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Head to the forums to discuss Midveil topics, ask questions, and even play forum games! We also host MYO sales and some design sales through the forums.

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Event Hub

A calendar of our reoccuring site events for quick reference. You can also check what dates each season starts for Green Acres.

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Winner's Showcase

The winning activity entries will be displayed at the end of each month in our winner's showcase. Click through the gallery to see all winners!

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Art Gallery

The art gallery displays user-submitted art from flash prompts, Midveiler of the Month, DTA/DTEs, and site events.

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Behr's Contest Voting

On the 25th of every month, voting opens for Behr's Beauty Contest. You can rate each entry and help us choose the winner!

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Midveiler of the Month

Every month we spotlight two midveilers from the community. Draw fan art of these midveilers to enter for a chance to win next month's spotlight!

Social Media

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Join our Discord community and chat in real-time! Get the latest news, participate in game nights, and enter in exclusive giveaways.

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Follow us on twitter! If you'd like to share your Midveil art with us, tag us or use the hashtag #strudelcafe!