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How do I get started in Strudel Cafe?

We offer a New User Tutorial which will guide you through the basics of our game and reward you with a free standard arborling MYO! Once you complete the tutorial, the page will redirect to the free arborling page. You can go back to this page at anytime to submit your design!

What can I do in Strudel Cafe?

You can read our Getting Started page to learn about Strudel Cafe!

How can I participate in the community?

Why not join our community Discord or post in the forums and introduce yourself!

What timezone is the site in?

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

What is rollover? When does rollover happen?

"Rollover" refers to the day where all activities and events are reset for the new month (with some exceptions). Rollover happens on the first Saturday of each month. Part of rollover is done manually by our team, so some features may release later than others!

What is seasonal rollover? When is seasonal rollover?

Seasonal rollover marks the beginning of a new season (we follow the farmer's almanac). This affects the crops you can purchase/grow in the Green Acres game. You can find the seasonal calendar on the Event hub.

Where can I set my site options/edit my profile?

When you go to Edit Profile under the Account tab, there will be a list of options you can set for your profile, notifications, and other miscellaneous settings.

If you set your birthday in your profile settings, you may get a special event when visiting the site on your birthday!

How do I get profile skins? How do I use them?

Profile skins can be obtained as a random drop from some of our games, or during site events. You can also trade with other users for profile skins. You can see a full list of available skins and how to obtain them in our Site Catalogue.

To use a profile skin, you first need to add it to your Collections by clicking on the item in your inventory and selecting “Add to Collection" from the dropdown menu. After that, you can go to Edit Profile and set your active skin to any of the skins currently in your collection. Once a profile skin is added to your collection it cannot be removed.

Where do I find information about certain items/pets/etc?

You can find information about items, cosmetics, and even NPCs in our site catalogue. The catalogue will help you find out where you can get certain items, if they're tradeable, etc.

What does FTO, DTA, Flaffle, etc., mean?

There are a lot of abbreviations and words we use that may be confusing to users who are new to the ARPG community. You can use our glossary to find definitions for all the words we use around our community!

How do Collections work?

Collections are a place where you can track your items, treats, stickers, and skins in a convenient collection. To add an item to your collection, click on it in your inventory and select "Add to Collection" from the dropdown menu. If the item is already in your collection, it will give you an error when you try to add it again.

Some items, like certain NPC dolls, can give you a special perk for adding it to your collection. We will be expanding on this feature and offering rewards for completed collections in the future!

Please note that items added to your collection cannot be removed again.

What is My Scrapbook?

The Scrapbook is an on-site gallery where you can display your completed ARPG memories. These memories are meant to mimic snapshots in a scrapbook! Note: Scrapbooks are currently being overhauled and may change in a future update.

How do I discard an item?

You can click on the item in your inventory to bring up the interaction menu. Choose "discard" from the dropdown menu and hit the submit button. You can discard 1 item at a time, or a whole stack at once.

How often do shops restock?

Shops restock automatically every 8-12 hours.

What are crumbs?

Crumbs are the primary currency used on our site! Every 5,000 crumbs equal 1 sugar cookie (SC).

What are barnacles?

Barnacles are a secondary currency used on our site. You can earn them from the Weekly Dive. Barnacles have limited use at the moment but will be expanded on in the future!

How are crumbs formatted on the top bar beside my username?

The default setting will group every 5,000 crumbs into 1 SC (sugar cookie). If you have 5,500 crumbs, it will display as 1 SC 500. If you would like to change the format to crumbs only, you can go to Edit Profile under the Account tab and set Show Currency Bar in Sugar Cookie format? to “No".

Can I trade my in-game currencies?

You can trade in-game currency for items, pets, or Midveilers. You cannot trade in-game currency for real life currency (USD, etc) or other site currencies (DA points, etc).

I'm having trouble submitting my image/I'm getting an error message when I try to submit something!

Check your file: Images files should be as a PNG or JPEG, with a maximum size of 1000 pixels on the largest side. Some images (such as pet/midveiler MYOs) may have extra requirements so please read through the submission page carefully!

Error messages: If the designer you are crediting does not have an account on-site, please message an admin to have them added as a designer. If you are getting a SQL error or a broken page, you can submit a bug report.

I submitted something to the site, but it was never approved/isn't in the queue/I didn't receive the rewards!

