Midveil Species

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In depth guides to all the species of Midveil. These guides include information on anatomy, designs, and basic lore. If you have any questions about our species or designing your Midveiler, you can check out our F.A.Q or contact a community volunteer using our Mod Directory.



Subspecies: Standard, Druidic, Blighted

Arborlings are born from an excess of magic being introduced to a seed. Their bodies sprout plant growths to match their mother plant, and they specialize in farming, alchemy, and foraging. Some Arborlings choose to live alongside humans and assist witches, farmers, and gardeners.



Subspecies: Companion, Guardian, Nightmare

Jollybeans are rodent-like faeries that feed off the imagination of children, and appear to them in the form of an "imaginary friend". In return, they provide friendship, comfort, and even protection from nightmares. Once their child "outgrows" them, they retire to Midveil in their original form.



Subspecies: Standard, Cursed

Mimix are born from a corrupted soul taking hold of an animal vessel. These dragon-like creatures gain the appearance of the vessel they inhabited, giving them their name. They are known to be adventurous and greedy, and some may even corrupt themselves by collecting multiple vessels.



Subspecies: Household, Trickster, Wilderling

Strudels are tiny household spirits that colonize in places where food is abundant. When a strudel takes its first offering, it takes on the aspects of the food it's eaten. If a strudel takes an inedible offering out of desperation, it becomes a monstrous version of its former self.



Subspecies: Household, Hoarder, Kigu, Ghost/Werethimblet

Born from an "origin scrap", these Midveilers are constructed partially from fabric to represent the scrap they inhabited. Thimblets are renowned for their sewing and construction abilities. They tend to live near human civilizations out of nostalgia for their former lives.