M3671: Spider Cupcake


Puppy is a wanna-be gamer girl, complete with the neko headset and pink set up. She's not very good at any of the games she plays, but plays supports because "they're cuter". She probably mains Kokomi.


Owner: Vars

Obtained: Nursery Purchase, 55000 crumbs

Designer: Vars

Artist: Vars

Currently Tradeable!

For Trade?: Not Currently Listed

Gift Art?: Feel free to draw this Midveiler!

Magic Status: None


Species: Strudel

Theme: Spider Cupcake, Common

Variant: Household

Ears: Spaniel, common rarity

Horns: Nub, common rarity

Tail: Creampuff, common rarity

Mutation: Gel Pads, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Peepers, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Glyphic or Blackout Eyes, exclusive rarity

Alternate Form



No stabled mounts

Trade History

No trade history

Catalogued Design

No catalogued design