Getting Started

Welcome to Strudel Cafe! We are a hybrid pet site dedicated to helping artists grow and refine their skills using a series of art and writing based prompts to progress through the game. By completing these prompts, you can explore the expanses of Midveil, a fictional world full of whimsy and fairytale creatures! There is no shortage of things to do in Midveil; from designing characters, mini-games, collectables, to seasonal events… and that’s just getting started!

Starter Treat

Making Your First Character

Midveilers are the inhabitants of Strudel Cafe, and the “playable characters” in our game! You can start your game out by creating a free arborling (after completing the user tutorial), and purchase additional slots using USD or our in-game currency. MYO slots are periodically sold through our Forums (for USD), and restock in the Nursery (for in-game currency). Official adopts are posted periodically through-out the month in our Adopt Market and Official Adopts forum. You can learn more about each Midveil species in our species guide.

Soul Treat

ARPG Memories

Once you've created your first Midveiler, the fun begins! Strudel Cafe is dedicated to helping players hone their art skills through a series of art prompts known as “Memories.” These memories unlock minigames, collectible items known as Treats, etc. Each memory unlocks something different, so check out our Memory Hub to decide which you’d like to do first! We recommend completing Origins with at least one of your Midveilers to start off with. After you choose the memory you’d like to complete, follow the guidelines and submit your memory at the bottom of the page. It will be sent to our lovely staff members who will approve it within 2-3 days if it meets all the requirements. You can learn more in our ARPG Guide.

NOTE: Our ARPG system is currently being reworked. Some ARPG memories have been replaced with automatic or progression-based unlocks.

Treasure Treat

Crumbs & Shops

Crumbs are our in-game currency! You can earn these by participating in monthly activities and flash prompts, playing games, and selling items/pets in your own user shop. You can spend your hard earned crumbs in the various site shops located under the “Explore” tab. These shops sell cosmetic items for redesigning your midveiler, pets, collectibles, and more! If you are unsure what an item does, you can click on the name of an item to be taken to its catalogue page.

Orchard Treat

Green Acres

One of the various games you can unlock using memories is Green Acres: a quaint little series of farming games that your Midveiler can use to grow crops, collect animal byproducts, etc. All new users will have access to the farm when you sign up! The rest of the expansions can be unlocked through the ARPG. Read through the Green Acres guide for all the details!

King Treat

Mini Games

We also have a host of mini games that you can play to earn items, pets, and crumbs! Behr's Cottage is a collection of pet and mount-based games where you can help your pets grow or obtain a new friend. We also have foraging areas such as the Fishing Hole, Diving Pool, Fairy Circle, and Cloudscape where you can forage for items once or twice a day. Not sure where to use your new items? We have the Crafting Workshop and Quest Hub to put those items to good use!

Magic Treat

Magic School

Magic School is an ARPG expansion where Midveilers can learn magic, earn mana, and upgrade their powers. This is still heavily under development but you can read more about it in our Magic School guide.

Discord Cookie


We also have a Discord server! You can join the server to interact with fellow members, participate in Discord games, and catch up with the latest announcements. Check out the Discord page to join.