Species Guide: Strudels

Strudels/Tricksters/Wilderlings are a closed species belonging to Midveil!
You cannot make your own without a MYO slot.


Strudels are chubby rodent-like creatures, with large paws, twitchy heart noses, pear-shaped bodies, and rabbit-like haunches. Their blood and innards are colored in a similar fashion to their fillings. So for example, a grape strudel would have purple innards. Strudels are not anthros, but more so, bipedal rodents. They are not meant to have long limbs or tall, lithe bodies.

Strudel Trait Guide


Tricksters are a strudel's more monstrous counterpart! They form when a strudel misses out on its offering until its too late. Tricksters are bigger, have rounded noses, large claws, and generally sharper features! They also can have inedible fillings.

Trickster Trait Guide


Wilderlings are one of the rarest strudel subspecies! These strudels have abandoned their reliance on humanity. Instead, they take their offerings from animals, known as their "totems" and form lifelong bonds with these animals. A wilderling can summon its totem as a mount at any time, and often resemble them! They are the largest subspecies. This subspecies often develops one-of-a-kind traits such as different body textures, bioluminescence, etc! Wilderlings are very infrequently posted for adoption! They will be introduced officially in a later installment to the game!

Guide coming soon!

What rarity is my filling?

The filling is the base of your strudel design! The food you choose will affect how they look!

Sweet fillings are common. This refers to foods with high sugar contents such as desserts, drinks, candies, etc.

  • Examples: Cookies, candy bars, lattes, hard candies, chocolate covered fruit, cereals, etc.

Savory fillings are uncommon. This refers to foods that are salty, spicy, or generally not sweet. These dishes are often main courses.

  • Examples: Pizza, hamburgers, meats, breads, etc.

Herbal fillings are uncommon. This refers to foods that use herbal or floral ingredients.

  • Examples: Lavender lemonade, early grey tea, candied roses, etc.

Alcoholic fillings are pedigree. This refers to any drink containing alcohol as a main ingredient.

  • Examples: Whiskey, long island iced tea, birthday cake martini, etc. "Mocktinis" are not a valid work-around and will still be classified pedigree.

Inedible fillings are Trickster exclusive. This refers to anything that is... well, not food. Or food that is no longer edible.

  • Examples: Moldy foods, dirt, plastic, pet food, toothpaste etc.

Wild fillings are Wilderling exclusive. This would refer to any ingredient that would not be traditionally consumed by a human.

  • Examples: Algae, bark, aphids, nectar, etc. Tricksters may also have wild fillings!

Can there be multiple strudels based on the same filling?

Absolutely! However, please make sure your design is unique and does not copy an existing design. The mods reserve to right to deny designs they feel are too similar to a pre-existing Strudel.

Can my strudel wear accessories? Can I remove my strudels accessories?

Strudels are free to wear accessories! Wigs are counted as accessories, because strudels don't have human hair. They can be added and removed whenever without having to update the masterlist!

Can my strudel have a different body type (skinny, fat, tall, short)?

Yes, as long as the overall anatomy is similar to that of a strudel, it can be as fat as you want or more on the slender side! The height cannot vary drastically, but there can be short strudels and tall strudels just like humans!

Can my strudel have heterochromia?

Yes, heterochromia is not a mutation. However, colored sclera and shaped pupils are a mutation and would require the correct mutation item.

What mutations can I give my strudel?

You can give your strudel unique mutations and traits by earning our in-game currency (crumbs) and purchasing items from stores! Some mutations are exclusive and can only be received through the special "random event" items like the Holey Apple or the Awfulcone.

Check out the following guides for all the information you need on mutations:

  • Mutation Guide for general mutations! If a mutation is not listed here, it is exclusive, limited edition, or not ready to be announced!
  • Holey Apple Guide for all possible Holey Apple rolls! Exclusive pets and a stamp can also be obtained via the Holey Apple.
  • Awfulcone Guide for all possible Awfulcone rolls! These mutations are exclusive and can only be applied to the rolled strudel/MYO slot.

How do I redesign my strudel?

You can redesign your strudel so long as it maintains some semblance of its original design and its filling! For minor redesigns, such as slightly saturating the colors, you don't need redesign items at all! However, changing markings and drastic color changes, you will need to buy items via Lottie's shop! For complete overhauls of designs, you will need to invest in a Redecorating Kit! Please check the Redesign Visual Guide for further details on how to redesign your strudels!

Can I revert a strudel to its previous redesign?

After your redesign has been approved and submitted to the masterlist, we will catalogue it's previous design. The masterlist will only ever catalogue one design at a time. If you obtain a strudel in a trade and prefer its previous iteration, you can choose to revert to its original design for free.

However, this does not apply if the design you would like to revert to is not listed in the design catalogue. This could be because the user opted out, or the previous design included specialized exclusive mutations that were cured. If this is the case, you will need to re-roll said mutations to restore the design to its original form. Please keep this in mind when redesigning a specialized strudel!

How large are Strudels compared to other Midveilers?

Here is a size chart of all Midveiler species for reference. Click the chart to see a full-size version!

Midveil Size Chart

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