Mid-month Updates!

Update: Binx's Attic

Binx has gone adventuring, so the attic is often unoccupied, but don't worry! There's a small chance Binx will be stopping by when you visit each day with something special for you. And even if she doesn't, you might find something laying around the dusty old attic!

Note: As a reminder, to visit Binx's Attic daily you must have a Binx Doll in your collections!


Update: Party Prep Profit

Additionally, the items from party prep (should you have any leftover or perhaps find something when visiting Binx...) can now be sold for crumbs at the market. Likewise, the crafted foods from the event can now be sold as well. (We also have plans to re-release the recipe books for those who missed out on the event ARPG this year! Method TBA.)

The crafted items can also now be added to your collections, hurrah!


Prize Sent: Event Treat

The Candy Treat w/ Sprinkles has been delivered to all users who earned at least 500 Sweets during the event as well! You will have a notification and find the treat in your collections.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-11-14 00:10:11

November Newsletter

Happy November!

As always, before we dive into what’s in store for this month, make sure to check out this rollover's winners in our Winner’s Showcase!


UPDATE: Monster Mash Apple Bobbing Begins

Have some left over Sweets after swinging by the Snack Stop and Dance Party? Then try your luck at Apple Bobbing! Dive in for a chance at fun pets & other prizes. Apple Bobbing will remain open with the Monster Mash until next rollover.


NEW: Treats for Monthly Prompt and DTE/DTA

The last two treat-less activities have now been updated with a tasty snack you can earn for entering each!

And what pairs better with a Rainbow Paw Treat than a... Mashed Potatoes and Butter Strudel? This month's DTE (Draw to Enter) might not be the best biscuit match but they're well suited for your holiday meals!


ONGOING: Cozy Cafe Advent & Bake Your Own Event!

Looking for designs this month? Look no further! All month long an advent will be running with designs by Loppy, the GAs, and the mods! Keep an eye on the purchase channels in our Discord to catch postings!

New or long-timer user but FTO? Check here to see if you qualify for our annual Bake Your Own event! This event will allow you to "bake" your very on Strudel alongside a dish of its filling!


COMING SOON: Changes to Binx's Attic

Owner of a Binx doll? (Psst, if not, we hear there's a way to get one for a little longer...) If so, look forward to some changes in the near future! With Binx setting off on her adventure things will need to adapt but don't worry, you'll still enjoy your Doll's perk!


All activities have been updated for the month!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-11-07 16:56:24

Monster Mash Begins!

Happy Halloween all! To celebrate today the MONSTER MASH party officially begins!

You can grab a snack, dance the night away, and even write a letter as a send-off to Binx for some extra goodies starting today!
Apple Bobbing (aka excess Sweets discard) opens Nov 7th with rollover!

The Sweets spending will work a bit differently this year. When you drop in for a snack at the Snack Stop (aka mutation items) each subsequent Snack you purchase will cost +25 Sweets. Likewise for the Dance Party (aka pets and potions) each subsequent dance will cost +10 Sweets! (This is outlined on the activities themselves as well.)

While Party Prep Turn-In ends November 6th at 11:59PM, The party will continue until November 13th at 11:59PM EST (Server Time)! This will give everyone time to decide how to spend their Sweets. (EDIT: Extended shop opening until next Rollover! Dec 4th at 11:59 PM.)


Updated to Add: New changes to the Awfulcone and Stick N Poke are now live! Check out the changelog for more info.


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-10-31 10:34:08

Monster Mash Update

Update: Candy Treat ... with SPRINKLES!

If you're interested in obtaining the SPRINKLES version of the Candy Treat (Earned from Binx's annual ARPG) this year, you'll need to earn at least 500 Sweets by the end of the event! (While also having obtained the normal version of the Candy Treat via the ARPG of course!) We have several members who have already met this amount (and a couple even far surpassed!) so for those aiming for something extra you've got plenty of time. If you don't think you'll make it this year don't fret! This treat is just a little something extra for going above & beyond, and there's always next year!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-10-14 16:42:04

October Newsletter

Happy October!

As always, before we dive into what’s in store for this month, make sure to check out this rollover's winners in our Winner’s Showcase!


Event: Monster Mash

We’ve watched Binx grow up from a lonely ghost into a social butterfly, and now it’s time to bid her farewell. Yes, this is our last year with Binx, and we’re not letting her go without a BANG! The Monster Mash is officially OPEN FOR TURN-IN! You can now visit the Party Prep page to turn in supplies gathered from around Midveil for Sweets. Once the party begins later this month, you’ll be able to turn in those Sweets for some spectacularly spooky prizes so be sure to stock up!



Update: Spooky Wildcard Potion

The Pet Potion (Spooky Wildcard) item has been updated to apply to all of the newly halloween-potionable pets! Be sure to check it out in the Pet Cosmetics Gallery (We also heard you might be able to earn one of these if you’re lucky enough to win Behr’s Beauty Contest this month!)


Raffle Winner: Firefly Event

And the winner is .... Chiiroikitsune! Congrats on your new Midveiler, you will find them added to your account soon!


Upcoming: Toybox Event Raffle

Just a reminder that the Toybox Event Raffle will be held sometime after the 10th to allow those with pending corrections to get their submissions in!


All activities have been updated for the month, and don’t forget to check out the seasonal ARPG: Trick or Treat if you haven’t yet this year!


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-10-03 19:09:54

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