Quest Journal

The Quest Journal provides a knowledgebase for non-hidden quests. Find out what each quest requires & rewards, and even how many times you've completed it yourself.

A Little Bit of Everything

Dears, its time for a shipment! Pick some more vegetables from the field so that we can go ahead and pack 'em up

NPC: Dahlia Fern

Requires: 5 Carrot
5 Asparagus / Cotton / Turnip / Watermelon
5 Tomato / Strawberry / Rice / Green Bean

Rewards: 1500 crumbs

A Questionable Dish

Oi! I might be able to help your little friend warm up a bit

NPC: Tomo Bisque

Requires: 3 Twigs
1 Icegoob

Rewards: 1 Blank Common Goomdrop OR 1 Questionable Jelly

A Salty Snack

I'm famished, but Bobber has such a close watch on the fishing hole lately! Would you fetch me a snack?

NPC: Polly (and Wag!)

Requires: 3 Sturgeon / Oyster
3 Shrimp / Banana Eel

Rewards: 20 barnacles

A Savory Snack

Fresh fish, always fresh fish! Sometimes I just want something straight from the can, metallic taste and all!

NPC: Bobber Buoy

Requires: 1 Canned Tuna

Rewards: 3 Shrimp

A Shy Friend

Would you be so kind as to bring me a few things to decorate my attic with? I have a friend for you to take home if you do ...

NPC: Binx Boo

Requires: 15 Cloud
5 Snail Shells

Rewards: 1 Shyder

A Small Experiment

You there! I need a couple of pets ... for a little experiment ... uhuhuhu. Do you have any you can spare? Just none you want back ... uhuhuhu.

NPC: Ursula von Strood

Requires: 2 Pet (Any Tradeable Variety)

Rewards: 1 Random Pet (From Pool)

A Special Dish

Oh, bollocks! I wanted to surprise Pippa tonight with my specialty dish, but I'm all out of Lobster! If you help me out there's crumbs in it for you. And don't tell Pippa!

NPC: Tomo Bisque

Requires: 3 Shrimp / Lobster / Oyster

Rewards: 1500 crumbs

A Sweet Gift

Tomo likes fancy chocolates. Do you think you could help me put together a box of truffles?

NPC: Pippa Fern

Requires: 3 White Chocolate Truffle
3 Milk Chocolate Truffle
3 Dark Chocolate Truffle

Rewards: 2000 crumbs

A Very Sweet Tooth

I have not had the chance to work with these wonderful ingredients. Now is as good a time as ever to start! Sweetheart, could you help me get some? I have some spare crumbs I can offer for your hard work.

NPC: Lottie Luck

Requires: 5 Candy Wool
5 Watermelon Gumball Egg / Gumball Egg

Rewards: 3000 crumbs

An Eggcellent Meal

The tiny owl on Satchet's shoulder perks up ... Oh I just love Quail Eggs, hoot! I have had quite a real craving for them lately, hooo. If you bring me some, hoot, I can give you some spare ingredients that are laying about, hoo hoo.

NPC: Spice E. Satchet

Requires: 20 Quail Eggs

Rewards: 2 Foraging Items (Random Variety)

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