Mutation Gallery

Why are some mutations not listed in the gallery?

Some mutations are exclusive and cannot be obtained in-game currently. Other mutations can only be obtained through the Mint Awfulcone, Holey Apple, and Stick n' Poke.

Do I have to apply a mutation to the whole Midveiler?

Nope! You can have a partial mutation if you prefer, only applying it to certain parts of your Midveiler. (For example, glass horns or melty hair)

Can I combine mutations to achieve a certain look?

Yes, but there may be limitations. You're welcome to message a community volunteer with an example of what you're trying to achieve.

Click here to see possible combinations:

I want to use a pet with my Dullahan/Parasitism mutation!

If you are using a pre-existing pet or a custom MYO pet, you will need to soulbind it to your Midveiler/MYO slot first. If you are using a custom Pet MYO, the pet design must be submitted and approved before submitting your Midveiler's design.

Non-living objects do not need a Pet MYO to be used with Dullahan.

What's the difference between shaped pupils and glyphic eyes?

Shaped pupils only affect the pupil, while glyphic eyes affect the shape of the iris and pupil.

Click here for a visual example:

What counts as a "shimmer pelt"?

A shimmer pelt shimmers in the light and is textured to look like glitter. It's more dense when compared to a regular speckle pattern.

Click here for a visual example:

What are the rules for the twins mutation?

Traits: Both twins must have the same traits and mutations. These can vary slightly in appearance between twins (example). If a twin midveiler is sharing the shaped horn mutation, one can have star horns while the other has moon horns. If a twin midveiler has the melty body mutation, one twin can be melty on their top half while the other twin is melty on the bottom half.

Markings: Both twins should have the same markings but you can add small details that vary between them (example). The same marking can be placed on opposite sides for each twin, or you can add variety in the accents of the design.

Color: Both twins should either use the same palette (example) or have contrasting colors (example) between them. You can also use the same palette but have opposite color placements (example). Colors should be related to the theme of the Midveiler.

Both twins should represent the theme/filling/etc in their appearance. You can use accessories, hair, eye color, etc., to add uniqueness between twins.

Can I stack the twins mutation to create triplets, quadruplets, etc? No, the twins mutation cannot be stacked since it would complicate our approval process.

How do I remove a mutation from my Midveiler?

You can purchase a Spooky Scary Serum to remove one (1) mutation.

How do I change the look of a mutation when redesigning my Midveiler?

You can use a Juicy Melon to alter how the mutation looks on your Midveiler.

Who do I ask about mutations if I'm unsure of something?

You can message a community volunteer using our Mod Directory! You can also search for mutation-related questions in our QnA Hub.