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Below are seasonal or one-time events with links to their respective pages (if available)!

Winter Advent

Dec 1st - Dec 31st (2019)

Visit Daily for festive Midwinter gifts!


Oct 1st - Oct 31st (2020)

Complete daily drawing prompts to earn spooky prizes!

Binx's Attic

Oct 3rd - Nov 7th (2020)

Binx is celebrating this year! Why not help her prepare for the party?

Funfetti Celebration

May 1st - May 31st (2020)

It's Sugar's birthday, and everyone in Cafe Central is banding together to throw her a huge surprise party!

Retired Events

Below are events that are currently retired without plans to return!

Love Letters

Feb 1st - March 6th 2020

Help donate to unite Bonnie Bluebird and Lottie Luck by unlocking Dreamhaven!

Midwinter Collaboration

Dec 1st - Dec 28th 2018

A group collaboration to celebrate another year of StrudelCafe! This year's theme is Fun in the Snow!

How Salt Stole Midwinter

Nov 14th - Dec 25th 2018

Salt has stolen all the presents! Come join the festivities of Midwinter and spread a little cheer.

A Midveil Wedding

Feb 2nd - Feb 28th 2018

Bisque is arranging a surprise ceremony for his one and only, so just this once he's asking Midveil to lend a helping hand!

Magic School Fundraising

Jan 1st - Jan 31st 2018

Satchet has a plan! Can you help her restore the Magic School to its former splendour?

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