M4287: Choco Mint Angel Delight


A hardworking strudel that runs her own chocolaterie. She isn't the best in the kitchen, but everything she creates is baked with love!


Owner: frootzcat

Obtained: Nursery Purchase, 55000 crumbs

Designer: frootzcat

Artist: frootzcat

Currently Tradeable!

For Trade?: Not Currently Listed

Gift Art?: Feel free to draw this Midveiler!

Available Mana: 5

Magic Status:

Taming (Level 0)


Species: Strudel

Theme: Choco Mint Angel Delight, Common

Variant: Household

Ears: Spaniel, common rarity

Horns: Feelers, pedigree rarity

Tail: Special, special rarity

Mutation: Glass Body, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Cupid Wings, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Angora, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Snowpuff Tail, exclusive rarity

Alternate Form



Trade History

No trade history

Catalogued Design

No catalogued design