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About: The creator of Midveil and all its associated species. Asset designer, event coordinator, development director, the creative brains behind Strudel Cafe! (THEY/THEM)
Message Me For: Questions about lore and worldbuilding! Please message me via Discord.



About: Asset designer for the Strudel Cafe in addition to helping with the strudel masterlist, pet/mount myos, and banking. My discord is allibunn#9409. (SHE/HER)
Message Me For: Banking Questions (this includes issues with myos), Strudel Masterlist Errors, Inventory Issues, odds and ends, pet designs/mount designs, etc.


About: Webmaster and developer for the Strudel Cafe site. In charge of development of the banking system, games/activities, etc. (SHE/HER)
Message Me For: Website Bugs, Troubleshooting


About: Asset designer for the Strudel Cafe in addition to working on the redesign approvals, Random Contest, etc. (SHE/HER)
Message Me For: Random Contest, Strudel Masterlist, Trickster Designs/Redesigns, Strudel Redesigns, Strudel Design Approvals, etc. *Please message on site and not through Discord!*


About: Web designer for Strudel Cafe in addition to anything regarding Arborlings. (SHE/THEY)
Message Me For: Sprout Rarities, Arborling Approvals and Redesigns, Arborling Masterlist, etc.



About: In charge of all things Thimblet with the exception of memory approvals. I'm also in charge of USD appraisals! (SHE/HER)
Message Me For: Thimblet design/redesign questions etc. Appraisal questions (please submit the appraisal form through this website only, I will not respond if it's sent to me anywhere else, thank you)!


About: ARPG Director in charge of Strudel, Arborling, Thimblet memories as well as King's Cure Lottery! I'm Mod Zero in the discord if you need to DM me for anything! (HE/THEY/IT)
Message Me For: ARPG Memories that fall under: Strudels, Thimblets, Arborlings, Jollybeans. Kings Cure, Part Timing, and our Event ARPG submissions!


About: Discord mod in charge of public relations and the QnA channel. I also handle Jollybean approvals and questions! (HE/HIM)
Message Me For: General questions, Jollybean questions, and issues regarding uncomfortable topics in the chat.


About: In charge of customer service! (SHE/HER)
Message Me For: Issues between users!


About: In charge of Glubglub ARPGs, approvals, and masterlist. (SHE/THEY/IT)
Message Me For: Glubglub design/redesign assistance, glub Masterlist corrections, and glub passport/weekly dive arpg questions!


About: Activity director ! My activities include Lottie's Luck, The Crabby Chef, The Great Pet Rescue, Behr's Beauty Contest, Kindness Counts, and Sugar's Homeroom! (THEY/THEM)
Message Me For: Questions concerning entries for LL, TCC, BBC, KC and HRwS ! (And their associated art bonus entries.) IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PET HINTS THEY CAN NOW BE FOUND UNDER THE PETS ON THE ACTIVITY PAGE.


About: In charge of uploading approved strudels to the masterlist. (THEY/THEM)
Message Me For: Strudel Masterlist Errors including Traits, Transfers, etc, and Flash Prompts.


About: Working in website art and lore development. (ANY PRONOUNS)

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