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Strudels/Tricksters/Wilderlings are a closed species belonging to Midveil!
You cannot make your own without a MYO slot.


Strudels are tiny household spirits, quite reminiscent of the brownies of Scottish folklore! These little creatures have quite the appetite, and colonize in places where food is abundant, such as bakeries and cafes. It is said that if you leave an offering out for these little creatures, they might assist you in household tasks or gift you with good fortune. Though they haven't been spotted for many years, some people still believe in them.

Every strudel is born "flavorless". In this form, they are pure white and a bit lacking in individuality. It isn't until they take their first offering that they gain their unique appearances! The offerings are traditionally sweet foods, like cakes and drinks. However, there are instances where other types of food are accepted. In modern days, as belief in folklore dwindles and offerings have become scarce, some strudels have taken to stealing their offerings.

Strudels are no bigger than a mouse! This helps them sneak around without being detected by humans. They are short and stout, with large paws. They have soft rounded features, twitchy heart-shaped noses, and rabbit-like haunches. Strudels are not anthros, but more so, bipedal rodents.


Tricksters are a strudel's more monstrous counterpart! Tricksters are bigger, have rounded noses, large claws, and generally sharper features. When a strudel goes too long without an offering, they start to starve, which triggers a trickster transformation. It becomes critical that they find an offering before they completely fade away from existence. Some may find an offering partway through their transformation and have huge claws, but soft toes. Some may reach a full transformation before they eat, growing large claws on their feet. These strudels are so desperate they may resort to eating inedible things just to avoid fading away.

You can read more about them in the Trickster Guide!


Wilderlings are one of the rarest strudel subspecies! These strudels have abandoned their reliance on humanity. Instead, they take their offerings from animals, known as their "totems" and form lifelong bonds with these animals. A wilderling can summon its totem as a mount at any time, and often resemble them! They are the largest subspecies. This subspecies often develops one-of-a-kind traits such as different body textures, bioluminescence, etc!

Wilderlings are very infrequently posted for adoption! They will be introduced officially in a later installment to the game!

Strudel Rarities

Common Strudel Slot

Common Rarity

Sweet fillings are common. This refers to foods with high sugar contents such as desserts, drinks, candies, etc.

  • Examples: Cookies, candy bars, lattes, hard candies, chocolate covered fruit, cereals, etc.
Uncommon Strudel Slot

Uncommon Rarity

Savory and herbal fillings are uncommon. This refers to foods that are salty, spicy, or generally not sweet, as well as foods that use herbal or floral ingredients.

  • Savory examples: Pizza, hamburgers, meats, breads, etc.
  • Herbal examples: Lavender lemonade, earl grey tea, candied roses, etc.
  • Dishes prepared with raw meat are considered uncommon, but "fresh/raw meat" falls under wilderling territory!
Pedigree Strudel Slot

Pedigree Rarity

Alcoholic fillings are pedigree. This refers to any drink containing alcohol as a main ingredient.

  • Examples: Whiskey, long island iced tea, birthday cake martini, etc.
  • "Mocktinis" are not a valid work-around and will still be classified pedigree.
Trickster Strudel Slot

Trickster Rarity

Inedible fillings are Trickster exclusive. This refers to anything that is... well, not food. Or food that is no longer edible.

  • Examples: Moldy foods, dirt, plastic, pet food, toothpaste etc.
  • Medicines and medical themes are acceptable but must follow our site guidelines. We don't accept hard drugs or prescription drugs (like anti-depressants). You are welcome to use generic themes such as "pill capsule", "medical waste", etc.
  • The filling must be small enough for a Strudel to eat; for instance a gold bar would not work, but gold flakes would!
Wilderling Strudel Slot

Wilderling Rarity

Wild fillings are Wilderling exclusive. This would refer to any ingredient that would not be traditionally consumed by a human.

  • Examples: Algae, bark, aphids, nectar, etc.
  • Raw meats and bugs will fall under wilderling territory unless it's part of a dish prepared for human consumption.
  • While some tricksters have ended up with wild fillings, this is not applicable for MYOs.

Making your own Strudel

When creating your Strudel, you can pick a filling that corresponds with the rarity of MYO that you own. Filling rarity can be upgraded by applying a King Donut to your submission. After your design is approved, all redesigns must resemble the original design in some way. Fillings cannot be changed.

Creating a Trickster? You can read the Trickster Guide for more information!

To upgrade traits or redesign a part of your strudel, you can buy items at the Enchanted Bakery. You can check out the Redesign Visual Guide for more information.

Each trait falls under one of three categories: Common, Uncommon, and Pedigree. Traits with a ★ can be customized, just DM a community volunteer for help!

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