StrudelCafe: Getting Started

New to StrudelCafe? Not sure where to start? This guide is for you!

Understanding the Rules

It's important that you read through and understand the Midveil Terms of Service, and General Rules. This covers everything from owning and using your Midveilers, to conduct on-site and within the group, to trading and selling! In most cases, users will get a warning for a first offense, but failure to abide by the rules afterwards will result in more severe punishment. (some infractions are more serious than others and may be escalated to a strike or temporary ban)

If you are unsure of something, please reach out to a mod using the Mod Directory, or by using our Question and Answers page! We encourage you to search for your question before asking it, as it may have already been answered!

You can find more ways to get help on our Help page!

What is a Midveiler? How do I get one?

A Midveiler is the umbrella term for all species within the StrudelCafe! This includes, Strudels, Arborlings, Thimblets, Jollybeans, and Glubglubs and all subspecies. You can learn all about each Midveil species in our Species Guide.

Strudels, Thimblets, and Glubglubs are all closed species, which means you cannot make your own without a MYO slot. Arborlings are semi-open and all members can complete a tutorial to be eligible for a free MYO! (more info below)

You can obtain a Midveiler through:

  • User Tutorial
    With the release of our User Tutorial, every new member can receive a Free Arborling MYO for completing it!
  • Official Adopts
    Designs can be purchased from Loppy or authorized guest designers. Adopts are posted throughout the month so there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on one!
  • MYO Slots
    You can also purchase MYO slots with USD, or with our group currency, crumbs! MYO slots can be designed by you, or another artist. MYOs can be purchased with crumbs from Mama's Nursery! USD MYO sales may be announced in the monthly newsletter, and posted at random schedules on DeviantART to give everyone a fair shot at slots. Please do not ask Loppy about MYO sales, as all information will be posted in the MYO sales journal.
  • Events
    If you can’t afford to buy a design, no worries! We host monthly events, DTAs/DTEs, and raffles that reward free designs from time to time!
  • Trading
    Feel free to browse through our Trading Post to see what Midveilers are currently up for trade or resale.

User Tutorial and Free Arborling MYO

The user tutorial is a great way for new members to familiarize themselves with how the group works! You will be required to read through each section, and check the corresponding box to acknowledge that you have completed that part of the tutorial. This is a great way to get started within our group!

When you complete the tutorial you will receive a shiny new treat, 1000 crumbs, and a free Common Arborling MYO!

If you created your account before the Tutorial was introduced, you can still complete the tutorial to receive your free Arborling MYO as long as you have not created a Free MYO Arborling in the past. Even if you only used one of your previous free slots, you are no longer eligible for the Free Arborling MYO.

Submitting your Free Arborling

Once you have completed the tutorial and received your Free Arborling MYO, you will be redirected to the submission page. Don't worry about not having a design ready, you'll be able to return to the tutorial page at anytime to submit your design. You cannot design an Arborling before you receive the MYO.

Can I commission someone to design my free arborling slot? Due to the nature of them being free, we ask that you do not commission or take commissions for free Arborling MYOs. You can however, have someone design your slot for free. If you have purchased a slot either through an official sale, or a nursery sale, you may commission others to design your slot.

Can I trade my free arborling slot? No, this is not a physical item but an opportunity for each member to create their own arborling to get started within the group. Once you have used your slot, the only way to obtain Arborlings is to purchase an additional MYO slot, buy an official adopt, or to trade for one.

Can I upgrade my free arborling slot? Yes, you can purchase upgrades with our in-game currency (crumbs) from the Potion Sellers shop. A Special Sapling will upgrade the slot to silver, and Special Shrooms will upgrade the slot to gold.

Now that you have your MYO, you're ready to start designing! We have a handy guide here:

Remember: You cannot upload your design anywhere publicly until it has been approved and uploaded to the masterlist. You are, however, welcome to use our discord channel #arborling-creation if you would like feedback on your design!

How do I participate in the group?

