L2881: Candy Corn Layer Cake


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A kooky doofus that just wants to be here for a good time, not a long time. Spice enjoys practical jokes at the expense of others, then promptly feels bad when they upset someone. They'll only really go as far as to apologize, but pranking other midveilers is an addiction that courses through their veins. They cannot be stopped.


Owner: LemonFallow

Obtained: Sold, USD: $500

Designer: loppyrae

Artist: loppyrae

Currently Tradeable!

For Trade?: Not Currently Listed

Gift Art?: Feel free to draw this Midveiler!

Magic Status: None


Species: Strudel

Theme: Candy Corn Layer Cake, Common

Variant: Trickster

Ears: Elven, pedigree rarity

Horns: None, pedigree rarity

Tail: Special, special rarity

Mutation: Trickster Devil Tail, trickster rarity

Mutation: Layers, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Glyphic or Blackout Eyes, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Devil Wings, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Automail Installed, exclusive rarity

Mutation: Trickster Soft Claws, trickster rarity

Alternate Form



No stabled mounts

Trade History

From UserTo UserMethodDate
loppyrae LemonFallow Sold, USD: $500 2021-09-06 12:35:07

Catalogued Design

No catalogued design

Credit: toadhops