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The Stick n' Poke is a random chance game that can be rolled on Thimblets for a chance to win weird mutations, pets, and even a special Treat item! Each roll costs 10,000 crumbs, and requires you to pick a Thimblet (or Thimblet MYO Slot) to apply it to. After rolling, you'll have the options to "keep" the rolled prize, or "cure" it for a small fee. You won't be able to roll again until you choose an option. (If you accidentally leave the page, the options will still be there when you return!)

Stick n' Poke mutations will be added to your Thimblet's masterlist as "Pending" until you apply them. To apply your Stick n' Poke mutation(s), submit a redesign and include the mutations you've rolled in the Mutations Items section. To cure a mutation, go to your Thimblet's masterlist page and click "Cure" beside the unwanted mutation. You will need a Spooky Scary Serum in your inventory to cure mutations.

Any pending mutations must be applied or cured before you can trade your Thimblet.

Prize List

All current prizes for the Stick n' Poke are listed below.

Prizes may be swapped out periodically.

Cyclops Mutation

Replaces your Thimblet's eyes with one big eye.

Grabby Hands Mutation

Gives your Thimblet a second pair of arms (up to 3 pairs total).

Dullahan Mutation

Your Thimblet's head is now separate from their body!

Longbody Mutation

Gives your Thimblet an extra long torso or tail.

Parasitism Mutation

Your Thimblet now has something haunting their body, or living on it. An existing pet, or Pet MYO can be used.

Peepers Mutation

Gives your Thimblet extra eyes (minimum of three). Can be added anywhere on the body.

Pincushion Mutation

Your Thimblet now has sewing pins stuck in their body.

Polycephaly Mutation

Your Thimblet gain an extra head! Can be rolled twice for a maximum of 2 extra heads.

Stuffies Mutation

Extra stuffing is bursting from your Thimblet's seams and eyes.

Zipper Mouth Mutation

Your Thimblet's mouth is now a zipper, oops!

Ghost MYO Rebase

Lets you redesign your Thimblet into a Ghost/Were Thimblet.

See Ghost/Were Thimblet Guide

Patchwork Treat

An exclusive Treat for your collection.

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Exclusive pet, customizable. Will be soulbound to your Thimblet.

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Exclusive pet. Will be soulbound to your Thimblet.

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