Fall Rollover (Late)

Seasonal rollover is complete and it is officially AUTUMN in Midveil!

Trees have been cut down for the season and orchards cleared for lumber.
Autumn seeds/saplings/starters are now appropriately purchasable from the Farmer's Market!
Part-Timing has been updated with new prompts.


NOTE: The rollover finalization/orchard clear-out was a bit belated so any trees planted since autumn began were left standing!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-24 11:25:01

Shipwrecked Discard Open

The discard option for Shipwrecked has opened! Please keep in mind this will discard ALL tokens in your inventory, so be sure to spend any you'd like to use on specific shop items before discarding.

The Shipwrecked Shop will close on September 30th at 11:59PM.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-10 16:45:08

Shipwrecked Prize Shop Open

The prize shop has opened for Shipwrecked, time to spend your dubloons! A maximum of 5 of each item may be purchased (aside from the fishing junk items in Miscellany) and a discard will open in a week for any excess tokens!

The discard will open sometime on 9/10 so keep an eye on the news that day!

Nessie Treasure Chests have also been sent to participants of the final monster.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-04 15:56:48

September Newsletter

Happy September!

As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners.

This is a small news month as we'll be focusing on preparing for next month's events!


EVENT ENDING: Shipwrecked
Today is your last day to get in attacks on Nessie! The Shipwrecked Event will end at 11:59PM and the prize shop will open some time tomorrow afternoon/evening (keep an eye on the news!)


UPCOMING: October Events
As autumn approaches in Midveil, new events are on the horizon! As we prepare for our special treat-themed event, we'll also be hosting our annual Drawtober and a design gacha with the mod team!


All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!
Featured Midveilers to be added once we hear back from this month’s winners

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-03 18:39:18

Final Monster Emerges: Nessie

The fourth & final monster has landed on the shores of Midveil! This one is a real beast, but hope is on the horizon! Bobber has come to aid the battle so all attacks will be CRITICAL STRIKES landing 3x the damage!

Note: This does not impact dubloons earned from attacks, only hit points!

Treasure Chests have been distributed for those who participated in the previous monster (The Meg)

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-08-31 00:10:44