Winter Is Here!

It's officially winter. Bundle up, because snow has fallen across Midveil and even blanketed Green Acres. The orchards have been cleared and there are even a couple of new saplings to be planted, hurrah!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-12-21 00:07:36

DECEMBER Rollover!

Yes, yes, it's that time of the month already! I hope everyone's ready for a month full of fun, because there's certainly no shortage of things to do in this merry month of Midwinter! Before we go over what's new in Midveil, take a look at our winners from last month! 


The Midveilers of the Month have been chosen for this month, but there will be no Midveiler of the Month chosen from this month's activities! Instead, I will be using January as a Mod Appreciation Month! The staff have been working extremely hard all year, and deserve a lot of loving! Since a MotM will not be picked from this month's activities, instead, we will be using Lottie's Luck as our featured activity this month! 

This month's Lottie's Luck features a PRESENTATION CHALLENGE! These challenges are an add-on to the monthly baking activity, where you do your best to style your treats up all pretty! This month's baking theme is FUDGE! Fudge is a type of sugar confection with a smooth and creamy consistency! It comes in dozens of different flavors, from peanut butter to cotton candy! This confection also lasts quite a while at room temperature, making it a perfect gift to give to loved ones! Flex those giftwrapping muscles, and package up some yummy candies for someone you love! Five winners with the best presentations will receive a Gingerbread Pupcake! 

A brown dog-like creature with a cream-colored icing mane. It has a cupcake wrapper on its rump.

If baking isn't quite your forte, no worries! We have reset all other activities, including adding a couple new prompts to Kindness Counts! Part-Timing has also been updated, and this month you can win a Giftbox Mimic if you complete all four jobs! Part-timing is reset ever THREE MONTHS so you have exactly that amount of time to get your paws on one of these trouble makers! Part-timing has been moved to the Activity Hub page! This means it might take us a couple days to get the submissions back up and running, but you are free to get a head start on your drawings!

We have also changed the prizes for Behr's Beauty Contest! The candy pets have been discontinued, and we will now be rewarding PET POTIONS depending on the seasons! For the winter season, we will be awarding the SNOWY POTION to our top winners! These potions can be used on any applicable pets! The crumb and stamp rewards remain unchanged!

Activities aside, this month features our first ever WINTER ADVENT! Visit the Giving Tree every day this month, and receive a bunch of prizes, including some new pets, potions, skins, etc! This advent is designed to give you a little bit of everything, and is great for members just getting their foot in the Strudel Cafe door! It's not too late to join the advent, so if you have any friends who'd like to join the cafe, now's the time to do it! 


So that just about covers this month... but what's coming up next month?

A dreamy city in the sky awaits you... as well as a metric ton of snowballs.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-12-07 22:27:43

Midwinter Advent

Winter is almost here, and this year, we're going ALL OUT! 

This year's Midwinter celebration will be...... a full 31-day advent calendar!

Each day you will be able to visit the Giving Tree to pick up a special prize, including items such as exclusive Green Acres pets, recipes, profile skins, etc! We're giving y'all a week's heads up to get started on your ARPG prompts so you can cash in on those sweet winter goodies. 

And because this event is so chock full of goodies to use on the site, I will be hosting a FTO free raffle on my account this weekend, so new members have a chance to get their paws in the door!

Check out the new memory here!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-22 13:03:08

Gacha Crumb Raffle

Are you ready for some seconds? There's a stuffed and plush semi-custom up for raffle on the website right now!

Each ticket costs 1SC, and it comes with a little somethin special! Once a winner has been chosen, you will be able to choose the theme and colors for this chunky lad! Give it a shot!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-14 21:49:54

November Monthly Rollover

Happy November everybody! It's the month of giving and to celebrate we have some exciting announcements.

All Activities have been reset!

First and foremost, our winners for the month!

Behr's Beauty:
1. Tarorae
2. Caliguican
3. SugaryShell

Random Contest:
1. Vixen
2. stuffbydelle
3. capricorgi-magic

DTA - Mummy's Boy:

Midveiler of the Month:
deadsatellites & tupe-lo

Don't forget to check out the winning art entries at the Winner's Showcase!

New this month, we're announcing ...

Fall Feast Gacha Advent!
This month's event will be a four day gacha! Each day focusing on a different "course!" Starting on November 10th and ending on 14th, there will be 12 strudels and 4 arborlings up for grabs, featuring a variety of guest artists! Strudel rolls will be $125 each, and arborlings will be $75 each! Rolls will be open for claim on the 9th and then each set of designs will be rolled on their corresponding day! 

New Activity: Kindness Counts!
Kindness counts is a new activity that promotes environmental awareness and appreciation. Get out there and make the world a little better, and be rewarded for it! Rewards for this activity are tiered, and include anything from cute new flowers for your farms to a wilderling MYO!

Don't forget to visit the Candy Shop if you participated in Inktober or Trick-or-Treating with Binx!
It'll close on December 1st so make sure to spend all those delicious sweets before then!!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-11-03 20:40:48