Ghost Thimblet Guide

This guide is to help in the creation of a Ghost/Were Thimblet MYO or Rebase from the Stick n' Poke.

General Guidelines

Ghost Thimblet Rebase

The following guidelines apply when you are redesigning your thimblet into a ghost or were thimblet after rolling Stick N' Poke.

  • The thimblet must maintain the same traits (horns, tail, and ears) as before the transformation.
  • The thimblet must now have clawed hands (front paws) for both ghosts or were variants
  • The thimblet is allowed one Stick and Poke mutation upon redesign. They are listed below.
  • You are allowed to add other mutations using in game items when redesigning if you choose.
  • Overall colors, markings, and design must remain the same when changing from thimblet to ghost/were. To change these you will need appropriate redesign items.

Ghost/Were Thimblet MYO

The following guidelines apply when using a Ghost/Were Thimblet MYO to create a brand new Ghost/Were Thimblet.

  • The ghost/were thimblet may use any trait off the thimblet traits sheet. This includes scraps!.
  • The ghost/were thimblet is allowed one Stick and Poke mutation. They are listed below.
  • The ghost/were thimblet must have clawed hands (front paws).
  • You are allowed to add other mutations using in game items when designing if you choose.
  • You can find anatomy examples for both the Ghost and Were Thimblet forms below.

Anatomy Guidelines

Ghost Thimblet

  • Ghost Thimblets can have traits from any rarity, but their defining trait is their large, clawed hands.
  • A good example is our NPC, Binx!

Were Thimblet

  • Were Thimblets are slightly larger than Ghost Thimblets and are very canine-like in their appearance.
  • They generally have a large, hunched torso with large clawed front paws, with softer back legs.
  • Were Thimblets are quadrupedal (walk on all-fours) but can stand up on their hind legs.
  • A good example is our NPC, Makeshift!

Stick N' Poke Traits

Cyclops Mutation

Replaces your Thimblet's eyes with one big eye.

Handsy Mutation

Gives your Thimblet a second pair of arms.

Lightheaded Mutation

Your Thimblet's head is now separate from their body!

Longbody Mutation

Gives your Thimblet an extra long torso or tail.

Parasitism Mutation

Your Thimblet now has something haunting their body, or living on it. An existing pet, or Pet MYO can be used.

Peepers Mutation

Gives your Thimblet extra eyes (minimum of three). Can be added anywhere on the body.

Pincushion Mutation

Your Thimblet now has sewing pins stuck in their body.

Polycephaly Mutation

Your Thimblet gain an extra head (or two!)

Stuffies Mutation

Extra stuffing is bursting from your Thimblet's seams and eyes.

Zipper Mouth Mutation

Your Thimblet's mouth is now a zipper, oops!