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About: The creator of Midveil and all its associated species. Often juggling custom designs between asset art, writing lore, etc.
Message Me For: Questions about lore and worldbuilding!



About: Asset designer for the Strudel Cafe in addition to helping with the strudel masterlist, pet/mount myos, and banking. My discord is allibunn#9409
Message Me For: Banking Questions (this includes issues with myos), Strudel Masterlist, Strudel Redesign Questions/Appraisals, Inventory Issues, Issues between members, odds and ends, pet designs/mount designs, etc.


About: Webmaster and developer for the Strudel Cafe site. In charge of development of the banking system, games/activities, etc.
Message Me For: Website Bugs, Troubleshooting


About: Asset designer for the Strudel Cafe in addition to working on the redesign approvals, Random Contest, etc.
Message Me For: Random Contest, Strudel Masterlist, Trickster Designs/Redesigns, Strudel Redesigns/Appraisals, Strudel Design Approvals, etc.


About: Web designer for Strudel Cafe in addition to anything regarding Arborlings.
Message Me For: Sprout Rarities, Arborling Approvals and Redesigns, Arborling Masterlist, etc.



About: In charge of the discord Game Nights, Appraisals and Thimblet approvals/redesigns.
Message Me For: Game Night, Appraisals (prefer form sent to me via the site), Thimblet Scrap Rarities, Thimblet Approvals and Redesigns, etc.


About: ARPG Director in charge of Strudel, Arborling, and Thimblet memories as well as King's Cure Lottery! I'm the mod named Zero in the discord if you need to DM me for anything!
Message Me For: ARPG Memories that fall under: Strudels, Thimblets, Arborlings, Jollybeans. Kings Cure, Part Timing, and our Event ARPG submissions!


About: Discord mod in charge of public relations and the QnA channel. I also handle Jollybean approvals and questions!
Message Me For: General questions, Jollybean questions, and issues regarding uncomfortable topics in the chat.


About: In charge of MOTM, flash prompts, and monthly prompts!
Message Me For: Flash prompt, monthly prompt, and MOTM questions!


About: In charge of Glubglub-centric ARPGs, Design approvals, and the Glubglub Masterlist.
Message Me For: Glubglub design/redesign assistance, glub Masterlist corrections, and glub passport/weekly dive arpg questions!


About: Activity director ! My activities include Lottie's Luck, The Crabby Chef, The Great Pet Rescue, Behr's Beauty Contest, Kindness Counts, and Sugar's Homeroom!
Message Me For: Questions concerning entries for LL, TCC, BBC, KC and HRwS ! (And their associated art bonus entries.) IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PET HINTS THEY CAN NOW BE FOUND UNDER THE PETS ON THE ACTIVITY PAGE.


About: In charge of uploading approved strudels to the masterlist. Helps with approvals.
Message Me For: Strudel Masterlist Errors including Traits, Transfers, etc.


About: Working in website art and lore development.

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