Sometimes your submission may not go through if there is a connection error, or you have too many Strudel Cafe tabs open at the same time. Make sure that you are on a steady internet connection and close any extra tabs before going to the submission page. Do not refresh the page while it's loading!

Most of our submission pages have queue information at the bottom so you can see if your submission has been submitted to the queue. You can check if your MYO submission is pending by checking the masterlist entry for that MYO slot. For free Arborlings, you can return to the User Tutorial page at any time to check on your pending submission.

How long will it take to approve my submission/myo design?

Please allow up to 5 days for moderators to process your submission. If it's been longer than 5 days, you can DM the appropriate mod by using our mod directory.

I don't know if I've received items/rewards/etc!

You can check your site logs for things like item trades, rewards, etc. You can find your site logs in the Account menu, and your farm logs in the Green Acres menu. If you are still missing something, please contact the appropriate mod!

The masterlist is an archive of all the current and voided Midveiler designs that have been approved officially. Any Midveilers or MYO slots that you receive will be added under your name in the masterlist. You can see your Midveilers/slots by clicking the “My Midveilers" icon beside the site clock, on your profile page, or on the masterlist itself.

Your Midveiler's masterlist entry holds all information pertaining to their design; ownership, traits, designer(s), how they were obtained, and their current and past designs (if applicable). There are also tabs for displaying your Midveiler’s soulbound pets and mounts. For more information on soulbinding, see the Pets and Mounts section.

Receiving & Sending Gift Art

There is a gift art field that lets users know if you are open to gift art of your character. All Midveilers will have "Feel free to draw this Midveiler!" as a default setting. If you don’t want to receive surprise gift art, you can click the icon in the Gift Art field and it will change the status to “Please ask before drawing this Midveiler!".

When viewing another user's Midveiler, you will see an icon in the gift art field. You can click this icon to send the user your gift art directly. Please check if the user is open to gift art before drawing their Midveiler!

Theme Art

Some users enjoy making or commissioning "theme art" of their Midveilers, which is a small image representing the theme of the Midveiler. For example, if your Strudel is based on strawberry cake, the theme art would be a drawing of a strawberry cake. When you submit theme art, it will be displayed at the bottom of your Midveiler's masterlist entry. These must be unique pieces of art; we do not accept stock images. You can submit theme art at a maximum size of 200 x 200 pixels.

Catalogued Design

A Midveiler may have a catalogued design if the current one is a redesign. You can revert to a catalogued design within 72 hours of receiving that Midveiler in a trade.

Catalogued designs may be removed if: the original artist/designer requests it, or the Midveiler has changed subspecies. For example, a strudel that receives a trickster redesign will no longer have the original design catalogued because lore-wise, they would have turned into a trickster at the time of receiving their offering.

Some designs cannot be catalogued if an exclusive mutation (not available in-game) is removed, so keep this in mind if you want to remove an exclusive trait from your Midveiler.

What else can I do on my Midveiler's masterlist entry?

There are a few buttons at the bottom of your Midveiler's entry:

  • Edit Info: This will let you add a name, description and external link to a profile or similar to your Midveiler's listing page.
  • Trade Midveiler: This will submit your trade or resale to the queue for approval. For more information you can read the Trading & Selling section.
  • Submit Redesign: This is where you can submit a redesign of your Midveiler if you are updating their masterlist art or adding/changing traits or markings, etc.
  • Manage Theme Art: This is where you submit your theme art.
  • Request Appraisal: If you are looking to add USD value to your Midveiler, you request an appraisal with this button. For more information you can read the Trading & Selling section.

How do I report an error on my masterlist entry?

Click the icon beside the Midveiler's listing name to report listing errors.

What if a Midveiler's masterlist entry is breaking the rules?

If you see rule-breaking, or inappropriate content in a masterlist entry or trade listing, please submit a ticket through our Support Desk.

What is a voided Midveiler?

A voided Midveiler is no longer considered an official Midveil design and cannot be used in game. Voiding is permanent and will not be reversed even if the design is transferred to new ownership.

If you need to void your Midveiler for any reason, please contact an admin!

What is a MYO slot?

A MYO or "Make-Your-Own" slot is a character slot added to your account that allows you to create a Midveiler for use in the game.

How do I obtain a MYO slot?

