGING will be the GREATEST ingredients for her next formula.

For this month's event, design fast food packaging! The packaging can be a digital design or illustration OR you can create the packaging out of paper and materials in real life. Please design a large bag or box for food to be packaged in, some sort of food “wrapping” (paper wrap for something like a sandwich or a box for something like chicken nuggets), and a cup for a drink! Here are some examples of different fast food packaging! Please include something with your username in your finished photo (for digital illustrations, no username is needed)! All attempts that have been made with effort count towards the base reward.

Remember, you need to design three things:

1. Large Bag or Box
2. Paper wrapping, box, or container
3. A cup

BONUS: Make your entry Midveil related! It can be based on your favorite Midveiler, NPC, pet, location, etc.! 

At the end of the month, Ursula will pick three entrants to win some exclusive prizes!

Last month's winners!

In first place is RABIDR0DENT, who wins a Vial of Glitter and a Wazdoodle!

Our two runner ups are mistystep, who wins a Repair Kit,

and mitzuliina, who wins a Alas Dolium Potion!  


Once you complete this activity you will receive the following:

Random Treat

8,000 crumbs 
+ 1,000 additional crumbs for completing the month's BONUS

Three winners will be selected and receive 1 of 6 random mutation items:

and the grand prize winner will also receive an exclusive Random Contest pet!

• You can enter once per month!

• All activities must be completed by the member submitting the activity

• All entries must be submitted through the Strudel-Cafe website to count for rewards. You will receive a notification if your entry is accepted, and rewards will be added automatically.

• All entries must be created by the user submitting. This includes the art drawn.

• If you aren't 18+, make sure to get your parent's permission and assistance for this activity! 

• Please don't cheat and post pictures from Google.

• You must include a piece of paper with your username on it in the frame with your final submission.

• If your entry doesn't turn out, don't worry! You'll still get your paycheck. All you have to do is try! 

• All submissions need to display significant effort. If effort isn't visible in your entry the mod reserves the right to decline.

• You must complete the main activity before submitting your paycheck bonus.

• Activity is due at 11:59PM on the day prior to monthly rollover! (Rollover is the first Saturday of each month!)

Activity Steps

Step 1: Materials

Upload of a photo of your materials you'll be using!

Step 2: Process

Upload a photo of the crafting process!

Step 3: Final Product

Upload a photo that displays your final product!

Step 4: Bonus

(Optional) Upload a photo that portrays the requirements listed under "bonus" for this month to gain additional rewards!


Each step will need to be uploaded individually, so no composite images of multiple steps! For activities that accept literature be sure to keep a backup in Google Docs,, or similar (rather than only in this window in case something goes wrong with your submission!)

"Uhuhuhuh ... want to see what I've got for sale?"

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