StrudelCafe: Rules and Etiquette


  • By owning a Midveiler and participating in the community, it is your responsibility to read up on the Midveil Terms of Service.
  • For information on trading guidelines and ownership rights, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Interacting with the Community

  • Be kind and respectful to your fellow members! This means no whining, guilt-tripping, or aggressive comments.
  • If you're having group-related issues with another member of the group, please don't try to resolve it on your own. You can message our customer service mod, Plaid to help resolve any issues! This goes for theft, bad behavior, etc, occurring within the group. Mods are not responsible for settling personal conflicts.
  • Do not disrespect the mods! Posting guilt-tripping comments regarding activities or banking, or lashing out when reprimanded is prohibited. The mods are simply doing their job to keep the group a safe and positive place. Don't forget that they're people too!


  • Please don't post NSFW art to the group! This community is meant to be a safe place for everyone. Mild violence, candy gore, etc, is permitted, but drawing sexually explicit art is absolutely prohibited. This group is considered PG-13!
  • You are free to makes YCHs and F2U bases as well as taking commisions, but please do not make P2U bases!
  • Please be courteous and ask for permission before drawing someone's Midveiler! You can also check the masterlist to see if they welcome gift art or not. This can be changed at any time on your Midveiler's masterlist entry.
  • You can take midveil-related commissions for crumbs! We do not permit crumbs to be exchanged for non-midveil art or adoptables, and will not be responsible in the case that the exchange goes wrong.

Regarding Trading

  • Crumbs, items, and pets can be exchanged for Midveil goods only! This means you cannot trade them in exchange for characters, adopts, ARPG items from other groups, etc! This rule is here to keep you safe when conducting transfers!
  • Pre-made Midveil characters may traded and gifted freely. Midveilers can also be resold if they have a listed USD value on the masterlist, or have been officially appraised. MYO slots cannot be resold for crumbs or USD.
  • You cannot sell in-game items or crumbs for USD or other currencies (DA points, etc).

Breaking the Rules

  • For small offenses you will be given a warning, and instruction to re-read the rules and Terms of Service.
  • Depending on the severity of the offense you may be given a strike, or a temporary ban if it involves cheating or scamming.
  • The strike system may not apply if the action is severe enough. Sending death threats, harassing, etc, will result in an immediate ban.
  • Claiming ignorance to the Terms of Service is not means for defense. You will still be held accountable to the rules of the group.
    • If receiving a temp ban, your active characters will be temporarily voided. Your website access will be removed, and you will not be permitted to participate in any activities. If the two week ban passes without further incident, you will be welcomed back within the group. However, if the rules are broken again during this time or after your ban has been lifted, you will be subject to a permanent banning.
    • If receiving a permanent ban, all active characters will be permanently voided from use in the group. Website access will be removed, as well as a block applied to your account on the group page and masterlist.
  • Bans are issued by administrators. You will be provided with a description of the incidents leading up to the event. If you believe you are being banned unfairly, you are free to dispute your case. However, this is not a guarantee that the ban will be revoked.
  • Please respect the mods and administrators! They're simply doing their jobs in upholding the rules.

The staff are here to help!

If you are at all confused by anything listed above, or have concerns regarding any of your fellow members, feel free to refer to the Mod Directory to see who is best fit to deal with your particular issue!

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