Join the Site

The first step is to create an account on our site to access everything StrudelCafe has to offer! To sign up, simply visit the registration page and fill out the form. (We suggest you sign up with a real email address in case you need to reset your password in the future)

Play Games

You can also earn crumbs by playing games on the site! All new users will have the Green Acres farm unlocked automatically, so you can start buying seeds at the Market and growing some crops! To read up on how to use the farm and unlock more expansions, read the Green Acres Guide!

Some of our games require an ARPG memory to be completed before you can play them. You can read more about all our games in our Games Guide!

Monthly Activities and Prompts

You are welcome to start participating in the group even if you do not have a Midveil character yet! We have monthly activities and prompts that can be completed using an NPC. This is another way to earn crumbs, as well as stamps and other cool prizes!

Collect Treats

Treats are rewarded for completing activities or participating in events within the group. Most treats can be earned multiple times. These treats can be displayed on your site profile as your Featured Collection!

Interact with the Community

You can also join our Discord server to interact with other members of the community and participate in our weekly Saturday games!

What are Crumbs? How do I earn them?

Crumbs are our group’s currency! They come in two denominations; crumbs, and sugar cookies. One (1) Sugar Cookie is equal to 5,000 Crumbs.

Crumbs can be earned by:

  • Participating in monthly activities and prompts
    Monthly Activities
    Monthly Prompt
    Flash Prompts
    Midveiler of the Month
  • Playing games on-site
    Start farming in Green Acres! As a new user you will have the farm unlocked to get you started. (Guide)
    Mini-games, questing, and crafting (Games Guide)
  • Interacting in our discord server
    When you join our Discord server, you earn points by chatting on the server! Our server bot, Mee6, automatically keeps track and messages you whenever you level up. You can earn crumbs for certain level milestones. You can find more info in the #level-up-report channel.
  • Selling midveil-related commissions
    You are free to open “crumb commissions” as long as you are only drawing Midveil-related content for other users.

Rules Regarding Crumbs

Since crumbs are a fictional currency, they can only be used for StrudelCafe-related purchases. Please refer to the list below if you are unsure of what is allowed:

What You Can Trade For Crumbs:
✔ Midveil-related commissions
✔ In-game pets and items
✔ Midveilers (as of 7/25/20)

What You Can't Trade For Crumbs:
✘ Money or other currency (DA points, other ARPG currencies, etc)
✘ MYO Slots from other users
✘ Non-Midveil Characters / Adopts / etc
✘ Non-Midveil goods (this includes items from other ARPGs, and non-Midveil art)

What in-game items can I get?

You can find an in-depth list of our items and pets in the Catalogue!

Site Items

Site items are recognizable for their sticker-like appearance. These items are rewards from on-site games (like the fishing hole and green acres) and can be used in quests, or resold at the Farmer’s Market for crumbs! If you complete the Cooking Bench ARPG Memory, you can access the General Store which also sells site items!

Redesign & Mutation Items

Items that alter your Midveiler’s appearance can be purchased from shops like The Enchanted Bakery, Bisque's Bistro and Potion Sellers.These items range in crumb price and can change anything from colours, markings, to upgrading your Midveiler’s traits! Mutation items are similar to the redesign items but instead they add a mutation to your Midveiler. Mutations include things like shaped pupils, melty body, and devil wings! Please be sure to check each item's description (by hovering over them) to make sure you are getting the right item for your needs.

To use one of these items on your Midveiler, you need to draw an updated masterlist image with the new traits applied and fill out a redesign form on the corresponding MYO approval center.

Chance Items

There are currently two game-of-chance items available; Holey Apple, and Mint Awfulcone. When purchased, you are taken to a screen where you input the masterlist URL of the Strudel you want to roll on, and take a chance! The Holy Apple has more positive outcomes, whereas the Awfulcone has various mutations, but has the chance to change your Strudel into a Trickster! Luckily, if you are unhappy with the outcome of either item, you can do an immediate reversal, or purchase an item later to remove the trait (this excludes the Trickster transformation). There are also exclusive pets and stamps that can be earned from using one of these items. Chance items are available for purchase at The Enchanted Bakery!

Interested in seeing what you can get? Check out the Holey Apple Guide, or the Awfulcone Guide!


