Bonus Pupae!

As an added bonus for those who participated in the Enlightened Event, special Rainbow Pupa have been sent out!

All users who had a Registration Sheet approved will receive one Rainbow Pupa, and all users who completed (and had accepted) at least one prompt will receive an additional Rainbow Pupa!

These special Goodie Bags allow for selection of one Morph Potion, one Pet, and one Mutation Item. Specifics can be seen on the Catalogue entry!

Additionally, for the Goodie Bags being given as part of the Birthday Wishes event, these will be sent out at the conclusion of the event all at once.

Thanks for participating!


EDIT: We've also sent out a bonus Ancient Sprout to all Registrants!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-05-04 17:05:52

MAY: Rollover is Complete!

Happy May, everyone! We've made it through another month. As always, before we dive into this month, make sure to check out last month's winners in the Winner’s Showcase!

The Enlightened Plot is finally coming to a close, but you've still got a few more days to finish! We'll be rewarding all users who've participated with a complimentary pupa! We received some comments from our suggestion box from members who were unhappy with how the RNG worked for this event. We keep past items in our prize pools for members who may not have been around the previous years to earn them. However, we hear your concerns! Unfortunately, it was a little bit too late in this event to change things, but we think we've found a solution. We will be distributing a Rainbow Pupa to every member who submitted at least one prompt in the event! This item will allow you to choose one morph potion, one insect, and one mutation item! We hope this is a happy compromise, and we will keep these suggestions in mind for future events to come! 

Moving on, we're going to take a small breather and enjoy a relaxing MYO event! We're inviting all of our users to make a companion jollybean for our Birthday Wishes event! As we prepare for the Mimix update and our summer event, we figured this would be a nice break for everyone! Everyone who participates in the event will not only receive a free MYO slot, but also a Celebration Goodie Bag with some of our annual birthday items. I'll (Loppy) personally be working on some Celebration pet rebases throughout the month to freshen things up a bit! Continuing on the theme of birthdays, you'll also notice that Crabby Chef and Lottie's Luck have a twist this month! We'll be asking members to recreate site items, but that's not all! Entering these activities will enter you in for a chance to win a custom slot! Two lucky winners will receive their very own custom design, so tie up your apron strings, preheat your oven, and get cooking!

Separate from this month's events, we'll also be rolling out a few smaller changes in the months to come! These will be highlighted in change logs, however, here's a brief glimpse of what we've changed and what we're working on:

  • The Monthly Prompt's crumb reward has been increased to 8k crumbs.
  • From henceforth, the “Featured Activity” will be Member of the Month! This means that entering MoTM will make you eligible to be featured for the next month! We will be renaming it to prevent any confusion that may arise. Reward kindness with kindness!
  • In an effort to maximize efficiency, we'll be phasing out “sticker borders” on items. If you see items that no longer have outlines, this is not a glitch!

And finally… Strudel Cafe is going LLC! To celebrate our third birthday, the development team has finally pushed the filings for LLC. This will open us up to a lot more opportunities, and we are so excited for everything we have in store! We'll be working on our first merch launch soon, and will be sending out surveys to see what our members would like to see from us the most! Jen, Ren, and I have big plans for the future of Strudel Cafe, and we are so excited for all of you to be in on the ride!

Lots of love, and have a happy May!
The Strudel Cafe Staff

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-05-01 13:49:46

APRIL: Rollover is Complete!

Happy April, everyone! We've made it through another month. As always… Before we dive into this month, make sure to check out last month’s winners in the Winner’s Showcase!

The Enlightened Plot event continues as arborlings everywhere flock to the forest! Make sure to check out the event page if you haven't already! There's still plenty of time to join and collect all sorts of goodies. The event ends May 4th at rollover! This month will be a relatively quiet one as we continue to make headway on the rest of the interaction pages as well as a handful of other goodies we've got cooking up! Keep an eye on the news for the new beanie area, as it will likely be hitting the site this month. As a note, I (Loppy) will be undergoing surgery on the 9th. Delays may occur, and I appreciate your cooperation and patience in these times! To make sure there are no bumps or major mishaps along the way, we will not be doing our annual “Birthday Bash” crafting event… but what we have in store will be exciting all the same! In May, we will be hosting a jollybean MYO event with the theme “Birthday Wishes!” If you have friends who have been raring to get into the cafe, now's the time to give them a heads up!

Have a great month, everyone!

The Strudel Cafe Team


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-04-03 22:43:41


Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Sturdel Cafe with updated Web 2.0 gfx banner!!

We've even got ... NEW pet cosmetics!!! Click here to pick up free sample TODAY ONLY on us!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-04-01 00:00:00

New Friends

New: Friendship!
NPC Friendship is something we’ve been looking to add to Strudel Cafe for quite some time. We’ll be rolling out in “stages” but we have big plans for it!

To start, we’re rolling out the Friendship Hub page here. This page will be where you can visit NPCs daily (after you’ve collected their respective charm) to raise your friendship level with them. The first level of interaction will be simple “chat” options that give +1 Friendship and can be repeated once per NPC per day. Not all NPCs are ready for interactions, and their pages will reflect so. NPCs begin as Strangers but become Acquaintances once you have earned at least 1 Friendship for them. At 100 points you become Friends and at 200, Best Friends!

While you won’t obtain any prizes until higher levels of friendship, building friendships takes time and effort! The higher tiers are coming soon, so be working on your progress in the meantime! Want to earn even more friendship? Complete quests for the respective NPC at the quest hub! Quest hub quests (note: not hidden quests!) provide +1 Friendship for the NPC associate with the quest. (Note: We began tracking this at the beginning of the Friendship Event so you may find you already have progress on some NPCs as you begin interacting with them!)

Still need charms for your favourite NPCs? Each NPC has their own personalized one-time quest that is linked at the bottom of their interaction page (until you complete it!) that will provide you with their respective charm.



By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-03-28 19:25:41

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