December Newsletter

Happy December, everyone, and a merry Midwinter to you all!
As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners.

As previously announced, our winter advent is back! Make sure to check in every day to see if you’re naughty or nice! Don’t worry… Merry has a gift for you either way! She may be cranky, but she’s in quite the giving mood this time of year. Don’t fret if you miss a day. By collecting tokens, you can get prizes you missed out on at the end of the month via the prize shop! Check it out here!


2021 is coming to an end, and the staff is working hard to finalize the planning for 2022! We have quite a few projects in the works, and are just pulling together the last few strings to make them a reality! The Fledgling Class of Magic School will be released later this month. Magic School will be released in parts, starting out with Hearth.


2022 will kick off with a fundraising event, so we’re giving a month’s notice for you to gather up all those precious crumbs! 

All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-12-04 17:04:52

Midwinter Advent

Tonight at midnight begins the Midwinter Advent!

There is no ARPG to unlock this year, so you will be able to begin collecting right away at nightly rollover. The advent will run for the full calendar month of December and prizes must be picked up on their allotted day, so be sure to check in daily! If you miss a day don't worry… each day you will also collect 1 Golden Peppermint Token (and 5 per day from the 25th - 31st!) which can be spent in the prize shop at the conclusion of the event to pick up any prizes you missed or want more of! Golden Peppermint Tokens begin on the 2nd to give people ample notice of the event to collect full tokens!!

Like last year, Merry will decide each day if you are Nice or Naughty and bestow a present accordingly. (Unless Merry is feeling particularly neutral that day and decides to gift everyone the same thing!)

Click here to check it out!

Regular monthly rollover will occur as normal on the first Saturday of the month.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-11-30 18:21:09

Try your luck at a free design!

Enter with your SC username for a chance to win the Yarn Scraps trickster using our Google Form.

This trickster indulged in the forbidden spaghetti.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-11-16 21:02:39

November Newsletter Continued

Winners for RC & the DTA last month have been chosen!

Congrats to candychameleon on their excellent DTA entry! We had many wonderful entries this month, but this detailed piece really came alive for us!

(Your new Thimblet has already been moved to your ownership!)


Our RC winners have been selected as well, and are as follows:


As always all of the winning entries for the month can be viewed in the Winner's Showcase!
(Prizes for RC have been delivered as of this posting!)

Additionally, we have a DTE up for November! This little Puffin-themed Strudel is in need of a new home… will you be the lucky new owner?


By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-11-09 15:34:58

November Newsletter

Happy November, everyone!
As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners!

NEW: Help Out an NPC
The Help Out option of the Friendship Hub is officially live! This feature allows a second option to earn Friendship per day with your favourite NPCs. You must be at least "Friend" status (100+ Friendship earned) to Help Out once per day. Each NPC has a total of 7 Help Out quests, one for each day of the week! These quests are static (so for example today's quest for Behr will be the same next Saturday!) but are subject to change in the future of course! Helping out an NPC gives you a chance at receiving something in return, but it isn't guaranteed! Each "help" will earn you +2 Friendship with the NPC.

EVENT SHOP: Camp Cryptid
The Camp Cryptid event has come to a close, which means it's time to spend your page fragments! Check out the event shop to pick up prizes you didn't receive when returning to camp, or extras of your favourite items to keep or trade!


Random Contest & the DTA will be announced within the next few days! Not all of the admins are available today to judge entries so we'll post a separate news announcement for those.


Overall, this month is a quiet month while we prepare for next month's annual Midveil Advent!

All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-11-06 18:29:37