If you’re looking for a companion for your Midveiler, you may choose to purchase them a pet! Some pets may be more rare than others, and there are even pets that can be purchased or won during special events. Midveilers can own more than one pet, and there is an achievement for Midveilers who own 5 pets at once! Pets can be purchased at Pippa's Pets!

Some pets you come across may be “soulbound”, which is recorded on their masterlist entry. These may include special pets dropped from the Awfulcone, or pets/mounts acquired through adopts. Others include “guardian pets” that are achieved through ARPG quests. These pets act as life-time companions and some will even evolve with your Midveiler through upcoming ARPG questlines. ARPG soulbound pets are removed once the Midveiler is traded. Pets can be managed through your Menagerie!

Some pets are harvestable and can be used in the Green Acres game on our website. These are usually referred to as Barn/Coop animals. Pets like the Mini Moo produce milk, and Clucklings produce eggs! You can purchase these at any time, however you must unlock the Green Acres game through the ARPG to be able to use them!


Mounts are large creatures that Midveilers use to travel across Midveil! Some examples include the Goomdragon, Overgrown Beanies, Frooties, and the Catterfly. Certain mounts need to be raised from their baby forms (goomdrops and beanies), while others can be obtained from on-site activities or hidden quests. You can check out our ARPG Memory Hub for some mount quests. Mounts are managed through your Stables!

How do I edit my Midveiler's design?

If you are interested in redesigning your Midveiler, there are a range of items that you can purchase with crumbs to use for redesign purposes!

Some items are species-specific, and some are open to all Midveilers. For more information you can check the Cosmetics Catalogue for more information on each redesign/mutation item.

Where can I get redesign items?

For Strudels and Thimblets, redesign items can be purchased from The Enchanted Bakery.

Mutation items and Glubglub redesign items can be purchased from Bisque's Bistro.

Arborling redesign items and sprout upgrades can be purchased from Potion Sellers.

More species options will become available in the future!

What counts as a redesign?

Generally editing markings, traits, or adding mutations count as a redesign. There are some minor changes you can make without needing an item, and any changes that deviate too much from the original will usually be denied. Please refer to our Redesign Guide for a better explanation!

What if I want to update the masterlist art without a redesign?

You will need to acquire a Fizzy Pop Punch and add it to your submission when submitting new masterlist art. Fizzy Pop Punch can be purchased at the Enchanted Bakery, or crafted in the Workshop at a high enough level.

How do I submit my redesign or masterlist art?

At the bottom of your Midveiler's masterlist entry, you will have an option for "Submit Redesign". Click this to be taken to the submission page. From here, you'll be able to submit and image of your design, select the necessary items, and fill out the necessary information. You can find more information in Using The Site under "Masterlist, Trades and MYOs".

What are the rules for trading and selling?

Items, pets, and crumbs can be traded for midveil items, midveilers, or midveil-related art only. User-conducted transfers are done at the risk of the user.

Trading Items and Crumbs

You can use the Flea Market to trade pets and items on our website! If an item is tradeable it will be available when creating a trade lot. You can also browse the trade lots to find what you're looking for! Both items and crumbs can be offered on trade lots.

If you would like to transfer crumbs directly to a user for gifting / trading / art commissions, you can use the "Transfer" function under the Account tab.

Trading and Reselling Midveil Characters

If you would like to trade your Midveiler, you can go to the Trading Post to fill out a form to advertise your midveiler. You are free to also use the #trading-post channel in our Discord to advertise trades. You are welcome to trade your Midveil characters for other OCs, art, or even in-game items and pets!

If you purchased your Midveiler for USD, you can resell them for the price you purchased them, or lower. If you would like to add-on the price of commissions (USD), you must get your Midveiler appraised before you can resell them. You can find more information on the Trading Post.

You must always provide proof of appraisal or purchase when reselling a character and updating the masterlist.

How do I find the latest news about StrudelCafe?

Our News page will post a monthly newsletter that announces winners of our monthly activities as well as any major changes we make that month. Smaller changes and announcements through the month are added to our Changelog.

Adopts and other events may be posted to our DeviantART group. If you have a DA account, feel free to join us there!

If you are a part of the Discord, all info is posted in the #announcements channel.

Okay I got the basics! What's next?

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