M0415: Gentleman's Outfit

Anton Ashbury

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Born from scraps of clothing from a rather gentlemanly fae, Anton is a lover of trees and strawberries. He enjoys wandering and exploring, and finds himself often in the company of Monty and Percy, though he prefers to observe his friends' antics more than involve himself in them. He has a large collection of strawberry spiders, and is uncertain where they've all come from. They currently number 152, plus his mount, Amelie. He travels around Midveil, shepherding his spiders from place to place to make sure they don't cause too much damage.


Owner: duskinator

Obtained: Trade

Designer: duskinator

Artist: michatah

Currently Tradeable!

For Trade?: Not Currently Listed

Gift Art?: Feel free to draw this Midveiler!

Magic Status: None


Theme: Gentleman's Outfit, Kigurumi

Variant: Kigurumi

Ears: Rabbit

Horns: Naked

Tail: Bobbed

Tufts: Forward-Swept

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Trade History

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satuwn duskinator Trade 2020-02-04 06:34:29

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Credit: rowan

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