We host monthly MYO sales for USD in the MYO Market on the forums. You can also purchase MYO slots with in-game currency in the Nursery. Nursery MYOs can be purchased once per month, with the exception of Arborlings which can be purchased anytime!

How long after MYO sales are the slots added/invoices sent/etc?

For USD sales, please allow 24-48 hours for invoices to be sent out as these are done manually. Users have 24 hours to pay the invoice before it's cancelled. MYO Slots are added in bulk after the payment period has passed. Purchases from the MYO Nursery are instant.

Can I show off my MYO design before it's submitted to the site?

Unapproved designs can only be posted to the Design Feedback submforum, or the Midveiler Creation channels in our Discord server. Please do not post your design publicly outside of Strudel Cafe until it’s officially on the masterlist.

How do I submit a Midveiler design?

Navigate to your Midveilers and click on the MYO slot you wish to use. Click on the "Submit Design" button to be taken to the submission page. From here you can upload your image and fill out the necessary information.

Image requirements: The image should have a transparent background and the image should be no bigger than 1000 pixels on either side. Please keep the image clear of any extra info unless necessary to the design.

If including a pet in the masterlist art: Any pets visible in the masterlist image must be soulbound before you submit the Midveiler design. Pet MYOs must be approved before adding them to the masterlist art.

If using a Pet MYO for Dullahan or Parasitism mutations: The Pet MYO must be approved before submitting your Midveiler's design.

Once your design is submitted, it will go into a queue to be approved by our masterlist mod. If any changes need to be made, our mod will leave a comment on your submission. If your design was declined, please make the necessary changes before resubmitting.

What is a Midveiler?

A Midveiler is a character that lives in the world of Midveil! You can find more about each species in our species guide.

How do I obtain a Midveiler?

To obtain a MYO slot we have a few options! All new users can obtain a free Common Arborling MYO by completing the user tutorial. MYO (make-your-own) slots can be purchased in the Nursery with crumbs, or during our monthly MYO sales with USD.

Official adopts can be purchased with USD, or in-game currency/items in our Adopt Market! The Market currently hosts flatsales and OTAs (offer-to-adopt). Our guest artists and mods also host adopts and customs in the Official Adopts forum, or in our community Discord server. We also host DTE/DTA contests where users can draw the featured character for a chance to win them at the end of the month!

Trading is also another way to obtain a Midveiler! Users may offer their Midveilers in exchange for art, site items, or even USD re-sale. You can browse UFT Midveilers through the masterlist, or check the advertisements in our #midveiler-trades channel in the Discord.

Can there be more than one Midveiler based on a specific theme/scrap/filling?

Absolutely! However, each Midveiler must be unique and easily distinguishable from each other. You can use a different color scheme, markings, or traits to make your design unique. Designs that are replicas of others will not be approved. The mods reserve to right to deny designs they feel are too similar to a pre-existing Midveilers.

Note: Wilderlings based on mythical creatures or Midveilers based on in-game items cannot share the same theme.

What mutations can I give my Midveiler?

You can find a full list of all available mutations in our Mutation Guide, as well as which species can use that mutation item.

Can I give my Midveiler hair?

Yes! Hair is considered a wig, and would fall under "accessories". This means you can change and style it differently at any time! There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Manes: If the hair presents as long fur, or a mane, it will require the appropriate mutation or trait (depending on the species)
  • Mutations: Some hair may present as a mutation and will need that mutation item to be added, or a Juicy Melon to be redesigned.
  • Arborlings: Arborlings can have plant growth hair, but you will need an item if you wish to redesign it later (Shearing Serum)

Can my Midveiler have accessories?

Yes! Accessories can be given and removed from your Midveiler freely.

Can my Midveiler have heterochromia?

Yes! Heterochromia is not a mutation. However, colored sclera and shaped pupils are a mutation and would require the correct mutation item.

Can my Midveiler have shark teeth, or tusks?

You are welcome to give your Midveiler sharper teeth as long as they still follow the anatomy of the species. Teeth can't be oversized or tusk-like. Mimix can have teeth that match their mimic species.

Can my Midveiler have a different body type (skinny, fat, tall, short)?

For the most part, yes! There can be small discrepancies between height and weight but they must still follow species guidelines. For example, a household strudel cannot be as tall as a Trickster, and vice versa.

How large is each species compared to the others?

Here is a size chart of all Midveiler species for reference. Click the chart to see a full-size version!

