Midveiler Appraisals

If you would like to sell your Midveiler for more than is listed on the masterlist entry, you will need to get an official appraisal! An appraisal does not need to be filled out to resell a strudel for equal to or less than the monetary value on it's masterlist entry.

NOTE: An additional fee can be added for commissioned art only. Personal art, gifts, and trades will not count towards the resale value. If you received a strudel through non-monetary exchange, you cannot use any prior commissioned artwork to boost its value. You can only resell a strudel for the amount of money you personally put into it.

Appraisial Form

To get an official appraisal, fill out the following form and DM it to our appraisial mod, Pinkuwu9!

  • Masterlist Entry: Link the masterlist entry.
  • Obtained Via: Trade, resale, gift, raffle, etc.
  • Original Value: How much you personally paid for the design. If obtained via trade, raffle, or non-monetary exchange, put "zero".
  • Proposed Resale Value: How much you would like to sell the design for.
  • Proof of Commissions: Link to all commissioned artwork, its value, and proof of purchase (paypal receipt). Please add links for each individual piece you would like to add towards the proposed resale value.

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