Step Right Up!

Come one, come all to Makeshift's Bazaar! The vacant, abandoned buildings beyond Cafe Central are home to a new creature ... a werethimblet, to be precise! He's still setting up some of his attractions, but a small shop stall appears open and a strange voodoo doll sits perched on a weathered wooden table.


Today's update includes...

1. Makeshift's Bazaar. New shop that sells Thimblet items and is how you get to Stick N Poke, the new Thimblet Awfulcone-equivalent!

2. Stick N Poke. New Thimblet chance game! This will functional the same as the Awfulcone for Strudels. There are a variety of exciting, cursed traits and two pets to acquire as well! If you're extra lucky, perhaps you'll even roll a ghost token ...

3. User Wishlists. You now have the ability to create (up to 3) wishlists and name them and add a description. You can add items by browsing the catalogue and clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button!

4. User Galleries. You can now create an item gallery (with size upgrade purchases akin to the shops) to show off whatever it is you collect! Pets, pink items, gross items ... whatever your heart desires.


All of these items can be found linked beneath the Explore menu on the nav. As always, if you experience issues with the new features post in the #site-bugs on the Discord or the Site Bugs board on the forums!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-08-24 22:03:52


Hello everyone! With the recent news update and Eclipse coming ever closer on the horizon, we will now be posting our newsletters right here onsite! As always, please read the entirety of this newsletter, so you can be up to date with all the latest happenings in our group!


MoTM: Vixen and Arcoirisky

Random Contest: KittySquid307, Alexdream12, Littlequail

Behr's Beauty Contest: Bisqitsu, sylueon, and HappieMeal

DTA: FattPaws

gunshot, gunshot, thought you heard about me! by fattpaws

All activities for July have been reset! This month's featured activity will be THE CRABBY CHEF! To have a shot at becoming Midveiler of the Month, its time to get creative in the kitchen! This month's activities are all themed after back-to-school month, featuring bentos, fun pancakes, and pencil cases! There will be no DTA this month unfortunately! Instead, we will be hosting a design contest for our fluffiest Midveil Mounts, Frooties! (This journal will be posted tomorrow, 08/05/2019)

The past few months have been a bit slow, but the development team and I are ready to go at it again with FULL force! You can expect lots of new changes coming up in the next few months, from an entirely new area on our map, a brand new activity, and even a BRAND new species! Yes, that's right, Jollybeans are finally coming to Midveil! For future plotlines, I have plans for six Midveil species! We're already familiar with Strudels, Arborlings, Thimblets, and Glubglubs! Next up, Jollybeans will be taking their turn in the spotlight... and after that? You'll just have to roll with all the new changes.

I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around with me during our slow months! It's been a wild summer, trying to catch up with family and friends, and settle back down! I'm excited to start putting my all back into the website! As always, if you have any ideas, shoot us a suggestion!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-08-05 00:13:48

JULY Newsletter!

Hello everyone! With the recent news update and Eclipse coming ever closer on the horizon, we will now be posting our newsletters right here onsite! As always, please read the entirety of this newsletter, so you can be up to date with all the latest happenings in our group!


MoTM: KittySquid307 & Allibunn

Random Contest: TBA, Alli and Moni are currently away.

We will fill in the winners as soon as possible.

Behr's Beauty Contest: Sprinkles, BirdOfInk, PoppyWolfMoon

DTA: FailedMonster

All activities for July have been reset, with the exception of the Random Contest! This month's featured activity will be Lottie's Luck! To have a shot at becoming Midveiler of the Month, get your oven mitts out and try your best! This month's activities are all about comfort food, featuring marshmallows, s'mores, and pot pies! This month's DTA... a cute lil cowboy! Yeehaw!

July will be a rather slow month, with a lot of emphasis on our annual summer advent calendar! Every day this month, there will be a picnic-themed strudel up for sale! If you've been waiting for a chance to get a strudel of your own, this is it! From auctions, to flatsales, to OTAs, there are plenty of opportunities to add a new midveiler to your family! Even if you don't participate in purchasing, we hope you enjoy all the adorable designs that our artists have worked so hard on! Due to the advent however, there will be a hold on adoptables and MYO sales. But don't worry! All that will come back full force in August! 