Midveil Size Chart

Can I redesign my Midveiler?

Yes! However it still must resemble the original design in some way. You can purchase redesign items with crumbs from the various site shops! We have an extensive redesign guide if you are unsure what would count as a valid redesign!

How do I update my Midveiler's masterlist art?

If you would like to update the masterlist art without redesigning your Midveiler, you need to acquire a Fizzy Pop Punch. Once you have the required item, you can use the "Submit Redesign" button to submit your new art with the Fizzy Pop Punch selected in your submission.

Any minor changes that don't require a redesign item (refer to our Redesign Guide) can be updated with a Fizzy Pop Punch as well.

Can I revert a Midveiler to its previous design?

After your redesign has been approved and submitted to the masterlist, we will catalogue it's previous design. The masterlist will only ever catalogue the original design and its most recent redesign. If you obtain a Midveiler in a trade and prefer its catalogued design, you can choose to revert to its original design for free up to 72 hours after the trade was approved. You can revert a midveiler by contacting the mod in charge of the masterlist using our Mod Directory.

However, this does not apply if the design you would like to revert to is not listed under "catalogued design".This could be because the user opted out, a Trickster or Ghost rebase was applied, or the previous design included specialized exclusive mutations that were cured. If this is the case, you will need to re-roll said mutations to restore the design to its original form. Please keep this in mind when redesigning a special Midveiler!

Who do I contact about MYOs/redesigns?

For design feedback, you can post in the Design Feedback subforum, or get help from a community volunteer in our Discord. For questions about your masterlist submissions, you can message the masterlist mod using our Mod Directory!

How do I get pets/mounts for my Midveiler?

Pets can be purchased from Pippa's Pets, earned through various activities on the site, or traded!

Mounts can be obtained through certain quests, mini-games, or trading! You can also evolve certain pets into their mount forms:

Goomdrops: Goomdrops are little gooey friends that come in a variety of types! Goomdrops can be won as a drop from King Moni. Goomdrops can be evolved through the Goom Nursery into their Juvenile form. Once they reach this stage, you will need to feed them a goompling to evolve them into mount form. The goompling recipe can be obtained from the Goomdragon Growth Spurt memory.

Beanies: Beanies are ravenous little pets that love to eat everything in their path! Beanies can be evolved into their mount form through the Beanie Buffet by feeding them your items. Feed them the wrong thing though, and they may evolve into a Ravenous Beanie

What are barn/coop/orchard pets?

Some pets are considered "livestock" and can be used in the Green Acres game. When added to your barn, coop, or orchard, these pets produce byproducts such as milk, eggs, or honey!

The Green Acres Catalogue lists which pets are livestock, as well as their byproduct stats.

What is My Menagerie?

Your Menagerie is where you store your most prized pets! Placing a pet in the menagerie allows for you to add a name and a description, use a potion (if applicable), and soulbind them to a Midveiler. The "Sort Pets" button will enable you to drag and drop your pets into any order you would like. (Not available on mobile)

To Add A Pet: Make sure you pet is in your inventory and go to the Menagerie page. Your available pets will be listed below the menagerie. Click on the pet you wish to add, and it will be put in your Menagerie! Pet types that haven't been added to your Stables will be highlighted in blue.

What is My Stables?

Your Stables is where you store your mounts! Placing a mount in the stables allows for you to add a name and a description, use a potion (if applicable), and link or soulbind them to a Midveiler. The "Sort Mounts" button will enable you to drag and drop your mounts into any order you want. (Not available on mobile)

To Add A Mount: Make sure you mount is in your inventory and go to the Stables page. Your available mounts will be listed below the stables. Click on the mount you wish to add, and it will be put in your Stables! Mount types that haven't been added to your Stables will be highlighted in blue.

What does "linking" a mount do? How do I link a mount?

Some games, activities, or ARPG memories will require you to link a mount to your Midveiler. Linking is not the same as soulbinding; you can always un-link your mount later if you wish to use a different mount. Un-linking a mount may remove access to certain games, so make sure you have a mount linked if you wish to keep accessing that page!

To link a mount to a Midveiler, it needs to be in your Stables. Click on the mount to open its info page. Click "Edit Info", and there will be a dropdown menu with a list of your Midveilers. Once you've chosen a Midveiler to link, click "Update Mount Info" to save your changes.

What is soulbinding?

