Species Guide: Jollybeans

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Jollybeans are a closed species belonging to Midveil!
You cannot make your own without a MYO slot.

Jollybean Anatomy

What humans often refer to as "imaginary friends" are actually, in fact, the Midveil residents known as "jollybeans." These rodent-like faeries feed off the imagination of children, and in turn, will provide them companionship, comfort, and sometimes protection from nightmares and anxieties. Jollybeans are shapeshifters by nature, and will often take a different form to present themselves in front of their new human companion. They usually assume this form from observing drawings made by their children, or bits and pieces found around their rooms. This form can be anything from a cute, cuddly companion, to a giant dragon for protection. Jollies can only maintain their forms as long as their child believes in them. When their child "outgrows" them, they retire to Midveil, assuming their original forms.

Long ago, Jollybeans used to be able to freely shapeshift at will, but due to the magic shortage after the closing of Faerth's gate, they are no longer able to practice their abilities. Jollybeans will cling onto their children for as long as they possibly can. There is no purer magic than a child's ability to believe in the impossible. However, as children grow and succumb to modern beliefs, this magic fizzles up and dries out. Jollybeans will occasionally visit their children in their dreams, even years after their child has ceased to believe in them.


  • A group of jollybeans is known as a "shimmer".
  • Jollies have hollow bones, which in combination with their ever fluttering wings, allows them to easily walk atop the clouds.
  • Jollybeans live in the clouds just above Cafe Central, in the city known as Dreamhaven. There are multiple jollybean cities across Midveil, but Dreamhaven is the most prevalent. Jollies will occasionally descend to the earth below, but due to convenience they favor life in the clouds. Jollies who reside on land will need to return to Dreamhaven monthly.
  • Jollies will occasionally visit their children through their dreams to check up on them.
  • Long ago, jollybeans were able to retain their Earthen forms in Midveil in short spurts. They are no longer able to retain this form, though with the introduction of magic school ... maybe there's hope?

Temple of Reverie

  • The kingdom of jollybeans is ruled over by the high priestess jolly known as Hiraeth. She resides within the Temple of Reverie.
  • Jollybeans feed on dreams, and only need to "eat" once a month. To do this, they will visit the Temple of Reverie.
  • It is possible for a companion to become a guardian through Hiraeth's blessings. To do so, a jollybean must dissipate a nightmare in the Temple of Reverie. The more blessings a jolly has, the more respected they are in society.
  • The Temple of Reverie leads to the dreamscape, which hosts all human dreams and nightmares. Weaker jollybeans must avoid nightmares at all costs. Guardians will visit these dreams in an attempt to vanquish the beasts lurking there.

Jollybean Bauble

A jollybean's bauble is essentially its heart. The bauble is the source of its life and magic. During their time on Earth, their bauble fills with warm memories and experiences. Due to the fact that its heart is exposed, a jollybean must protect it from harm at all costs. When descending from the clouds, a jollybean will often cover its bauble to protect itself.

If a jollybean's bauble becomes cracked, it becomes corrupted. These poor souls are banished to the dreamscape. Corrupted Jollies become the nightmares they once fought so hard to protect their children from.

Earthen Form

Jollybean Earthen Form

A jollybean is born from a child's imagination. Born entirely blank, they will take the form most pleasing to their child. The earthen form can be anything a child could imagine! From a cat, to a fantastical dragon, to even a fellow human companion.

Midveil Form

Jollybean Midveil Form

After returning to Midveil, the jollybean will retain the colours, markings, etc, of its earthen form. Jollybeans are nostalgic by nature, and will often keep "mementos" of their children in their baubles.

While not required, it is encouraged to draw your jolly's Earthen form as well!

Jollybean Types

Companion Jollybean


The most common classification of jollybeans. Companion jollies provide their children with comfort, friendship, and affection. These jollies are quite small and dainty, though they are chock full of energy!

Companion jollybeans are usually born from a child's loneliness, and serve mainly as playmates. Due to this, they usually spend the shortest amount of time on Earth, as once their child grows and begins making new friends, they are no longer needed and will fade.

Companion jollies will often take on the Earthen forms of beloved plushes, small animals, or generally soft and huggable critters fresh from a child's imagination.

As a symbol of their social status, these jollies will wear an accessory at the base of their tails, or woven into the tail's fur. They cannot have a neck accessory, as that is a Guardian status symbol.


Guardian jollies are highly respected, and are born when a child is in need of some sort of protection. This may be from loss, hardship, or protection from nightmares.

Guardian jollies are quite large compared to others, both in their Earthen and Midveil forms. They often appear as either fierce beasts, or as angelic guardians. They will assist their children until that hardship is overcome.

Retiring to Midveil means their purpose has been served. To set them apart from companions, they will wear an accessory around their neck, such as a scarf, hood, or even a thick mane. Some Guardians have both a neck and tail accessory.

Guardians will receive a blessing from Hiraeth upon retiring to honor their time spent on Earth.

Guardian Jollybean
Nightmare Jollybean


A third classification of jollybeans lurks in Midveil that does not have good intentions. The monsters lurking within the dreamscape were once jollybeans themselves, but they are no longer welcome in Dreamhaven and have been forced to live in the shadows.

More information will be released in a future update.

Making Your Own Jollybean

Trait Rarities

Companion traits are written in blue. Companion jollybeans can use any traits in this rarity. Companions do not get blessings.

Guardian traits are written in orange. Guardian jollybeans can use any traits in this rarity and lower. You can also choose of one of the blessings listed below. Additional blessings will be available at a later date.

Nightmare traits are written in purple. Nightmare jollybeans can use any traits in this rarity and lower. Their bauble must be cracked; you can have the bauble contents leaking out as well. More information will be released in a future update.

Bauble Themes

You can choose a variety of themes for your jollybean! This theme cannot be changed after approval and future redesigns must stay true to the theme. Themes should be appropriate for a PG-13 website; no violent, offensive, or sexual themes. Some topics or imagery may not be appropriate in the context of jollybean lore. Body-based baubles should avoid using pills/medication as stand-alone representations of chronic illnesses/medical memories. You can always reach out to a community volunteer for help with bauble themes!

Companion and guardian jollybeans are a manifestation of human comfort/happiness so their design should reflect a theme, object, or memory that evokes those feelings for their chosen person.

Nightmare jollybeans have been corrupted and their themes reflect human fears and anxieties. These can be concrete or abstract, but the design should follow our PG-13 guidelines.

Jollybean Traits

Jollybean Traits Jollybean Traits