Midveil Species

In depth guides to all the species of Midveil. These guides include information on anatomy, designs, and basic lore. We have some frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page to help with general species questions!

If you have any questions about a specific species, you can use the Mod Directory to contact the mod in charge of that species.

Design Guides

Mutation Guide

A visual list of all mutations available for Midveil species.

Mutation Combinations

A list of possible combinations for mutation items.

Redesign Guide

Guidelines to follow when redesigning your Midveiler!

Sprout Rarity Index

A guide to help you with rarities for your Arborling's sprout!

Ghost Thimblet Guide

In-depth guide for the Ghost and Were Thimblet subspecies.

Trickster Guide

In-depth guide for the Trickster Strudel subspecies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can there be more than one Midveiler based on a specific theme/scrap/filling?

Absolutely! However, each Midveiler must be unique and easily distinguishable from each other. Whether you use a different color scheme, markings, or traits. Designs that are replicas of others will not be approved. The mods reserve to right to deny designs they feel are too similar to a pre-existing Midveilers.

Can my Midveiler have a different body type (skinny, fat, tall, short)?

For the most part, yes! There can be small discrepancies between height and weight but they must still follow species guidelines. For example, a household strudel cannot be as tall as a Trickster, and vice versa.

How large is each species compared to the others?

Here is a size chart of all Midveiler species for reference. Click the chart to see a full-size version!

Midveil Size Chart

Can I give my Midveiler hair?

Yes! Hair is considered a wig, and would fall under "accessories". This means you can change and style it differently at any time! There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Manes: If the hair presents as long fur, or a mane, it will require the appropriate mutation or trait (depending on the species)
  • Mutations: Some hair may present as a mutation and will need that mutation item to be added, or a Juicy Melon to be redesigned.
  • Arborlings: Arborlings can have plant growth hair, but you will need an item if you wish to change it (Shearing Serum)
  • Glubglubs: Instead of hair, glubs can have fins that mimic hair around their face.

If you are unsure about your Midveiler's hair, feel free to message the mod in charge of that species!

Can my Midveiler have accessories?

Yes! Accessories can be given and removed from your Midveiler freely. There are a couple things to remember;

  • Thimblets are made of fabric, so their accessories must be visibly removable if you do not intend them as part of the design.
  • Companion jollybeans cannot have neck accessories as this is a status symbol of Guardian-rarity jollybeans.

What mutations can I give my Midveiler?

You can find a full list of all available mutations in our Mutation Guide, as well as which species can use that mutation item.

Can my Midveiler have heterochromia?

Yes! Heterochromia is not a mutation. However, colored sclera and shaped pupils are a mutation and would require the correct mutation item.

Can I redesign my Midveiler?

You can redesign your Midveiler so long as it maintains some semblance of its original design and its theme/scrap/filling! Please see the Redesign Visual Guide for further details.

To apply a redesign you will need to buy the corresponding redesign item. Redesign items are sold for crumbs in various shops, and can also be crafted. You can reference the cosmetics catalogue for more information on each item.

Can I revert a Midveiler to its previous design?

After your redesign has been approved and submitted to the masterlist, we will catalogue it's previous design. The masterlist will only ever catalogue the original design and its most recent redesign. If you obtain a Midveiler in a trade and prefer its previous iteration, you can choose to revert to its original design for free up to 72 hours after the trade was approved.

However, this does not apply if the design you would like to revert to is not listed under “catalogued design”.This could be because the user opted out, a Trickster or Ghost rebase was applied, or the previous design included specialized exclusive mutations that were cured. If this is the case, you will need to re-roll said mutations to restore the design to its original form. Please keep this in mind when redesigning a specialized Midveiler!

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