Official Closure

Archival copies of the Masterlists can be found here in PDF format:
Note: Voided designs have been omitted. Please be sure to save copies of your desired masterlist(s)!

Dear Strudel Cafe Community,

There is no easy way to deliver this news. After much careful deliberation, and with a heavy heart, we must announce that Strudel Cafe will officially be closing its doors on May 5th, 2024.

We truly love this community, and it’s thanks to the boundless love and support of our players that we have even made it this far. Truly, without all of you, this project would not be where it is today. The Strudel Cafe community has produced so many incredible pieces of art and literature over the years. We feel nothing but pride and love for what we have created, and it’s been an honor getting to know all of you throughout the years.

The outpouring of support we have received from this community has been nothing short of inspiring. It’s because of this immense love for our community that we have tried to keep this project alive. However, due to a variety of factors, we can no longer provide the experience and care that our players deserve. After a lot of careful deliberation and discussion, we believe that this is the best course of action moving forward.

What will this mean for the community?

While this chapter of Strudel Cafe will be closing, this project will always hold a special place in our hearts. We want to preserve our game’s legacy, as well as our member’s contributions over the years, to the best of our ability. We will be creating an archival copy of our masterlist to post in the days following our official closure.

If members would like to continue their Midveil adventures, they are free to build off of established lore, prompts, and ideas. However, we do not intend to sell the rights to any of our species, activities, etc.

The Timeline of Closure

04/03/24: Official announcement of Strudel Cafe’s closure. Patreon subscriptions have been discontinued. The page will remain up throughout April for posterity and reference. Members can continue to play and enjoy Strudel Cafe during the duration of April. Approvals and operations will continue as per usual.

05/01/24: Submission deadline for final copy of masterlist archive.

05/04/24: Strudel Cafe will officially cease operations. The affiliated Discord servers will close.

TBD: Mid-t​​o-late May Following shutdown, a final archive of the masterlist will be compiled and a link published at

06/04/24:’s servers will be shut down.

Community Support:

Our team will be available for the duration of April to provide support during this transition. Please submit any questions before 11:59pm EST on May 3rd.

Lastly, a thank you:

To our community, we cannot express enough gratitude for your part in Strudel Cafe’s growth. Word of mouth has allowed us to steadily gain a reliable player base over the past few years. The support of our community through Patreon, MYO slots, and adoptables, have allowed us to grow up to this point by covering server costs as well as paying our staff members, contractors, and developers. Being able to watch our members enjoy the community aspects of our game has been an endless source of motivation.

Though the game is coming to an end, we hope that you all have forged friendships and memories that will continue on outside of the community we have built here. We would never have made it this far without you.

To our staff, both former and current, thank you for the long hours that you’ve devoted to this game. Your dedication to our community has provided so much joy to so many people. We’re so honored to have you part of our lives. While the game must come to an end, we look forward to our friendships lasting for many more years to come.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

The Strudel Cafe Team
Loppy, Jen, & Ren