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In an effort to compile our information and make it easily accessible via a search function, we have created a Strudel Cafe fan wiki! We are looking for a few volunteers to help us compile existing information onto our wiki, as well as creating new pages, formatting, etc. Please check out the application page if you are interested!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-10-26 12:33:46

The Adopt Market

Introducing our new methodology for adoptable sales … the Adopt Market!

The Adopt Market is a centralized location for our designers to post adoptable Midveilers available for purchase.
Currently, the market will handle OTAs and Flatsales. Auctions are planned for a future release.

Here is how the process works from a user's perspective:
Adopts that are currently open, as well as those scheduled for a future date, will be visible on the Adopt Market page. Those scheduled for a future date/time will include a banner containing when the adopt opens.

OTAs will include a “Seeking” section with what the designer is accepting. When offering, you will have the ability to include crumbs & site items (which will automatically be placed into escrow like with Flea Market offers) and also USD, art, characters, etc. through the use of the “Offer Info” section. You will only be able to place one offer on an OTA at a time. If you cancel your offer or it is declined, you will be able to re-offer while the adopt is still open. All users will be able to see all offers on an OTA much like how an OTA works through Discord/dA/forums/etc. to allow for users to know what they are offering against. If your offer is accepted a comment section will open to allow for exchange of details concerning art/Paypal/etc. with the designer. Once the transaction is complete the designer will mark it as such and the Midveiler will be transferred to your ownership.

Flatsales will include the option to “Claim” an adopt. If it is a crumb flatsale, the crumbs will be automatically deducted and the Midveiler automatically moved to your ownership. If it is a USD flatsale, there will be a comments section to provide your Paypal email for invoice. Once the transaction is complete the designer will mark it as such and the Midveiler will be transferred to your ownership.

The Adopt Market is very new and as such many things are subject to change as we utilize it and receive feedback from both users and designers.

As always with new functionality, please report any bugs through the Support Helpdesk or the #site-bugs channel in our official Discord!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-10-10 20:01:21

Return To Camp Postponed

The “Return to Camp” function of the Camp Cryptid event is being postponed until the 6th due to unexpected internet issues so that I can be online in case anything goes awry.
Thanks for your understanding, and keep hunting for those pages!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-10-04 22:30:18

October Newsletter

Happy October, everyone!
As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners!

EVENT: Camp Cryptid
This month you can join in on the hunt... for fragments of a long lost journal! Much like the Glowfly Event of 2019, you will begin your hunt daily and look for fragments scattered across the site using hints. As you go, you'll unlock pieces of the story and earn prizes along the way! The hunting begins tonight at midnight with the daily reset to keep everyone on equal footing, but you can read more about the event on the Camp Cryptid page here!


PRIZE SHOP: Shipwrecked Shop
If you participated in the Shipwrecked Event over the past two months you might have some Gold Dubloons to spare! Bring them over to the Prize Shop for extra goodies from the treasure chests, or a fancy new mount! Have just a few left over? Spend them on the Miscellany section with a few goodies to aid in your crafting pursuits!


ONGOING: Drawtober
Yesterday we launched Drawtober with a TAROT CARD theme. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already!


Just a note, but The Great Pet Rescue and Monthly Prompt are on hold this month to focus on the ongoing events!

All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-10-02 18:03:10

Drawtober 2021

Drawtober is here! Rollover is tomorrow (first Saturday as always) but we're opening Drawtober today so you can get started on your prompts! This year's theme is “Tarot Deck” – check out the specific prompts and bonus prizes available on the event page here!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2021-10-01 13:49:11