Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the Site

Where do I find information about certain items/pets/etc?

You can find information about items, cosmetics, and even NPCs in our site catalogue.

How often do shops restock?

Shops restock automatically every 8-12 hours.

How long will it take to approve my submission/myo design?

Please allow up to 5 days for moderators to process your submission. If it’s been longer than 5 days, you can DM the mod in charge by using our mod directory.

I don’t know if I’ve received items/rewards/etc!

You can check your site logs for things like item trades, rewards, etc. You can find your site logs in the Account menu, and your farm logs in the Green Acres menu. If you are still missing something, please contact the appropriate mod!

Where can I report a bug?

For site bugs, please report them on our bug thread, or in the #site-bugs channel in the Discord server.

For typos or missing information, please use our typo thread.

For masterlist errors, you can use our masterlist errors thread.


How do I obtain a Midveiler?

Free Arborling: All new users can obtain a free Common Arborling MYO by completing the user tutorial.

MYO slots: MYO slots can be purchased with crumbs in the Nursery, or with USD through Discord sales. Restocks and sales are random, so keep an eye out! Arborling MYOs are always available in the nursery.

Trading: You can trade with your fellow users to obtain a Midveiler or MYO slot! You can browse UFT Midveilers through the masterlist, or check the advertisements in our #midveiler-trades channel in the Discord.

Adopts: Official adopts are posted each month and are advertised in the Marketplace in our Discord server. This includes flatsales, auctions, and OTAs.

DTA/DTE: We also host DTE/DTAs through the website where users can draw art of the Midveiler in question for a chance to win them at the end of the month!

Can I show off my MYO design?

Unapproved designs can only be posted to the proper creation channels in our Discord server. You cannot post your design publicly until it’s officially on the masterlist.

How do I submit a Midveiler design?

Navigate to your Midveilers and click on the MYO slot you wish to use. Click on the "Submit Design" button to be taken to the submission page. From here you can upload your image and fill out the necessary information.

Image requirements: The image should have a transparent background and the image should be no bigger than 1000 pixels on either side. Please keep the image clear of any extra info unless necessary to the design.

If including a pet in the masterlist art: Any pets visible in the masterlist image must be soulbound before you submit the Midveiler design. Pet MYOs must be approved before adding them to the masterlist art.

If using a Pet MYO for Dullahan or Parasitism mutations: The Pet MYO must be approved before submitting your Midveiler's design.

Can I redesign my Midveiler?

Yes! However it still must resemble the original design in some way. You can purchase redesign items with crumbs from the various site shops! We have an extensive redesign guide if you are unsure what would count as a valid redesign!

What mutations can I give my Midveiler?

You can find a full list of all available mutations in our Mutation Guide, as well as which species can use that mutation item.

Who do I contact about MYOs/redesigns?

We have specific mods dedicated to each species to help you with your questions:

For strudels, contact Zodori.

For arborlings, contact Soren.

For thimblets, contact Carmine.

For jollybeans, contact Quartz.

For glubglubs, contact Quartz.

Trading and Selling

How do I trade my Midveiler?

All trading is done through the Masterlist. You can navigate to the listing of the Midveiler you wish to trade and click "Trade Midveiler" to submit a trade request. If you are re-selling, you must specify it's a sale, and for what amount. Trades are only official through our site; remember to check the masterlist entry before making a trade, and provide your own masterlist entry as proof of ownership.

You can list your Midveiler UFT by going to their masterlist entry and clicking the link beside “For Trade?” A pop-up window will prompt you to add information in the box (what you’re looking for, how to contact you, etc). Once you have added information into this box and confirmed the listing, the Midveiler will be listed publicly on the UFT page. You can also advertise your Midveiler outside of the site! We have a #midveiler-trades channel in the Discord server where you can advertise your trades once a day.

Midveil characters can be traded for other OCs, art, or even crumbs, in-game items, and pets.

Can I resell my Midveiler?

Yes, if you purchased the Midveiler you can resell it for that amount (which is listed on the masterlist entry). If you received the Midveiler through a trade or gift, their value is reset to zero.

If you would like to add USD value to your Midveiler, you can get them officially appraised for the amount you spent on commissions for said Midveiler. You can find more info on our appraisal page! Proof of appraisal must be provided if reselling for a higher amount.

Can I resell my MYO slot?

No, MYO slots cannot be resold for USD or crumbs. However, if you design a Midveiler with a slot you purchased, you can resell that Midveiler for the price of the slot.

Can I trade my crumbs, items, pets, etc?

Anything earned in-game can only be traded for Midveil-related items only; this means that they can be traded for other in-game items, midveil characters, or midveil-related art only. You cannot sell these for USD or for currency/items from other games.

To trade items, you can put them up for offers at the flea market, put them in your user shop, or use our transfer function to send them directly to another user. You can also advertise in-game trades through the #site-trading channel in our Discord server.

Need more information?

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