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Interested in participating in the ARPG aspect of our site but not sure where to start? This guide is for you!

Note: The ARPG system is being reworked and this information may change in a future update. Some ARPG memories have been replaced with automatic or progression-based unlocks.


Some ARPG memories require a Midveiler, but there are many options that do not and you can use an NPC instead! Each memory will list their requirements at the top of the page.

A memory scrap is a task that must be completed in order to unlock rewards or to progress in the ARPG questlines. Each scrap will have specific rules and prerequisites so be sure to read them before starting a scrap!

A memory scrap can be completed by drawing or writing the prompts outlined under "Memory Steps".

If you are drawing, each part must contain: a full body character, shaded, with a full background (including at least three objects, and depth). ARPG memories can be as big (or any shape) as you'd like but may be no less than 500px on their shortest sides!

What counts as fullbody? Three (3) limbs must be visible, not including head and tail.

If you are writing, each part must have a minimum length of 1000 words. For example, if a memory has 3 parts, the complete memory should be 3000 words total.

Here is a quick run-down of what our mods are looking for in an ARPG memory!

Image Size

For ARPG memories, we ask that your image measure at least 500px on it's smallest side. You can draw as big as you want, we just ask that it doesn't go under 500 pixels!

If you're still unsure, here's a handy diagram:

Images can be any shape, as long as the "smaller" side (or both if it's equal) does not measure under 500 pixels. You're welcome to get as creative as you like with image shapes!

Scene and Three-Item Rule

An easy way to create depth in your work is to have layers of scenery. At least two is necessary, a foreground and a background, but you can add a middleground to create more depth!

You also need at least three items to complete your scene. This can include plants, pets, objects, etc. These items must be distinguishable from the background.

Full Body Rule

We encourage our users to get creative with their scenes, but your Midveiler must be at least 50% visible in each panel!


When shading your ARPG art, make sure your shading is visible and makes sense with the scene. You don't need to be a pro at shading, we just need to see some effort!

If your light source is coming from above, the shadows would fall underneath everything. If your light source is behind your Midveiler, you would have long shadows coming forward and the front of your Midveiler would be in shadow as well.

Greyscale Drawings

It's a bit harder to portray a scene in grayscale, so it's important to use many different tones to give your artwork depth! Shading should be clean and dark to make it stand out against the rest of the drawing. If you are doing a traditional greyscale drawing, make sure your shading is clean and uniform. Messy work will be denied.

All memory scraps are listed in the ARPG Memory Hub.

Origins: Origins focuses on developing your character and rewards Guardian pets that grow with your Midveiler. You need to own a Midveiler to complete these.

Strudel Cafe: These memories unlock special activites, evolve pets, or let you earn some extra crumbs. Requirements differ in every memory so please read carefully before completing them!

Midveil Academy: These memories are part of the Midveil Academy and level your Midveiler in magic! You need a Midveiler with a complete Origins memory to complete these.

After finishing all the steps necessary for the memory, you can submit it at the bottom of the memory's page.

Some submissions may have extra dropdown menus that appear after you select the Memory title so make sure you fill out all the information before hitting submit.

Your submission will be queued for approval. If it's approved, you will get a notification and all rewards will be input into your bank automatically. If your submission is declined you will be provided with a reason and given the chance to resubmit after you made the necessary changes!

Some memories are repeatable but may only reward you once. Make sure you read the disclaimer in each memory for more information!

By completing the first set of Origin memories, you will receive a Guardian pet which will grow with your Midveiler as the game progresses. Currently, these tiny little creatures are pocket-sized, being small enough to fit in your strudel's paw! However, as more and more memories are completed, the guardian will eventually grow into a full-fledged mount! There are different Guardian pets for each Midveil species. Each of these pets are soulbound to your Midveiler, and completely customizable!

Customizing your Pet

How do I get the base? Navigate to the soulbound pet's catalogue listing. Right click on the image and "open in new tab" to get the full blank image and save to your computer.

Submitting your Pet Design: Navigate to your Menagerie and click on the ARPG pet you'd like to design. You'll have an option to submit a design. Click on this button and attach your design file before submitting it!

I've submitted my design, what now? Your pet will go into an approval queue. If it is denied, you will receive a notification and a reason for denial. You can take this time to redo the design and resbumit.

If your design was approved, the menagerie listing will be updated with your design.

When you trade a Midveiler, everything resets for their progression but you keep your earned treats. Memories will have to be completed by the new owner. The soulbound pet will be deleted from the original owner's inventory. Memories, treats, and soulbound pets are non-transferrable.

Magic School

The Midveil Academy is a magic school where the most prestigious scholars from all around the globe gather to nurture the next generation of magic users! All students enter the academy as Fledgelings, and are placed in General Studies! During this class, Midveilers are taught to hone their abilities and discover which path of magic they'd like to pursue! There are five schools of magic: Taming, Hearth, Enchantment, Apothecary, and Elementals.

Firstly you need to own a Midveiler since magic levels are tied to individual midveilers and not your account.

That Midveiler also needs to have their Origins memories completed before you can participate in Magic School prompts.

Hearth: If you have a passion for cooking, baking, or other kitchen-related crafts, then you might be interested in the magic academy of Hearth. Masters of Hearth magic have a variety of skills about them, so don't think this is just Advanced Grilled Cheese classes!

Apothecary: The magic academy of Apothecary will give you the skills to both forage for ingredients and create options and salves. Being in this class requires extreme concentration or a wild sense of adventure, since potions can do a myriad of things!

Taming: A magic academy for both animal lovers and those who like animals a lot but may not be ready to admit that they love them. Taming magic is versatile in the fact that you can use it on both wild and domestic animals alike!

Enchantment: This magic academy is for those who want to breathe life into the mundane. Enrolling into this academy will give you the ability to imbue magic into a variety of different objects!

Elementalist: Conjuring different elements at their whim, Elementalists easily have one of the most impressive looking magic skills. If you enroll in the magic academy of Elementals, you will be able to hone the elements around you!

Can my Midveiler only join one school of magic? Nope! You're free to level your Midveiler in one, two, or all of the schools!

Each school of magic has 5 levels. You can level your Midveilers by completing Midveil Academy prompts and earning mana.

Currently the first level available is "fledgeling". Fledgeling is not apart of any school, so you need to complete that level to level up in the school of your choice. You can complete the first level through the Fledgeling Class prompt.

What if I trade my Midveiler? All mana and magic school progress is reset when your Midveiler is traded.

Mana is magical energy that indicates your Midveiler's experience level as well as a currency for magic-related things!

Earning Mana: You earn mana by doing magic prompts. Mana is given directly to the midveiler that completes the magic prompt.

Using Mana: Mana is used to purchase the next wand that corresponds to the magic you want (and ultimately your next level), as well as crafting ingredients and exclusive magical pets.

Remember: All mana is reset when your Midveiler is traded.