Midwinter Advent

Winter is almost here, and this year, we're going ALL OUT! 

This year's Midwinter celebration will be...... a full 31-day advent calendar!

Each day you will be able to visit the Giving Tree to pick up a special prize, including items such as exclusive Green Acres pets, recipes, profile skins, etc! We're giving y'all a week's heads up to get started on your ARPG prompts so you can cash in on those sweet winter goodies. 

And because this event is so chock full of goodies to use on the site, I will be hosting a FTO free raffle on my account this weekend, so new members have a chance to get their paws in the door!

Check out the new memory here!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-22 13:03:08

Gacha Crumb Raffle

Are you ready for some seconds? There's a stuffed and plush semi-custom up for raffle on the website right now!

Each ticket costs 1SC, and it comes with a little somethin special! Once a winner has been chosen, you will be able to choose the theme and colors for this chunky lad! Give it a shot!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-14 21:49:54

November Monthly Rollover

Happy November everybody! It's the month of giving and to celebrate we have some exciting announcements.

All Activities have been reset!

First and foremost, our winners for the month!

Behr's Beauty:
1. Tarorae
2. Caliguican
3. SugaryShell

Random Contest:
1. Vixen
2. stuffbydelle
3. capricorgi-magic

DTA - Mummy's Boy:

Midveiler of the Month:
deadsatellites & tupe-lo

Don't forget to check out the winning art entries at the Winner's Showcase!

New this month, we're announcing ...

Fall Feast Gacha Advent!
This month's event will be a four day gacha! Each day focusing on a different "course!" Starting on November 10th and ending on 14th, there will be 12 strudels and 4 arborlings up for grabs, featuring a variety of guest artists! Strudel rolls will be $125 each, and arborlings will be $75 each! Rolls will be open for claim on the 9th and then each set of designs will be rolled on their corresponding day! 

New Activity: Kindness Counts!
Kindness counts is a new activity that promotes environmental awareness and appreciation. Get out there and make the world a little better, and be rewarded for it! Rewards for this activity are tiered, and include anything from cute new flowers for your farms to a wilderling MYO!

Don't forget to visit the Candy Shop if you participated in Inktober or Trick-or-Treating with Binx!
It'll close on December 1st so make sure to spend all those delicious sweets before then!!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-03 20:40:48

October Monthly Rollover

The monthly changeover is complete! (If you missed last month's announcements, monthly changeover will now occur on the first Saturday of the month!)


We have a lot of winners to announce this month with the Redesign Contest and our regularly scheduled contests. In addition to the lists below, we are now implementing a "Winner's Showcase" gallery where you can view all of the winners art and creations!

Winner's Showcase


All of the monthly activities have been rolled over and we've also made a few adjustments. Values for (most) ARPGs and Activities, and the base value of graded art/writing such as art bonuses & the Monthly Prompt, have gone up!



Lotties Luck: 5,000 crumbs → 8,000 crumbs

Crabby Chef: 5,000 crumbs → 8,000 crumbs

Random Contest: 5,000 crumbs → 8,000 crumbs


Graded Art/Writing:

Base: 1,000 crumbs → 2,000 crumbs



Strudel Offerings: 5,000 crumbs → 6,000 crumbs

Trickster Transformations: 6,000 crumbs → 7,000 crumbs

Wilderling Wanderings: 6,000 crumbs → 7,000 crumbs

Thimblet Stitchings: 3,500 crumbs → 4,500 crumbs

Thimblet Ghostings: 5,000 crumbs → 6,000 crumbs

Arborling Sproutings: 5,000 crumbs → 6,000 crumbs

Glubglub Passport: 100 barnacles → 150 barnacles

Part-Timing: 500 crumbs (Per Prompt) → 1,000 crumbs (Per Prompt)


You'll also notice that the market values for crops, animal byproducts, and miscellany from fishing/foraging/etc have dropped in value. This is because we want to both combat inflation and also encourage users to earn crumbs through ARPGs, Activities, crafting items with their raw materials, etc!


For those of you new to Midveil or even just those who have had a busy month, don't forget about our two monthly activities!

It's not too late to join in on the trick-or-treating or Inktober fun! Earning sweets will get you fun prizes from the shop at the end of the month!

Trick or Treat



The DTA for this month is now live, and he's a spooky boy!

Mummy's Boy


Next month keep your eye out for the upcoming FOOD GACHA and all of the beautiful designs it will bring!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-10-05 20:37:59

Trick or Treat!

Happy October everyone!

To celebrate, we have two events that will activate tonight at midnight!


Trick or Treating with Binx requires an ARPG memory. If you haven't done it yet, don't fret, you can always complete it this month and just your trick or treating a little bit late! You'll earn Sweets that can be spent in the spooky prize shop when it opens later in the month!


Inktober, however, is free for all to participate! Earn 500 crumbs for each approved prompt. Complete all of them before the end of October to earn a special stamp ... get the GOLD edition stamp if you submit all by the end of the numbered day!


We hope to see many participants this month, old and new alike!


Also, as a reminder, monthly rollovers are now occuring on the 1st Saturday of each month, so events & the like will change over on October 5th this month!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-09-30 22:45:48