February Newsletter

Happy February, everyone!


We hope you all enjoyed last month’s event! The prize shop is now open, so make sure to spend those snowballs. As always, before we dive into what’s in store for this month, make sure to check out the January winners in our Winner’s Showcase!


Last month, we warned you to keep a tight store on your crumbs, and we hope you took our advice to heart! We’re jumping RIGHT into our next event, with no time to spare! This month’s event is the Love Letters event! Much akin to our Magic School fundraiser, we will be fundraising all month for the opening of Dreamhaven! This new area will bring with it new games, shops, and a ton of juicy new lore. To ease our way into this brand new area, we’ll be trying out a relatively new approach to events! 


The Love Letters event will be a guided story, taking us on a journey through the blooming relationship of Lottie Luck, and a brand new jollybean NPC. Each tier will not only unlock a new prize, but also another letter! Prizes for the tiers will include anything from exclusive gift wrap, recipes, etc, to rarer prizes such as a new mount type! It’s not too late to stock up on those crumbs, though. All monthly activities have been reset, and we will be hosting flash prompts all months to get those crumbs rolling. Let’s all work hard together!


So what else is in store for this month? While everyone is working hard on the fundraiser, the staff and I will be working behind the scenes as always to get our next set of updates rolling. With the introduction of Dreamhaven, we are beginning to reach one of our biggest goals: maps! The areas you have explored up until now have been part of Cafe Central! This city is a capital in Midveil, and is where the majority of our canon has taken place up until now! The lore behind Midveil has always been one of my biggest passions while working on this species, and with the introduction of maps, I will be setting up some key locations for the history of Midveil! Dreamhaven is just the first step of further expanding our fantastical little world!


Don’t keep your head up in the clouds for too long though! After receiving feedback from the community, glubglubs will be receiving a HUGE update, and we’re hoping they’ll make a big splash. We hope this month keeps you busy, and as always, let us know what you think in our community suggestion box!


Last but not least, we've moved a familiar feature from the Discord to the website: QnA! The Questions and Answers Discord channel is no more, but you can now submit your questions directly on-site (located under the Help nav menu) where a mod can answer them. Please make use of the search feature, which will hopefully help keep duplicates to a minimum!


Lots of love,

Loppy & the staff!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-02-01 18:09:09

Maintenance Complete

Today's maintenance has been completed!

A few changes to note:


Quests are now live again! Some changes have been made to balance quests better with crafting. There have also been several new quests added, including 2 new hidden quests! To better catalogue quests, we've added a Quest Journal that will show you your personal progress on each non-hidden quest: Check it out here! (You'll also find the link under Help on the nav)

You won't beelieve how mush these new hidden quests might help out your Orchard!


There have been adjustments made to the Menagerie & Pet items! Goomplings and Happy Weed use have been combined with Pet Potions and the button changed to "Use Item". This means for Happy Weed, your Wishing Weed now needs to be in the Menagerie to use the item! When evolving your Juvenile Gooms it will move their new, larger form to your inventory so you can move them into your Stables if desired! Additionally, the "Potion Gallery" is now the "Pet Cosmetic Gallery" and includes the aforementioned items!


Profile Skins have been added to collections! They have the same logic as Stamps: Once a skin retires it will be moved to the "Retired" category and operate by exception so you don't feel like you're missing out on ones no longer obtainable!


Thanks as always for your patience during maintenance!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-01-12 15:49:08

January Rollover!

It's that time! January is here and rollover has officially been completed.
Make sure to check out last month's winners at the Winner's Showcase!

This month we have something special for Midveiler of the Month ... Mod Appreciation Month!
Each mod has chosen a Midveiler to feature, which means more opportunities to draw gift art for crumbs!
As usual, please make sure all gift art is also delivered to the owner!

Signed up for the Snowball Fight yet?
If not, get in on the action and earn some tokens!
The prize shop will open in February and we hear there are some cool items planned!

Searching for The Great Pet Rescue pets?
Then you'll want to change up your typical hunting grounds ... the pets are now hidden around the site!
Find pets hidden on specific pages around the site and click on their image. This will lead you back to the Activity page where you can see your progress! Find all 8 to claim your prize!

Edit to Add: To clarify about the locations for Pet Hunt pets on the website: They can appear on any general page or sub-page that every user (regardless of content they have unlocked) can see that is not user-dependent.

For Example: The Diving Pool is fair game because all users can view this page, even if they have not unlocked it, it would show up regardless of unlock status. The Binx Daily unlocked by the Binx Doll is not, because only users who have unlocked it can access the page in the nav.

Another Example: The create/edit your shop page would be fair game, but a specific user's shop would not be. Page 4 of the Strudel Masterlist? Okay. Strudel 1506's individual page? We wouldn't put it there!

Hopefully this provides some relief to users who are ancticipating having to comb through every shop, gallery, and masterlist entry on the site!

ARPGs are getting a small adjustment to lessen the amount of work required!
Drawn ARPG memories will now require >50% of the character visible (instead of our previous "3 visible limbs" rule) and literature items are 750 words per part, down from 1,000!

A couple of small things to note:
If you missed our recent announcement: The farm is now FREE to all users! If you haven't yet unlocked your farm, mosey over to Green Acres and simply click the button to Get Started Farming!

A note on items: Elixir of Ick and Charred Pepper are merging. Because they essentially do the same thing, we are combining the two into one item: Elixir of Ick. If you have any Charred Peppers, you will soon see them become Elixir of Ick but no worries, they will work just the same! The Charred Pepper item art we have future plans to reuse in another way. Look for the Elixir of Ick replacement to happen later in the day!

And that's all for this month! Next month, however, we have an exciting Valentine's event planned...
You might want to squirrel away a few crumbs, because Lottie is going to need them!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2020-01-04 16:41:29

Happy New Year!

It's almost the end of the decade here in Midveil, so we have some announcements for you!

First things first! With the end of the advent, it's high time we get moving with our new event! We're having a SNOWBALL FIGHT! Users will be divided into two teams... Team Slime, and Team Goom! Throughout the whole month of January, performing site actions will give you a random chance at collecting snowballs! The team with the most snowballs at the end of the month will receive a special gold border on their stamp, and bragging rights, of course! Both teams will receive a profile skin and a stamp of their respective team! (And snowball tokens can be redeemed at the end of the month for goodies as well!)


Take a moment to sign up for your team! Are you a Slime or a Goom? 

Find out here!


And yet, that's not all! We've read through user suggestions, and come up with a few changes based on responses from some newer users! The first of which being something that will come in handy during this event! We've decided to reward all new users with the Green Acres farm, to help new users start earning currency and get a good start in the game! To get started with your free farm, head to Green Acres via the navigation, and clicked "Get Started Farming!"


For new users who have just unlocked their farms via the ARPG, no worries! If you've unlocked your farm in the past month, we will pay that forward by unlocking your barn for you! You will receive an unlock notification in the next few days, so hang tight for us! We will be making some more changes to the game in the next couple months, the first of which being Quests! Questing will be temporarily taken down while we work on the new system! We hope these new changes find you well, and if you have any more ideas on how we can improve the website experience for you, let us know via the suggestion box!


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-12-31 23:11:17

Winter Is Here!

It's officially winter. Bundle up, because snow has fallen across Midveil and even blanketed Green Acres. The orchards have been cleared and there are even a couple of new saplings to be planted, hurrah!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-12-21 00:07:36