August DTA Winner

Drumroll Please

Announcing the winner for the Paint Splatter Macaron Strudel...

Congrats to VanillaPlumeriaStar !


We had many lovely entries and want to thank everyone for participating!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-09-11 16:50:40

September Newsletter

Happy September!
As always, before we dive into what’s in store for this month, make sure to check out this rollover's winners in our Winner’s Showcase!


NEW! Toybox Event

This month we will be hosting a free MYO event for all of our members! From now until midnight on October 2nd, you'll be able to design your own kigurumi thimblet based on a beloved childhood plush! Not only will entering earn you a free thimblet (granted that all the guidelines are met,) but everyone who enters will also receive a Nostalgic Goodie Bag including an event treat, a raffle ticket, and a special item from our event selection! These new items include three special thimblet mutation items, and a selection of new "Toy pets!" Check out our forum post for more info on the event!



NEW! Glowfly Prize Shop

The Firefly Event has come to an end, and with it our special "darkmode" site theme, but to commemorate the event we have both sent out a special new commemorative "Treat" (see below for more info on those!) and opened a special Prize Shop where you can be rewarded for releasing the fireflies you collected! In addition to purchasing prizes, there is a special "turn-in" available for any extra Recipe Books or Menagerie BGs you received and don't want to hold on to for trading. Each item you turn in will give you an entry into a raffle for a special Midveiler designed by Loppyrae! (Design pending) You'll have all month until the next rollover to make purchases & enter the raffle!

Visit the Shop Here


Update: Treats Replace Stamps!

We've completely overhauled Stamps and replaced them with thematic "Treats"! All our stamps have been replaced (including past event stamps,) with the exception of the retired newspaper stamps, which will come at a later date. We apologize to anyone who will miss the stamps, and plan to reuse their art in other ways over the next few years. For now, we hope you enjoy filling up your treat collections! This change will make it easier for us to keep things cohesive and make more rewards! Have an idea for a "Treat" you'd like to see? Toss it in the suggestion box, and we'll see what we can do! New treats are also on the way in coming days! 


Update: Crafting Changes!

We've made some adjustments to crafting! We've adjusted some existing recipes and added a few new ones, as well!

Canned Preserves, one of the biggest recipes in need of adjustment, has been split into 3 seperate recipes per crop type:
- Canned Preserves: Now ONLY requires Farm Crops (+1 Container)
- Fruit Popsicle: Requires ONLY Orchard Crops (+1 Ice)
- Fruit Salad: Requires ONLY Trellis Crops

We've also added 3 new starter recipes: Fruit Jellies, Fruit Sorbet, and Fruit Tart!

Some other small updates include:
- Ice: You may now use Fresh Snow in place of Rainwater
- Sugar: You may now use Rainbow Honey or Candy Wool to craft
- Containers: You may now use Stick Bugs to craft (since you can also use Twigs!)
- Various: You may now use Mushrooms in recipes that call for "Any Vegetable"


New: Bonus Cloudchasing

There is now a hidden quest for a special item that will let you have a bonus free cloudchasing per day. Happy hunting!

New: Show Off Your Beebs!

By popular request, we've made an adjustment to show any "Beeb" pets currently in your Orchard Bee Boxes on your profile (if you choose to show Green Acres pet!) By showing this section on your profile you can even click on the Beeb and name them much like your Barn/Coop pets. While these names don't show up on the Orchard (nor are you able to reach the page from the Orchard) that is something we will consider for future planning if we can find a good way to make it work. For now, you need to show you beebs on your profile in order to view/name them!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-09-05 15:08:58

Small Mid-Month Update

Today we are rolling out a few small changes!


Masterlist Search All Species

You can now search ALL species by searching from the main "Masterlist" page (versus an inner species page which will still search that specific species!). This allows you to search for things such as all Midveilers designed by a specific user. Be aware that this search may return many results and take several seconds to load!


