Further Green Acres Updates

We have made some further adjustments to Green Acres while we work to resolve some performance issues around the site.
Keep in mind these changes are temporary and will eventually revert back once we feel the site is more stable!

The same "Harvest All" functionality of the farm has been expanded to the Barn and Coop. (Orchard and Trellis are slated for the near future, after ensuring no bugs in Barn/Coop.)

We have also rolled out the effects of the "Golden" tools for all areas of GA. Whatever tool you have/had will remain the same, but regardless all plots will be watered/tended as if you had a golden tool for the time being!

Some visual updates have been made to the farm art as well to better distinguish plots from one another.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to work to improve the site!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-07-17 18:38:07

Green Acres & Appraisal Updates

Evening folks! We’ve implemented a few adjustments today as outlined below:

(Temporary) Harvest All Functionality

While we work on upgrades to the site, we’ve temporarily instated “harvest all” functionality for your Farm. When you go to harvest a crop at this time, ALL harvestable crops will be harvested at that time much like the Gold Watering Can for watering all crops at one time. Once we can assess how this is working we will likely roll out the same (temporary) benefit for other areas of Green Acres.

Eventually this functionality will be removed as our long-term plans are to make this a “perk” obtainable through advancement in Magic. But for now, enjoy the speedier process!

Updated Green Acres Art & Bee Boxes

All areas of Green Acres now have adorable updated art by Loppy! Additionally, Bee Boxes in the Orchard now display the specific Beeb currently inside (if there is one). You can click on the Hive to “tend” to your Beeb as normal, or click on the Beeb itself to view its page where you can change its name & edit its description!

Updated Crafting Workshop Art

Much like Green Acres, the Workshop benches have gotten a Loppy glow-up! (The future expansions may not be out yet, but this gives you a preview of what's to come!)


Implementation of In-Masterlist Appraisals

Appraisals are now obtained directly from the Masterlist page of the desired Midveiler under your ownership. You will find a “Request Appraisal” button at the bottom of the page of your (designed) Midveiler’s where you can submit a requested valuation and a link to your “proof” document. Please compile this document in Google Docs,, or similar service and provide a single URL within the box for our mods to review. Make sure to enter the TOTAL valuation including the base price paid for the adoptable or MYO slot if applicable! Once your appraisal is approved, the valuation will show on the Masterlist entry (until traded) for proof of appraisal!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-07-06 18:38:44

July Newsletter

Happy July everyone!

As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners! This summer will continue to be a slow one. We are working behind the scenes on some more technical aspects of the website.

UPDATE: Staff Changes
Among those changes, we have made some adjustments to the staff:

Kidd will continue on with activity approvals.
Zero has taken over masterlist and trade approvals.
Plaid, Care, Zodori, and Angel have opted to remain on staff as community volunteers.

Our new community volunteer role will be happy to help members with any questions they may have and help with MYOs when needed. We have restructured the forums to include a “Help Area” where you can post designs you’re struggling with to receive individualized help!

NEW: Support Helpdesk
Furthermore we have opened a new Support Helpdesk (available under Help > Contact Us) to create support tickets in one of two categories: Human Resources (for user disputes, reports of scamming, etc.) & Bug Reports. Other avenues for Bug Reports (Forum, Discord Channel) will remain open for now as well, this is just a way to privately report exploits or issues you’d prefer not be posted publicly.

UPDATE: Progression Unlocks
The next round of progression unlocks have been added:

Weekly Dive - Requires having fished up at least 1 Seasonal Fishing Treat
Crafting (Cooking Bench) - Requires having made at least 25 purchases at the General Store
Observatory - Requires having performed at least 10 Cloudchasing Actions

As a reminder, to unlock via Progression simply visit the corresponding ARPG page and click the button to unlock (provided that you're eligible!)

We will be working on the pet and mount activities next.

ONGOING: Donation Event
The donation event for Pride will continue through until July 22 at 11:59PM!

All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!
Once we receive confirmation from our MotM winners as to which Midveilers they would like featured those will be up on the home page!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-07-03 20:15:46

Pride Donation Event

This year's Pride Donation Event is live: Check it out here!

Each $10 donation will award a Pride Charity Bag which allows selection of 1 Lovebug, Lovebeeb, Puff, or Pufflet pet!


Because we're getting a late start, this event will run until 7/22 at 11:59PM.


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-06-23 16:59:53

Summer Is Here!

Seasonal rollover complete and it is officially SUMMER in Midveil!

Trees have been cut down for the season and orchards cleared. Summer seeds/saplings/starters are now appropriately purchasable from the Farmer's Market!


Part-Timing has also been updated with new prompts to complete for the season, and each prompt now awards 5,000 crumbs!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-06-20 23:43:50

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