"Soulbinding" is when you attach a pet or mount to your Midveiler permanently. Some pets that come with adopts will be soulbound, and any pets received through the Origins memories will also be soulbound. Soulbound pets received through ARPG memories will be removed if the Midveiler is traded.

How to Soulbind a Pet: To soulbind a pet, you must first add it to your Menagerie. From there, you can click on it to open the pet info page. Click the "Soulbind Pet" button and pick the Midveiler you wish to soulbind your pet to. Once you have soulbound them, they will show up on your Midveiler's masterlist entry under the Pets tab.

How to Soulbind a Mount: To soulbind a mount, you must first add it to your Stables. From there, you can click on it to open the mount info page. Click the "Soulbind Mount" button and pick the Midveiler you wish to soulbind your mount to. Once you have soulbound them, they will show up on your Midveiler's masterlist entry under the Mounts tab.

What are Pet/Morph Potions? How do I use them?

A pet potion is a fun way to customize your pet or mount! You can use the Pet Cosmetics Gallery to see which potions can be used on which pets.

To Use A Potion: You must have the potion in your inventory, and the pet you would like to use it on needs to be in your Menagerie (or the Stables if it's a mount). Go to "My Menagerie" and scroll down to the Available Pets section. Click on the pet you wish to add to your Menagerie. Once you've added it, you can click on it within the Menagerie to be taken to its Info page.

If your pet can be potioned, a "Use Item" button will appear on the bottom of this page. Clicking this button will prompt you to choose the potion you want to use from a drop-down menu. Only applicable potions will appear in the menu. Once a potion has been chosen, click "Use Potion" to complete the transformation!

Are there Pet/Mount MYOs?

For pets, you can get a Companion Egg from completing the Make A Wish memory and choosing the "Pet MYO" option. You can also receive a Plush Egg from Binx's Attic, which allows you to make a custom plush/fabric/toy pet.

For mounts, there are no MYO options currently, but we have many mounts that can be customized! Most customizable mounts come in a "blank" version, but some other mounts (like the Catterfly) can also be customized. Each mount listing in our catalogue will list if it's customizable, and also provide a downloadable base for you to use!

What are the rules for Pet MYOs?

Pet MYOs must be appropriate for the website (no NSFW, heavy gore, etc), and they cannot mimic an existing pet. The design cannot look like a copyrighted character, or use a trademarked name.

Pets created with a Plush Egg must look like a plushie or toy. Pets created with a regular Companion Egg can be any type of pet!

What are the image requirements for a Pet MYO?

Pet images should be in a square format no larger than 200x200 pixels with a transparent background. All pet images are resized to 100x100 pixels on-site.

How do I submit a MYO pet?

To create a MYO pet for your Midveiler, you will need to place your Companion Egg or Plush Egg in your menagerie. Once in your menagerie, click on the Egg to open its pet info. From here you can click "Submit Design" at the bottom of the page and fill out the form provided. After submitting your design, it will be added to a queue for approval. It may take 2-3 days for your mount to be approved.

MYO pets must be approved and soulbound to your Midveiler before you can use them in Masterlist art. Pet MYOs can be used to design living Dulluhan pets, or custom Parasitism pets.

How do I customize a mount?

If you have a blank version of a mount, you can customize it using the base provided. You can find the downloadable base on the mount's catalogue entry. Some bases are also linked on the submission form when submitting a design.

Once you're ready to submit your design, you will need to add the blank mount to your stables. Once added, click on the mount to be taken to its info page. From here you can click "Submit Design" at the bottom of the page and fill out the form provided. After submitting your design, it will be added to a queue for approval. It may take 2-3 days for your mount to be approved.

What are the rules for customizing a mount?

You can:

  • Use the base provided to create your mount design
  • Make a mount that matches your Midveiler
  • Add unique colours and markings
  • Add accessories such as wigs, costumes, etc
  • Make small adjustments based on body type (adding extra fur on fluffy mounts, extra drips on goopy mounts)

You cannot:

  • Drastically edit the lines/anatomy of the mount
  • Add mutations or change the body type
  • Use copyrighted character designs or names
  • Include sexual, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate content

How do I trade my Midveiler?

Trades are only official through our site; remember to check the masterlist entry for proof before making a trade, and provide your own masterlist entry as proof of ownership.

