The Leaves are Changing

A season is upon us! A few new items have made their way into foraging and fishing; new seeds, saplings, and spores are in stock at the Farmer's Market! There are new hidden varities as well to be found while harvesting in Green Acres. Happy Autumn everyone!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-23 00:05:30

Clafication concerning the Redesign Contest!

Hello everyone!! We are so sorry about the confusion reguarding the redesign contest! At this time we have decided that you do NOT need items such as berry milks, royal flans, or king donuts to upgrade traits on your redesigns in your inventory. Instead at the end of the contest IF you are chosen as a winner and your design requires any of these items, we will deduct the price of them from your account! (Unless you do own the item then we can just take that its up to you!) We only ask that you have the appropriate amount of crumbs for these items available if you win.

Mutations that are not listed in the contest journal, will need the appropriate item already in your inventory at the time you submit. Loppy has allowed most buyable mutations to be added for free and so any other rarer mutations will require you to already own the item. Again I deepy apologize about the confusion around the contest. It is most definitely a test run and new idea for a contest haha and if any design was denied because you didnt have an upgrade item, feel free to resubmit and we will get to it ASAP.

Please remember that your redesigns MUST resemble the original design and represent the fillings. We cannot approve any designs that would be considered too far from the original or would almost stand as a completely separate myo.

Loppy will be updating the rules later tonight on the journal itself:

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-17 19:03:03

September Newsletter

Hi all! Thanks for the patience during the rollover. We're currently discussing the best solution for handling rollovers in the future, so you can expect more news on that soon! This newsletter will be brief, but we want to give a big congrats to all of this month's winners! Thank you all for the lovely entries to the Frootie Design contest. There were some amazing, creative entries and we hope to host more contests like this in the future. Prizes to be distributed soon!


August Winners

Frootie Design Contest

1. Quislings
2. Ghostly-Vixen
3. Pegasins
4. AdorablySquish
5. BeanPurrs
6. MenaceRat
7. ExitoricanBean
8. Gaviins
9. FridayAngel
10. JeLapins


Random Contest

1. Fluoto
2. Sugary-Stardust
3. Handhelld


Midveiler of the Month

1. naishine
2. PastelDegu

Behr's Beauty Contest

1. Handhelld
2. Ducclord
3. Sxilin

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-07 13:56:56

And they're back!

Awfulcone, Stick N Poke, Free Arborling Submissions, and ARPG Submissions are all live and tied into the new Masterlist!

As usual, please report any bugs via the forums or Discord #site-bugs channel.

Happy Rolling!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-03 18:02:23

Masterlist Glow-Up

The masterlist has had a complete overhaul. All of the code and database structure has been rewritten from scratch to incorporate new features we've wanted for some time. Here's an outline!

1. Hearts: You can now heart/unheart Midveilers while browsing, without the need to venture into the individual listing.

2. Gift Art: You can now submit gift art to users on individual Midveiler entries where the fan art status is set to yes! Simply click the gift box icon to deliver your art. (Note: This does not currently count for King's Cure, but it is the longterm plan.)

3. Midveiler Sorting: You can now sort your Midveilers the same as you do pets in your barn or menagerie! This is done on the "My Midveilers" page.

4. Theme Art: You can now submit theme art for your Midveilers to illustrate their fillings/scraps/etc. This can be done when viewing your Midveiler's individual entry along the buttons at the bottom. The first time is free and it will cost 5,000 crumbs to update the art later on!

5. Alternate Forms: Certain Midveilers (Currently Ghost Thimbs and all Jollybeans) have the ability to include an "alternate form" per their species sheet. You can now include this in your redesigns, or outside of a redesign if you do not currently have one uploaded!

6. Storing of Artist Name: We now store Artists in addition to Designers! For simplicity, all existing designers were pre-filled into artist slots. If yours needs to be update, reference the link below regarding masterlist corrections!

The overall look of the Masterlist has been refreshed as well! There are additional pieces we plan to refresh down the line, but for the sake of getting the masterlist up & running for Jollybeans they will be introduced in the future.


FYI for Jollybean Gen 1 Rebases please DM/Message Nymbliss!


Because of the extensive nature of the update there will be some errors, though likely only with traits and artist names. To make things easier on the staff, please report all masterlist errors here for correction


The Awfulcone, Stick N Poke, Free Arb Submisisons, and ARPG submissions will remain down for an additional day or two to finish up some aspects of those and also limit the scope of bug reports for this initial rollout! Another news announcement will be posted when they are re-released.


Thanks everyone for your patience!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-01 22:23:06