I have been working on completing my current queue, and then will begin working on the website once more! Starting in August, I will be aiming to host regular streams on Fridays and Saturdays! These streams will include new designs, game development art, etc.

Thank you for your continuing patience as I get settled into my new home from our move. My schedule has still been a bit hectic as I try to settle back in, and get caught up on the months I fell behind. I unfortunately was not able to host our second Pride month fundraiser, but no worries! I will be holding another fundraiser at a later date. The Pride skin will be completed and added to your accounts sometime this month.

Though July will be uneventful in terms of website development, come August, I will begin work on introducing Midveil's newest residents: Jollybeans! The jollybeans will come with new shops, activities, and areas to explore! I can't wait to put my all back into the development of Strudel Cafe. Have a great month everyone! 

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-07-01 20:30:38

Quests, Seeds, and News! Oh My!

Quests have gotten a much-needed overhaul! The major piece of the overhaul is on the DB/back-end side but the end result is that they are much more efficient and can be much more easily update and added! Hurrah! Another key component is that now, instead of one singular quest at a time, you will now see a 'quest board!' The quest board will allow you to pick from 3 quests. You may complete all or none, and you may 'refresh' each one once per day! This will allow you to continue to retain quests you want to complete in the future while still completing others in the other slot(s)! You may complete one quest per slot per day, so up to a max of 3 as it is now. Accept a quest from the board but realize you can't yet complete it? No worries! Just click "Return to Board" to place the quest back on the board to refresh or complete later. If you've already completed any quests today before this update and you get new ones that is normal and it is okay to do the extras!

We've also added new items to the existing quests, new quests to the pool, and even a new hidden quest!


The Seed Exchange has opened its doors! Jack loves a good swap meet and has opened a new way to exchange seeds, saplings, and crops! You can exchange 5 of any secret or out-of-season (i.e. not currently being sold in the store) seed or 2 of any sapling (due to their high price tag, those can even be in season!) for a few random crops or barn items, select items excluded. (Sorry, no Golden Eggs or Orchard crops to be had. You don't want Jack to go bankrupt do you?) Alternatively, you can exchange crops for a few packs of seeds of the same type! You can find the link under the General Store in the Explore menu!


Behr's Cottage has grown: Introducing ... The Pet Swap! Enjoy the quest where you can swap one of your pets for the last pet someone dropped off? Great because now it's available once per day to all users! Behr has decided to remove her quest posting and make the pet swap a permanent feature within her lovely cottage. For those who haven't completed her quest before: You may exchange one of any tradeable pet per day to Behr, and in return receive the pet the person before you dropped off! An exciting way to find a new friend, for sure.


Lastly, the News has gotten a small facelift! The page has been updated to include pagination and be a bit more readable. In addition, a new "New News Post" alert will now show on both the Account page (where you are redirected upon login) and the home page until the new post is viewed! More adjustments may be made, but for now this is the driving piece to bring the news posts to the websites versus our dated method of using mostly dA journals.


Future Planning: One thing on my personal to-do list is to better work out a way to communicate changes and upcoming features (or at least allusions to them if we are aiming for a surprise!) in a more readily available format for users. To aid in this, I've created a "Changelog" section of the forums. This section will exclusively house threads for changes (beginning after this update). New threads will be made as needed, so it is a good place to keep an eye on for updates regarding changes to the site, activities/games, ARPGs, etc!


Please keep in mind that, as always, we are in beta and values are subject to change as we monitor how they impact the game and affect economic balance!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-06-29 13:35:53

Let the Sunshine In

Summer is here, and with the hot, humid months also comes new crops & fishing items!

As a reminder, all Orchard trees and saplings are chopped down at the end of each season (yes, even those that can grow in any season aka the Wild Plums!) You can go plant fresh new saplings that can be bought in the updated Farmer's Market!


As always, a more in depth overview of this update is available on the official dA group!

Happy Farming,

The Strudel Cafe Team

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2019-06-21 19:49:13