Discard Items

By popular request, we are introducing the ability to Discard items from your inventory. On all items save for Key Items & select protected items (e.g. items for pending Awfulcone/Stick N Poke traits), you will have an option to "Discard (1)" and if you have more than 1 in your inventory, "Discard (All)". Please keep in mind that this will permanently delete the item and you cannot reverse this action! Only use this for things you truly don't want or need. (Hint: Don't forget you can always put spare items in your Cupboard to save them for later!)

NOTE: For those who may be thinking of Discarding prizes from the Firefly Event, we would advise against that as we have something planned within the event shop that will open during rollover on September 5th!


The Return of Polly

Polly has returned as a special event at the Fishing Hole! We are reworking Glubglubs into Mimix so no Pearls will be given out, but instead she now offers the choice between two exclusive prizes: the "Walk the Plank Stamp" or "Shork Pet"!


Crafting Update

We are still working on the crafting changes mentioned in this month's newsletter. We are now aiming for rollover to get some necessary item art completed to roll those changes out. Thanks for your patience!


Nightly Reboot

To combat some issues with our current user authentication framework (that will be going away with the new site), we're beginning a nightly reboot at 1AM server time. This should help alleviate issues while we work to get the new site up & running in Laravel. It will be normal for a very brief period of downtime at 1AM site time (30 seconds or less on average) going forward, so no need to report so long as it comes right back up! This may be adjusted if we notice it is casuing any secondary issues.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-08-16 15:43:49

August Newsletter

Happy August!
As always, before we dive into what’s in store for this month, make sure to check out this rollover's winners in our Winner’s Showcase!


Ongoing Event: Firefly Catching
The Firefly event will continue until next month's rollover, so be sure to catch as many as you can! There's still plenty of time to earn some excellent prizes from feeding!


Activity Submission Update:
Activity submission has gotten an overhaul to match ARPG submissions! Submission will occur directly from the activity page (except special cases such as Kindness Counts, King's Cure, and Midveiler of the Month) and will allow for image uploads rather than needing to host them offsite! Additionally, King's Cure and Midveiler of the Month entries are now submitted directly from the Masterlist Entries but submitting Gift Art!


Activity Bonuses:
A couple of months ago we retired the old "Art Bonus" system and are now enstating a new "Bonus Paycheck" system for select activities that require a bit more effort: Lottie's Luck, Crabby Kitchen, and Random Contest! Fulfill a special "bonus" requirement each month and earn additional crumbs!


Shop Restocks:
Shops have been updated to restock more frequently! You should see shops restocking multiple times per day. (some perhaps faster than others!) This is still a work in progress and may be tweaked as we monitor things on the backend!


Coffee Cat Craze:
You wanted more Coffee Cats and we heard you! While they are a rare drop in the Coop Gift Bag, we've also added a new hidden quest somewhere around the site where you can pick up one with a bit of fruit (their favourite snack!). We hear there may also be a new Random Event making the rounds as well!


New DTA:
This month's DTA by Loppyrae is quite the avant garde. Feeling inspired? Read more about how to enter here!


Upcoming Updates:
As we've mentioned in the Discord, we are currently re-working some recipes and their ingredient lists, specifically the Preserves recipe deserves additional attention. We have some upcoming changes planned for later this month. Additionally, we're looking into bringing Polly's random encounter chance while fishing. While Glubglubs are being re-worked into Mimix she won't be handing out any pearls, but a Shork or Stamp are still fitting prizes! Keep your eyes on the news for more information on these items later this month!


As always please report any bugs to the approriate Discord channel or forums section!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-08-01 14:58:59

DTA Winner Announced!

Hello fellow Midveilers! Our DTA judging ran a bit late as we wanted to take our time judging and have the next one ready before announcing the winner.

And so, the DTA Winner for June is ZackyP!

We love how you incorporated the original design while still making it your own.
Thank you again to everyone who participated! It was wonderful to see everyone's take on this Arborling.

For the month of July, the DTE is the Pink Sea Salt strudel!

This is another redesign contest, so make sure to follow our redesign rules. You can find more info on the contest page:


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-07-09 13:20:50