Midveiler of the Month

Every month, two users will be chosen at random to showcase one of their Midveilers. It's our way of saying "thank you" for participating in the group and building up our community! You can enter for a chance to win Midveiler of the Month by drawing the featured Midveilers below. You will also receive a crumb reward for each piece of art you submit.

The activity page has more information on submitting your gift art!

Featured Midveilers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Midveiler featured?

During each month, you can submit gift art of the featured Midveilers to be entered into the MoTM raffle. At the end of the month, two winners will be drawn at random to be featured as the Midveiler of the Month! You can choose one Midveiler that you own to be featured (any species).

Make sure you have your entries done before the last day of the month at noon (EST) to be considered.

What's the benefit of getting your Midveiler featured?

For the whole month, your Midveiler is displayed on the group page and other users can draw gift art of your Midveiler for crumbs. You also receive a Gold Star Treat for your collection!

Can I still draw gift art if my Midveiler is being featured?

You cannot draw your own Midveiler but you are welcome to draw gift art for the other featured Midveiler!

What kind of art can I submit as gift art?

Each piece must be unique (no bases) and have some effort put into them (shading, depth, or color)! You are welcome to use traditional or digital mediums. If submitting pixel art, make sure it is large enough to show detail (minimum 100x100 pixels). Please do not obscure the artwork with a watermark that make the image hard to see.

How do I receive crumbs for MoTM gift art?

All gift art must be submitted through the website to count for crumbs. Submit your entry by visiting the Masterlist Entry of the featured Midveiler and clicking the Gift Box icon next to their Gift Art status to submit.

When do MoTM crumbs get added to my account?

Since the submissions are now done through the website they will be added automatically after a mod has approved them. If you have not received your crumbs after 5 days, please let the mod in charge know!