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The Holey Apple is a random chance game that can be rolled for a chance to win mutations, pets, and even a profile skin! Each roll costs 15,000 crumbs. After rolling, you'll have the options to "keep" the rolled prize, "discard" it and get refunded 5000 crumbs, or "re-roll" for an extra 1000 crumbs. You can re-roll twice at this discounted price. You won't be able to roll the apple again until you choose an option. (If you accidentally leave the page, the options will still be there when you return!)

Holey Apple mutations will be added to your inventory and can be traded. To apply your Holey Apple mutation(s), submit a redesign and include the mutations you've rolled in the Mutations Items section. Mutations can be applied to MYO slots.

Prize List

All current prizes for the Holey Apple are listed below.

Prizes may be swapped out periodically.

Cupid Wings Trait

Gives your Midveiler big, fluffy wings. (allows flight)

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Seraphim Tail Trait

Gives your Midveiler a tufted tail with wings. (Wings can be angelic or devilish)

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Sparkling Halo Trait

Gives your Midveiler a halo (can be shaped) around their head.

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Shimmer Eyes Trait

The eyes have a two-colour (or more) gradient with sparkling effect.

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Holey Apple Profile Skin

A Holey Apple-themed skin for your profile! Add it to your collections to use on your profile.

Holey Apple Treat

An exclusive Treat for your collection.

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Holey Wyrm

Exclusive pet.

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Exclusive pet.

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