All trading is done through the Masterlist. Go to your Midveiler's masterlist entry and click "Trade Midveiler" to submit a trade request. If you are re-selling, you must specify it's a sale, and for what amount.

You can list your Midveiler UFT by going to their masterlist entry and clicking the edit icon in the “For Trade?" field. A pop-up window will prompt you to add information in the box (what you’re looking for, how to contact you, etc). Once you have added information into this box and confirmed the listing, the Midveiler will be listed publicly on the UFT page. You can also advertise your Midveiler outside of the site! We have a #midveiler-trades channel in the Discord server where you can advertise your trades once a day.

Midveil characters can be traded for other OCs, art, or even crumbs, in-game items, and pets. We allow voucher trades or three-way trades as well, but please keep in mind that these trades do not add "value" to the Midveiler since the buyer is not paying for the Midveiler directly.

Can I resell my Midveiler?

If you purchased your Midveiler, you can resell it for the amount you paid. This amount will be listed under the "Obtained" field on the masterlist entry. If you received the Midveiler through a trade or gift, their value is reset to zero. This includes vouchers and three-way trades.

If you would like to add USD value to your Midveiler, you can get them officially appraised for the amount you spent on commissions for said Midveiler.

What is an appraisal? How do I request one?

An appraisal lets you add monetary value to your Midveiler from commissioned artwork/designs. You will need screenshot proof of what you paid when submitting an appraisal.

On your Midveiler's masterlist entry, you can click "Request Appraisal" at the bottom to submit proposed new price, and proof of your commission transactions. When an appraisal has been approved, the new value of your Midveiler will be displayed on their masterlist entry. Pending appraisals or perceived value (what you think it's worth) are not valid when selling your Midveiler. It must have an approved appraisal if you wish to sell for more than the original price.

Can I resell my MYO slot?

Yes, a MYO slot can be resold for the price listed on the masterlist entry after the one-week cooldown. (TOS Update 04/20/21)

Can I trade a MYO slot/Midveiler with pending mutations?

No, you will need to cure the mutations or submit a redesign with the pending mutations before you can trade the slot/character.

Can I trade my items and pets?

Yes! You can trade with other members for in-game items and Midveilers. You can trade in-game items for non-Midveil goods as long as the other group's Terms of Service allows it. Mods are not responsible for monitoring off-site trades, so please trade at your own risk. You cannot sell in-game items and pets for real-life currency or other site currenices (DA points, etc).

To trade items, you can put them up for offers at the flea market, put them in your user shop, or use our transfer function to send them directly to another user. You can also advertise in-game trades in our Discord server.

What's a three-way trade? Can I do a three-way trade for Midveilers?

Three-way trades occur when User 1 wants a character that's up for sale/trade and offers their own character to anyone who can get it for them. User 2 can then purchase or trade for that character so that it's sent directly to User 1, and in return receives the character that User 1 was offering for their help.

Three-way trades are allowed as long as they follow the rules. There is no direct monetary exchange between parties in a three-way trade. Three-way trades do not count towards the monetary value of a Midveiler.

What is a "voucher"? Can I trade my Midveilers for vouchers?

A "voucher" is a term used for purchasing art/characters/tangible goods for another user in exchange for a character. Vouchers must be paid directly to the third-party. Sending money to the owner of a Midveiler with no resale value is against our Terms of Service.

As of 02/13/22 we do allow voucher trading as long as it follows the rules. Gift cards are not allowed as a workaround for receiving money directly. You may not ask members to help you pay off debts in exchange for a design that doesn't have a resale value. Vouchers do not count towards the monetary value of a Midveiler.

Where can I report a bug, error, or rule-breaking?

For site bugs, rule-breaking, or other issues you can submit a ticket using our Support Desk! Please do not use our suggestion box for reports.

Where do I report errors in my masterlist entry?

You can click the icon on the masterlist entry to submit an error report.

I need to contact a moderator about a submission, or ask a question about the site!

You can contact the appropriate moderator using our Mod Directory. Community volunteers are always available to answer any general questions you may have about the site or designing your Midveiler.

Is there a way to change my username?

Yes! If you need to change your username, log-in name, or both, you can submit a ticket.

What if my question isn't answered in this FAQ?

We have a QnA Hub for specific questions that aren't covered in our FAQ. You can use the search bar at the top to search for keywords or questions. If you can't find an answer to your question, you can submit one!