Fall is Here !

With the seasons changing, so shall Strudels! You'll find new crops are available and the old ones retired until next summer! Don't fret: If you had any seeds or current crops growing they won't disappear! You just can't get new seeds until they come back around.

You will also find some new items while fishing! Of course certain items like garbage and twigs can always be fished up, but might there be some more Autumn-appropriate pets? Why don't you give it a try and see!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2018-09-22 13:44:52

Fishing Changes

Quick Update: Made some adjustments to fishing today! They should help combat any issues with resubmitting the form accidentally and being charged crumbs for a second cast! Also, there are fish logs now on the page. These show your last 20 casts. The notes column is new so any new casts made will have a note as to what you fished up!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2018-08-13 09:10:06

Sparkly Plots !

You may notice some of your plots are now sparkling! This is a visual to show you which of your plots were fertilized, both by the fertilizer you send and fertilizer sent to you by others! Once you send or recieve your fertilizer for the day, the appropriate spot(s) will sparkle so you know where the extra watering was added!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2018-07-18 13:14:14

The Barn !

Introducing The Barn! The Barn, now available under the Games tab, is an extention of the farm. It allows you to corral cows and sheep (with more animals to come) in hopes of caring for them to produce byproducts like milk and wool!

Please check out the Barn FAQ under the Help tab for more information.


Also in this update:

- Visual inventory tab when viewing your own inventory

- Farm stats widget beneath your farm plots

- Friendly Fertilizer! You can now fertilize a friend's farm once per day by clicking the fertilizer image in your farm inventory. This act will add 1 water to 2 of their crops and 1 of your own at random!


Happy Farming!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2018-07-06 19:20:15

Update Overview!

This weekend we've brought on some new updates! Here's a quick recap:

  • User Transfers: Now expanded to items and pets!
  • Scrapbooks: New pages for the new memories, Barn Raising and Make a Wish!
  • Transfer Notifications: You will now receive a notification if you receive a transfer from another user! (Note: This requires having your bank account linked to your website account.)
  • Shops: Bisque's Bistro and Pippa's Pets are now moved to the site!
  • Crumb Quickview: Your crumb balance is now visible on the top navigation bar! (Thanks, anonymous suggestor!)

You can read more details at our DeviantArt post here

We have some more updates coming soon so keep an eye out! 

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2018-07-01 09:24:02